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  1. This is not how reserving of slots works guys...
  2. Perhaps one missile is just better than the other? Perhaps you are all just whining because you can stand losing or cant stand winning but needing to use your heads at the same time. But i find it funny everyone jumps for calls of balance when their widdwe aim120/f15 is in danger the fact that the difference in simulation between the aim120 and russian radar missiles has been in for years isn't a problem at all because you are easily winning against them, but now the shoe is on the other foot and it's frankly hilarious. So war is war and it's not balanced for your feelings.
  3. Guys this entire thread is ridiculous this is war all and there is no balance in war. Learn to deal with it and get better at flying instead of complaining about things like balance in A SIMULATOR. :doh:
  4. Hi there I haven't been doing anything for a long time in DCS, but i'd like to get back into it however I ran into an issue. I used to have a mod that would add "show all" "hide all" buttons to the units list so that you could easily hide the entire units list or make it appear. Now in 2.5 these mods no longer work and the game no longer wants to load if i add them to the files. So is there an updated version of this somewhere that works because it makes the mission creating experience so much more enjoyable?
  5. Here is the finished mig-25 Model https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ge4GL But only external, As i make time in the future as i get time i will start slowly working on the insides and so on. Maybe even rebuild it from the ground up im not too happy with the cockpit dimensions, very hard to get right with the small amount of pictures on the web. Perhaps i should buy a mig-25 kit model.
  6. Thanks for that explanation microvax, ive watched many replays and ACMIs where missiles pass inches near a plane and don't detonate, so i thought it had been removed.
  7. What is the reason that nothing in DCS has proximity fuses anymore i know a longish time ago there were, then they all got removed for what seems to me no apparent reason. Even if perhaps they were not realistic enough, its better to have something than absolutely nothing in my opinion.
  8. To be honest 120s weren't a problem before all the good Russian aa got removed because "They shoot me down too much waaaah"
  9. Thats just a limitation of not having an ffb stick. its either losing full gimbal or having full gimbal and loosing accuracy. Its present in every aircraft in dcs.
  10. Ive noticed it happening when you are on low fuel and weapons. Perhaps a it is a bug?
  11. Such as? The shadows are a bit too good to be rendered
  12. I can see why, but there should be a detailed explanation on what can be edited and how to add mods through the saved games folder. For example i have edited textures for the ka-50 that go in the indicationTextures folder.
  13. When the plane explodes crashes or a player ejects from an aircraft the last player to hit the aircraft gets the kill point, however sometime it wont award you a point because reasons, sometimes the player you've shot at will crash at the moment of impact so you wont get the kill. The no bailing out rule, means not picking a different aircraft before your current one has exploded.
  14. Lag happens with ewrs because of raytracing on such a large scale. There should really be only 2 to 4 on the entire map at any time esspecially with such a script heavy mission that already had a ton of radars
  15. Wooow it's almost as if they both have their strengths and weaknesses, it's almost like they are different planes. What you are now saying is pretty much that the Su-27 should get AIM-7s or ERs because it the R-27R is worse. Also the F-15 has better fuel economy.
  16. Even without the F10 map you still have the kneeboard where you can press a button and get a marker of your position.
  17. So what will happen when one day ED actually decides to fix the p2p datalink for flankers?
  18. Interestingly you can add client flights to the same group now, which i guess was made to allow for the datalink functionality, but it still doesn't work, which is a shame.
  19. That can't be removed though, unless you either remove spawning units in, or you remove the ka-50.
  20. No it is an SPO-15, some aircraft had versions of it that had a bigger rear hemisphere. The brightness from the picture tells us absolutely nothing, and that picture looks like it's been taken with a phone camera, and besides you can make dim objects look really bright or make bright objects dim. I'd say from the Russian video the lights are bright enough to be seen at all times, and not like its hard to manufacture really bright lights, and to top off EDs strange decision in texture brightness, the warning lights are brighter than the RWRs lights. And even if they are dim, they are still way brighter than they are on the su-25,su-25T,Mig-29. Which brings us to another point, why is the RWR brighter on the su-27 than it is on the other 3 aircraft?
  21. There was a glitch though and i'm not sure if it's still there If you have an enemy locked with the radar the turn the OLS on, then turn the radar off, the locked enemy will still continue to get a radar lock warning.
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