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  1. The F-15 radar is pretty much the same it has always been.
  2. It's not the same launch criteria though is it, as I pointed out the AI climbs up to 40k ft when you're at 40k ft. So you are launching at an easier target.
  3. 60nm 30kft 54C.acmi The thing you are not noticing in your 40K ft shots is that the AI is coming up to 40k ft to meet you this improves the performance of the missile and as an added bonus there is less maneuverability for the bandits higher up. So it is not only your launch altitude increasing performance but other factors you're not noticing playing a part. Here is 60nm 30k ft AIM-54C kills against 30k ft bandits.
  4. All well and good but I was trying to replicate your profile that you claimed R27 was superior, I had very little detail to work with such as altitude of bandits and your loadout so figured carrying 6 gave me the best results on seeing the phoenix at different regimes. I was very loose with missile shots. I don't know how more I can try and help you understand what you need to do. Whenever something is highlighted you move the goal posts. I put a perfectly fine tacview up earlier of 4 Su33 vs 1 F14 with 4*54,2*7M,2*9M.
  5. Cherry picking your favourite track is a great way to try and mislead and confuse matters. There were 4 tracks why do you ignore the others? One track which was by far the worst application gave a 1 in 4 return, the others gave 1 in 3, 1 in 2 and greater than 1 in 2. I posted 4 back to back tracks which on the time stamps runs a total of just over 15 mins. I'm not an amazing Tomcat driver by any standard but managed to win all 4 engagements which you claimed to be impossible. Several of these shots I wasted and some were without a valid or false lock, I still have plenty to learn and don't kid myself that I should be killing all bandits with a missile each. track 154529, first 3s shots by AI - 1 hit (1 in 3), followed by 4 shots - 2 hit, 1 missed, 1 was on an already splashed bandit (3 in 4) [total 4 in 7] greater than 1 in 2 track 152934 , first 3 shots by AI miss (0 in 3), followed by 5 shots - 1 hits, 1 was on a splashed bandit, 3 miss (2 in 5), 2 fired - 1 hit, 1 miss (1 in 2), 2 fired at stupid parameters, both miss (0 in 2) [total 3 in 12] 1 in 4 track 153436, first 3 shots by AI - 2 hit, 1 miss (2 in 3), the rest were on dead targets and got a bit messy. [total 2 in 3] 2 in 3 track 154117, first shots by AI miss (0 in 3), followed by 5 shots - 2 hit, 1 is on already splashed bandit and 1 hits the missile it was locked on, 1 missed (4 in 5) [total 4 in 8] 1 in 2
  6. Compared to the Flankers 1 in 7 kill ratio i'd say good return on the worst sortie. I wasted one on a false contact and another i offloaded at the merge to reduce weight.
  7. Tacview-20220217-154529-DCS.zip.acmiTacview-20220217-154117-DCS.zip.acmiTacview-20220217-153436-DCS.zip.acmiTacview-20220217-152934-DCS.zip.acmi Hey Clunk Facing up against 3 Flankers is not as easy a fight as you seem to expect it to be. In your Tacview the missile economy is dreadful, 6 shots at the same time all with the same profile, if one is going to be defeated then why not 6. You do great trying to get a bit of separation to try and beat the notch but that isn't the issue here, the issue as you point out is that they are simply outrunning your missiles. You're not getting in a good enough kill positions and not forcing the bandits to play your game, you rather get deep in the soup and let them bunch together, situational awareness is going down hill fast as both of you press in together. Grinding it out helps one of you always be in control of the fight and give valuable support while positioning for kill shots, the AI ain't great at this, I tried so hard to keep my AI buddy alive but it is so tricky managing his commands while fighting. I understand the missiles are draggy the lower they get but this is one of the hurdles you need to adjust to. Simply put just try and limit the spam and keep at a good distance from a multi merge.
  8. I have no issues with the Phoenix shooting down the AI consistently, I made plenty of mistakes in that quick engagement that if rectified would have brought a much more convincing result. You don't want to go shooting all your 54s in one attack, let one from range see how it develops with a follow up shot on a second. If you don't start dropping a four-ship early on then you obviously need to reset and get out of there. Certainly don't let it become a merge with 4 Flankers, you should make it so as you can get out and rtb to fight another day. If you think this is bad you need to try an Su33 vs 4 Tomcats.
  9. F-14 vs Su33x4.acmi As has been said your expectancy needs to be reeled in and approach engagements with this in mind. 4 AI Su33s vs an F-14 is 4 dead Sea Flankers.
  10. Yeah missiles get defeated it happens to all, one thing you need to be aware of is how you engage. It is a bad state of affairs when people think that all they need to do is press the fire button. Yes that is how it used to work when TC came out, shoot from 60nm and turn cold because magic ins was an easy win. From the tacviews that first one is some pretty poor application and parameters to take a shot. Very low shooter, very low beaming target. The Tomcat had the guy served but fired and ran away from a beaming/cold target. Press for the kill, that could easily have ended with the bandit chasing the Tomcat. Typical example of over reliance expecting the missile to do all the work. Heatblur have stated many times it is wip. But right now there is plenty of things to learn in the current package that can only make you improve. My only gripe with the Tomcat is that I still can't figure out if Jester is calling friendly on a bandit or not.
  11. 96nm kill https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingFlirtyOtterItsBoshyTime-QfUL_L8yOCZGBOzh
  12. Sounds like you either lost lock or you need to watch your pitch, you don't really need to pitch up if medium-high altitude, 10 deg pitch will get it well up to 70,000ft and will make a nice kill on a weak defence. If the H6 are flying towards you at medium altitude then this should be some easy kills. It really needs a track or tacview as anything could be happening for eg. If you're sorting on multiple targets at different altitudes some may slip out of your scan cone.
  13. Thanks for the response. I totally understand how this is not an immediate priority. I am not invested in favour of this thread or part of the decision on making this rule. But I see the reason behind it and for me it is an obvious decision. I love the Tomcat and would love to see it take part in all its glory and I think in this respective event it is probably the best platform.
  14. I haven't asked for anything, if you reread my original post I have just highlighted to Ironmike the just reason why F14 ECM is not being used in MP.
  15. That's all well and good but the point still stands. An F14 radar does not see an F14 ECM or any other so the F14 ECM system does not suit a multiplayer environment. I'm pretty sure if an F14 radar or any other radar couldn't see another F14 but could see every other aircraft this would be deemed unbalanced for multiplayer, this is the same situation but regarding ECM.
  16. Hi Mike I'm with you on all you have posted but I think the glaring issue here is that a Tomcat can jam other aircrafts radar/missiles but doesn't get affected by jammers itself.
  17. When LOMAC came out datalink on an F-15 wasn't common knowledge and certainly only became part of the avionics in the 21st century. There was a squadron of 18 F-15C at Elmendorf that was the test bed for the original JTIDS in the early 90s but that system was found lacking. F-15 FIGHTER DATA LINK (FDL) - FY01 Activity (globalsecurity.org) It could also be said that the cockpit in DCS is pre datalink.
  18. Of course it is absurd, you really think there should be varying levels of notching an AIM120 based on what are minute differences of RCS compared to what the ground actually is. If a radar is capable of filtering ground clutter then these aircrafts different RCS values are going to make little difference.
  19. Notching in an F16 has always been ridiculously easy compared to something like a Flanker. I hope ED haven't included RCS values into notch calculations as that would be absurd.
  20. I've tested this in single player against AI F14 firing Phoenix. The Russian SPO, F15, A10A and F14 rwr gave no warning when AI launched and no warning for Phoenix active range. On the other hand F-16, F18, JF, M2K, Viggen, A10C, AV8 all got a warning as soon as the AI launched a Phoenix, like SARH. Missile never goes active. Seems like it is an FC3 and Tomcat thing that is broken.
  21. The AI doesn't rapidly switch its jammer on and off. What it does is a feature in the AI code and something that can be set in the ME for any AI aircraft carrying a jammer by the 'activate when locked' option, when locked it activates jammer, when the jammer is locked it deactivates jammer. Ironically almost like a Self Protect Jammer would actually behave.
  22. It is the missile that is bugged not the ecm. I didn't hear any complaints when Active missiles had overmodeled midcourse guidance, but undemodeled missiles suddenly becomes everyone elses problem. Concentrate on what needs fixing rather than trying to break more DCS to fix your trip. Having purposely broken ecm for FC3 while new modules get unhindered ecm is a big problem as well. To add, F14 has always blinked its jammers.
  23. I think the real one would be programmed to instantly respond to emissions.
  24. Two issues here that are subjected to DCS limitations. 1. ARH missiles in DCS have never had autonomous guidance to last known point other than times with magic INS. 2. ARH missiles in DCS have no time for scan rate so when in acquisition range they instantly acquire a target no matter its location in the scan cone, basically a full instant sweep and lock of its entire gimbals equalling instant lock. The issue being if the missile had guidance to last known position then to adopt these tactics of launching from 40nm and immediately turning radar off would be over modelled because if the target makes evasive manoeuvres the missile will still find the target because of the ARH instant scan/lock, where in reality it would have to scan the airspace to find the manoeuvred target.
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