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  1. Also, HUD mnemonics should be VIPCRP or VRPCRP, not just CCRP. Best regards,
  2. Yes, I remember your question. I posted my general comment about this in the thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/291825-itr-and-g-onset-update-release-date/?do=findComment&comment=4887352 But the other user said that we are impatient and that we don't understand company policy... The other said that the module itself is in early access and by definition nothing in this module is final or finished. So, i guess we must wait... Best regards, falconbr
  3. No. I hope those are still WIP. Best regards, falconbr
  4. Right in the center...!!! Almost all systems, weapons employment procedures, HUD/MFD symbology is unfinished or wrong implemented. Seems that ED forgot that the Viper is iconic aircraft, flown in 25 countries, one of most produced aircraft, the documentation for development of simulation is easy to obtain, that is highly popular aircraft among flight simulation enthusiast around the world, etc... So, I think that DSC F-16 must deserve better attention from ED, if they wont to be benchmark of F-16 simulation, that is proclaimed in the beginning. There are to many bugs so far, and I am not sure that ED is capable / willing to finish this simulation completely. The other way is to ED let go to some of licensed third party to finish this simulation. For example, to make that deal with Heat blur Simulations. Best regards, falconbr
  5. Hi, Here is the bug report for DCS F-16C. Please note the BIGNEWY answer for street lights. Best regards, falconbr
  6. Yes, it is properly implemented in DCS F-16C, but unfortunately not in DCS: A-10C Warthog and DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer. Also, IMHO in both simulation AGM-65 Operational Limitations are not fully / complete implemented. For example, "keyhole" limitation: The Pointing Cross should flash outside the "keyhole". Best regards, falconbr
  7. Hi, Those are well known bugs that have been reported for several times. Loocking the unintended object (fences, street lights...) is admitted as a bug by ED. This is common for DCS F-16C also. As far as, flashing pointing cross as a valid lock condition, so far I found only one post (deleted now) that ED commfirmed that this behaviour is not simulated corretly and that will look in to it to find some solution. But, that bug is not officialy confirmed by ED. Best regards, falconbr
  8. LAU-88/A missile launcher doesn't have "Assured Launch Capability". The LAU-88A/A with improved launcher electronic unit (LEU) maintains the launch pulse after the weapon release button is released (eliminating quick pickles). It is unknown what LAU-88 missile launcher is simulated in DCS F-16CM. Best regards, falconbr
  9. Hi, This functionality is common to all C blocks. PM sent. Best regards, falconbr
  10. Hi, It seems that this already reported, as per: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/227735-aim-9-uncage-current-functionality/?tab=comments#comment-228401 Best regards, falconbr
  11. This is correct as per DCS F-16C Viper manual (page 297): "Ripple Fire Up to two Mavericks can be queued with separate targets for a ripple fire (a.k.a. “quick-draw”) attack. When more than one Maverick is tracking a target, two 10-mr LOS circles will appear on the HUD, labeled “1” and “2”. The AGM-65s must be loaded on LAU-117 pylons for ripple fire to be available." I will search is that same in RL. Best regards, falconbr
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