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  1. by best glide speed(range) i meant best glide with no engine power, the speed used for forced approaches in this case though we should not be looking at the engine power curve
  2. hey guys i'm close to getting my commercial license and some pilot other day mentioned that in most planes the best angle of climb(Vx) is very close to the best glide speed(for range) why is that? i have looked throught my books and can't find the reason, im guessing the answer would lie somewhere in the power curves graph any idea?
  3. time for an eye exam :doh: this would make the f15 complete my baby :)
  4. i remember yoda working on a mod for the f15 which would display info from the awacs on the MFD and also a GPS anyidea..is it done? where can i find it?
  5. downloading fc2 right now but will have to wait for lockon to arrive from the uk to canada, a few days
  6. hey guys i'm downloading fc2 should i buy lockon or lockon gold ? buying from amazon, if anyone knows of a store in vancouver where i can pick up lockon lemme know
  7. inb4 divorce/bankruptcy/depression/alcholism jk :)
  8. this i'd rather have ed take an extra 6-9 months and work on a multirole fighter, satisfy both the fans and also make for interesting campaigns and missions :)
  9. oops my bad ..i din't mean for navigation but when your mfd displays info from awacs and other radar's, the position of bandits friendlies etc..the same way its shown on russian mfd's edit: nevermind..saw yoda's project can you guy's integrate that into fc 2.0?
  10. can u guys put a waypoint navigation map or something on the mfd of the f15? if it applies to this particular version we see in lockon
  11. well said diveplane! why can't nations just settle this on one of the flaming cliff servers? :smartass:
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