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  1. Thx for the reply, but the axes dont move at all. They always show 100% whether I move them physically or not. Inverting the input would at least open the breaks but still leave me with not operable axes
  2. Hey guys, I've had my pedals replaced by the vendor and by now have the 4th set. This time they did hold up longer than the warranty and I have almost the same issue AGAIN. This time both brake axes are at 100% at all times. Has anyone experienced this and has a solution? Again there seems to be no issue regarding the potentiometers or their mounts. Thx, Mav
  3. I actually have not thought about this. I'd still like it to be like it was with the X-52, because I think the profile editing (although the software is not exactly a joy to use) is a quite comfortable way to set everything up and have it in one place. Yet when I think about it, there would be no more profile switching and the controls can be saved easily aswell... Thanks Nick, gives me something to think about! Guess I'd have to try an older software, although the one I already tried (which already supports the X-56) is not possible to be configured without having the stick plugged in. -I really dislike the fact that mad catz bought saitek, everything went haywire after that. X-52 production line faulty and software declining in quality iteration over iteration. At least it seems so to me...- Thanks for confirming this! I hoped the older SST would still be able to pull this off, but as already said above, the version I tried didn't let me configure a Stick not plugged in... BS... ^^
  4. Hi firefox, thanks for the reply and for giving me the pros and cons you found. I havn't had the chance to get my hands on the stick so that helps a little. The real deal(breaker) for me however realy comes down to the programability. Having the ability to put 4 commands on one button (without switching the mode!) is just something I can't live without anymore. It just has a better flow for me to e.g. lock a target with the C button and unlock it with pinky + c. My trusty ol X-52 is almost 10 years old and needs more maintenance from time to time. And yes, it is the worst in case of spring tension. But if saitek really took this step back from features they already had, in software they (at least partly) reused, then I don't want to support this. The point, that not many (none? ^^) profiles are available is not really an issue for me, as I like to make my own profiles anyways. Should I come to the conclusion to buy the stick, I'll happily send you all profiles I make. But don't forget: "you have to THINK in russian" :-P
  5. Hi there, I am currently considering to buy a X-56 and had a look at the software. I liked the configurability of the X-52 I currently have, although I still use the old software (bevor Mad Catz got involved) because the newer one was pretty annoying. In order to see what I'll get I looked at the software and had some questions: 1. Is it possible to create additional shift states? You have Mode 1 to 3 from default, but I usually had at least 6 States on the X-52, e.g. Mode 1; Mode 1 + pinkie; Mode 1 + clutch button; Mode 2... I did not find a possibility to create them, but perhaps there is? 2. Is it possible to map shift state buttons of the stick to the throttle and vice versa? As mentioned under 1, I like to use different buttons for additional shift states. In the current X56 software the programming of stick and throttle is seperated, so I can't access stick buttons while accessing the throttle. This seems to affect the shift states aswell. When I switch the default "Mode 2" shift state to Mode 1 + Pinkie for the Stick, it is still "Mode 2" for the throttle, and I am not able to select the sticks pinkie as a modifier for a throttle mode. 3. Missing dual stage trigger and hardware in general: Especially to the A10 Pilots (and F-5), do you miss the dual stage trigger if you happened to have one? I can't really imagine using another button for PAC-1 before firing the BRRRRT... And how is the stick in general? Good haptics? How are the switches and toggles on the throttle base feeling? Do you fear of breaking the pinkie lever?
  6. Hi there. I just started flying the Mirage and after I jumped into the campaign, I noticed the player sounds (from the player) are played and showed correctly, while the messages from the instructor are neither audible nor visible
  7. Hi guys, got a friend of mine to try DCS, but unfortunatly his FF 2 refuses to do its duty. Buttons can't be (re)assigned in the options, nor are they recognized inflight. The stick seems to work outside of DCS, any ideas on that? Thank you very much! Mav
  8. Hi, just noticed: when pointing the Ka50's Shkval at water, you are able to see the terrain you are currently looking at in the Shkvals background. As you can see in the attached screens, I have a 2nd monitor, and this "feature" applies also to looking backwards: when I look back I am able to see the terrain behind me on the second monitor. Havent tested if it is possible to see units or missiles this way though. The second screen has significantly better contrast as the Shkval is pointed at the water in a steeper angle.
  9. ...really sounds fun. Blue A-10C for me aswell!
  10. Hi, I've got the Saitek Rudder Pedals, and the third ones by now... I always get the same error: one toe brake axis gets stuck, the axis is recognized as constantly depressed, if it is physically depressed or not. The potentiometers were fine in every case. I'm worried about fully disassemling the pedals, as I don't wanna void the warranty as long as I have it. I had a short look at the wiring of the controler though, and it seems to be fine in terms of no lose ends or broken wires. Did anyone here encounter the same or a similar error with these pedals? I know some owners of the saitek rudder pedals, and everyone seems to be happy with them for quite some (error free) time... Help much appreciated! Thx, Mav
  11. That topic brought the campaign back to my mind. Had very much fun flying it but stopped because I had a lack of time and somehow forgot about it... I guess I know what I'll be doing today's afternoon ^^ The only thing that I could dislike about this campaign is the default armament. I remeber flying the first time and had barely fuel left as I arrived on target, although flying quite conservative. Su25 w/o externals is quite... short ranged. Thanks for the vid's, Bunyap!
  12. Hi, today my right toebrake stopped working. I had a similar Issue before, where the right toebrake didn't work aswell, but in addition influenced the left one. This isn't the case this time, but it still seems to be an issue with the controler, as the sensors themselves still work fine. Did someone have similar issues with these pedals? As this is the second issue within half a year after purchase, I don't think I want to have a replacement again. Can you recommend other pedals? Thanks, mav
  13. Hey, great mission as far as I could test it. In case it occurs again I thought I report bugs I experienced. First try talon did not enter the summit after the BMP's were destroyed. The announcement that one or more BMP's are still alive was not sent either. Second try I already wondered that Talon was not visible on the TAD. The first task to destroy two tanks worked fine, but after that the mission stopped. After having a look in tacview I noticed almost no ground units were spawned. I looked at the triggers and unit settings but could not find anything possibly causing this. On a third quick try in singleplayer everything went fine, Talon occupied the summit. Only odd thing: they entered the summit area with enemy AAA still alive, did not open fire and decleared the summit cleared. Thanks for the cool mission, there are not enough night time missions!
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