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  1. 933980/DCS_NS_430_Navigation_System will be retired soon but still supported. See it as a bundle of 1725570 + Mi8 and L39 support.
  2. Please attach your dcs.log. It may have records similar to: Can't get 'Saved Games' Failed to open '%USERPROFILE%\\Saved Games', trying to use 'MyDocuments\\My Games' Successfully opened 'MyDocuments\\My Games'
  3. Hi! An application cannot remove the device from the system. Most probably it's some bug in the drivers of your Bluetooth dongle or a power issue, do you happen to use any other CPU/graphically heavy applications? DCS puts a noticeable load to both the CPU and the graphics card, they start to get more current from the power supply and USB voltage may drop, causing your dongle to disconnect. It's just a speculation though. I'd try to run some load tests, like Prime95 and graphic benchmarks to see if they cause the same problem.
  4. Please file a support ticket, our guys will prove you with debug URLs.
  5. The issue with Steam Beta client is resolved in DCS openbeta 2.7.8
  6. The issue with Steam Beta client is solved in DCS openbeta 2.7.8
  7. It crashes on releasing the system device enumerator - the API to know which devices are installed if any. I'll check if it is feasible to not use this API at all in the dedicated server mode.
  8. Disabling all the sound drivers on my Win10 system didn't help to reproduce the issue. Looks like it's a Windows Server problem. Anyway, when running in the dedicated server mode DCS does not render any sound and does not open audio devices.
  9. I've taken a look at the dump: DCS crashes on exit in releasing a system interface. This is a local driver/system problem. Which version of Windows you are running?
  10. Исправление для потрескиваний при системной настроке качества звука > 48000 Гц войдёт в следующую OpenBeta.
  11. А какое качество звука у Вас обычно стоит?
  12. The log says: 2021-11-07 09:07:36.388 INFO APP: Device unplugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:9d38d682-6e2a-3a81-5dcb-db12399491cb#{2a323d9d-edf1-430b-ab95-5860894493d4} 2021-11-07 09:07:46.433 INFO APP: Device unplugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:9d38d682-6e2a-3a81-5dcb-db12399491cb#{ac4630a5-0b64-46e5-981b-12535fc1f5de} 2021-11-07 09:07:56.474 INFO APP: Device unplugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:9d38d682-6e2a-3a81-5dcb-db12399491cb#{1dc7cf2a-9167-5887-b1b2-16e04384f64c} 2021-11-07 09:08:06.533 INFO APP: Device unplugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:123766cc-ed5c-355d-e286-907896d8fd24#{2a323d9d-edf1-430b-ab95-5860894493d4} 2021-11-07 09:08:16.589 INFO APP: Device unplugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:123766cc-ed5c-355d-e286-907896d8fd24#{ac4630a5-0b64-46e5-981b-12535fc1f5de} 2021-11-07 09:08:26.646 INFO APP: Device unplugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:123766cc-ed5c-355d-e286-907896d8fd24#{1dc7cf2a-9167-5887-b1b2-16e04384f64c} That's pretty interesting - looks like input devices got unplugged, and twice! This means that CPU has not enough juice to render the sound. Which is very strange considering your CPU. Something hogs the resources.
  13. It seems you got Win10 by upgrading Win8 or lower. In this case Windows automatically enables 'compatibility mode' for all the installed applications. Check 'Properties->Compatibilty' and unset the checkbox in the 'Compatibility mode' section for both DCS_updater.exe and DCS.exe
  14. Please, check again. It should be OK now. Sorry for this inconvenience.
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