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  1. Most of the community playing MP is on open beta. So if people want to get the most out of MP experience, they will need to use Beta version. Traditionally the MP scene is running beta because new modules/toys.
  2. F10 map mark would be quite different, since it would allow you to get the exact (or close) coordinates of the marked point. Would support such a wishlist item.
  3. Want my buttons back, badly! (on grayflag^^) Sapphire ATI Radeon RX Vega 56 Mission provided breaks just like on the server. options.lua
  4. Haven't tried this a while, but in previous patches repairs only worked for me after turning off everything including the battery.
  5. I think it's also fair to say that this request was made years ago, when we all thought ATC rework was just around the corner. That clearly is not going to happen anytime soon.
  6. There is a delay between my gunner firing, target exploding, me selecting the next target and my AI shooting the next missile. What are the parameters here? Is this documented? Does a human gunner have the same restriction? I googled but can't find info.
  7. Please this is really important, why doesn't ED add a ingame toggle? (Is it in & I am missing it?) We already can toggle between coordinate systems (very important feature to me!), why not Imperial/metric? Switching between western & soviet planes is a chore. Switching currently requires you to leave your current session, which is not an option. One of the many QoL things ED is messing up for years imo.
  8. Now imagine this... "Hello, this is the newly formed VEAO Team, happy to announce...!" Sorry just kidding. Don't even think about them anymore! :D
  9. Most goverments/states will have plans for things like famine etc. so even in the most alarmist sense, there would be no danger to starve. If you are troubled by this or know people that are fearful of food shortages, your goverment will probably have public information about details in this area and emergency plans. The panic buys did more to throw retail in chaos than the actual impact of the virus or the protection/isolation measures imho. If people wouldn't have started hoarding things (lot's of which didn't make any sense), nobody would have noticed much difference when going into a supermarket. Medical supplies, atleast here in my country, are a different thing. Lot's of states have been caught red handed in slacking off preparing for medical disasters and I expect a lot of rethinking in that area. Further, it was heartbreaking to see some messing around with medical supplys meant for other countrys on state level. There have been export restrictions going up all around the world for things like masks and some states have had the audacity of stopping wares meant for others countrys. (That didn't originate with them) Hopefully this crisis allows for some things to change for the better. I myself have caught myself generally underestimating the general danger of infection. Currently we take this Covid-19 very seriously, but with other 'common' viruses we slack off. Most countrys employers and some workforce cultures foster a pressure to always go to work and 'function' if you are 'still able to work', which of course is a receipt for mass infection. Also more social distancing and self isolation even in times of non crisis when obviously sick, should be more stressed by everyone.
  10. Hey another thing that might help you, is the ingame axis control indicator (Right Control + ENTER). It's a small window that shows you, what your axis are doing right now. Have you checked in windows if all axis on the MfG rudders are working as they should?
  11. Hello g2k, sorry you are having those issues, the latest sounds like it is DCS. :) I believe it is the issue posted by feefi, let me try to help you a little with that. By default DCS assigns default bindings to every new device that is plugged in. That means when you plug in a new set of rudder pedals, DCS will most often assign axis bindings that make no / little sense. Let me not bore you with why it does that right now. For you, it is important to double check your bindings, clear conflicting / wrong bindings and maybe tune your axis to preferred settings. (not sure about the MfG rudder pedals, my Saiteks I need to tune) See this picture: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/789754785220291920/0639DE66FC0D7B6ECB0EB79E2D3E801E73479355/ On top left there are two columns, one to select the aircraft (make you are in sim!), second is axis commands. Axis are a different tab and you will not find them from the button search in that same tab. Note that you can navigate the window not only up/down but to left/right aswell, some additional devices might be hidden and cause you to overlook a double binding. Removing a binding is done by selecting the relevant axis and clicking 'Clear' at the bottom. To bind an axis just double click in the empty spot for the device/axis you want to assign and push the relevant axis around on the hardware in the next window. It should detect the input and just press ok to continue. Another thing that might come up are left & right brakes. On my Saitek ones, in some modules I need to invert the left & right wheel brake axis. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/789754785220327167/02DFAC37CD13E0D22BAC3D8D2E232F84FD25C9E5/ To open that select an axis and click Axis Tune, that way you can also tune all your other devices. Maybe your joystick feels to light around the middle, or a slew on the trottle needs a deadzone. There should be some guides around that explain axis tuning indepth.
  12. No MAC in DCS:World? Very conflicted about that part in the news. Part of me never wanted more FC3 in DCS, another part longed for more. :3
  13. Best time of year! *pew*peng*
  14. Op Desert Thunder feedback: Like it very much, LAR fights are always fun, fights around Bandar Abbas inbetween are also cool. What I would like: More Helicopter stuff (shark on Blue maybe?). Transport slots @ Kish for Blue, maybe a second FARP when capture progresses? and Bandar Abbas + Bandar Lengeh for Red. This would allow dedicated helicopter pilots to help shape the battlefield. On that note, if there is expansion on this, we should look and talk about CTLD ranges. I am not sure how it is set up right now, but the range from crate pickup (from FOB or FARP/AB) to LZ and SAM placement feels very close. If you have a bunch of dedicated helicopter pilots, this quickly becomes a bit too powerful and very annoying to fight against. I am unsure what would be a reasonable range since nobody is going to be happy with anything, if you have the CTLD range small, Helicopters will be able to repair SAMs in safety faster than the enemy can destroy them. If you make the range too big the reverse happens with the addition of Helicopter pilots being very unhappy about long flights. Range of CTLD from pickup to being able to build should be ideally short enough that it is still fun to build alone (flight 5-6x times to build a big one), while being long enough that if a transport got killed, it is not close enough from spawn&pickup to build multiple SAM's up right away again that just got destroyed. Octuple & me for example build a Hawk ~8nm from the FARP on a Mountain & while climbing up there is a bitch, if somebody went about destroying that (in fact it was teamkilled), repairing it takes no time at all. Same for RED@ Lar, if you build some SAMs south on the mountain and the enemy goes about destroying them, building it up again takes no time (even if you take out a Transport). I am a huge fan of groups of Helicopters working together to build stuff, build forward FOBs, deny territory, make a safe airspace/fallback area etc. but I think we should discuss this aswell because fighting it has to be fun too. Would love to hear from other rotorheads what they think is reasonable & fun. edit: BLUE Lar Mistral slots not blocked by script and I am able to spawn there before Lar is captured (or even WP2 is cleared). All other slots looked fine on first glance. edit2: There is also something off with JTAC times, they are really short and disappear after ~20-30 mins.
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