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  1. Options - Gameplay - Labels
  2. I'd like to ask about some things that confuse me. If i wanna fly F16 CAP and change F16 flight start time from 33 minutes to 0 minutes, will it screw up the order/flow of things for the rest of the flights? If i finish my mission in 30 minutes and exit, will Liberation app still carry out CAS mission that is set to start in 80 minutes or that CAS (or any flight that start after i'm finished) will never happen? Thanks. Cheers.
  3. try to right click on liberation_main.exe and run as administrator
  4. All of this made by one person... amazes me. I'm learning F16 by using Chuck's Viper guide. The "book" is irreplaceable. Many, many thanks.
  5. Is this latest beta or regular version? Cheers.
  6. Yes i am on VR. I will try the new version ASAP. What i do to make things easier on my PC is playing the mission over lan. I use my server PC and load this mission on it. I also run tacview only on the server as well to gain a bit more performance on gaming PC. Then i connect with my gaming PC to play it and i think it gives me better performance then when i run it in SP. To test this performance difference, i will load heavy ai populated mission, i just need to find one that brings things to a crawl. Maybe you know some mission that is a bit over the top with ai units? Cheers!
  7. Didn't try 2.1.6 yet but man i do love 2.1.5 that i modified to my liking just a bit, like adding me some ai wingmen. Can't remember the last time i had so much fun from start to finish of my flights. Thank you so much for this hard work (live and unpredictable environment), i'm having a blast.
  8. Hi all. Using Rift CV1 i see some clouds only in my left eye. Also when i turn on HMCS on F-16, that HUD is only visible in just one eye too. I have shaders mod for and my DCS is also still on that version. Also, if i update to do i need to reinstall shaders mod? Cheers.
  9. Thank you very much for so prompt reply. I canceled and when relaunched it has only 6 gb left to download. Cheers!
  10. I have been downloading DCS entire afternoon and it is stuck on 75985 of 82122 MB. It is like it froze. Since there is no pause option on DCS updater, i can only cancel. If i do that, will everything that downloaded so far be deleted? Thanks.
  11. All my screens are used for different things now... agree, couldnt go back to those even with resolution we have now.
  12. I very much believe it is like you say. I wonted to try it because there's a fresh discussion in Assetto Corsa forum and people reported big FPS boost choosing open vr in render settings instead of native oculus. I am totally ok with how my PC runs Assetto Corsa so i was not bothered to try it there but i sure could use some extra FPS in DCS and thought it might do some magic here... probably not.
  13. I would like to compare the performance with rift between openvr and rift sdk. In UI there is only option to use VR or not. I assume that it automatically uses one of those two according to your hmd. Is there a way to change what DCS uses between openvr and oculus sdk? I use non steam version. Thanks.
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