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  1. At the end i decided to wait for the new AMD family. In the meantime i Buy the Asus 3080ti (Some good price now of amazon) And the Samsung nvme g4 1T drive. Whan the new process will out i Buy the motherboard and memory and rest of the stuff. I also decided to go with the 64 gig if ram.
  2. Hi all, I have winwing set of the f16ex grip and base and the horion2 winth the f16 throttle. Any have this setup and can save me some time with profile for the Ah64?
  3. Thank! I forgot to mention but i have 6tb of ssd drives in raid 5. This drive going to be for the rest of the PC (data,download,doc etc...) The Core sustem (os) and DCS will sit on the M2 drive.
  4. Great work! Any chance to get the STL files for the apache?
  5. Hi all, I want to renew my old setup with fresh one. My current setup is : Intel i7 6700k 32 gb ram 3200 Gigabytes 1070 ti all ssd Oculus quest 2 I build this setup and like to know your opinion. Please feel free to make changes.
  6. Nicely done! U can please shear your slicer settings? Also can u advice about what u plan to do on the electric for the Power, Throttle axis ?
  7. I plan to 3d print some panels. Any one have panel size in the cockpit? For start i look for power unit and keyboard unit Thanks
  8. I tried to explain my "problem" I fly as CPG and select gun. Use TADs for make a target point and select it. Whan press the slave button my main screen slaved to the the point. But its never over the targets so i need to make some adjustments to it. But cant do it on the screen since the corser "dancing"
  9. Sorry u right. I asq on both cases
  10. Any one find the right comfortable settings for x56?
  11. The Apache is just unplayable in VR. I think the main issue is the Helmet and the IHADSS not fit for VR.
  12. And i am stock outside of the country
  13. Not yet. I need to fibd the time to finsh the design
  14. Do the ground units animation work on ground bases or only on the carrier?
  15. Amy mission for this mod?
  16. Hi ED, Not sure this is the right place but for long i see problem on web site. Whan access the main page an then select download the download menu appear for 2 sec and than re diret to Home -> download -> DCS World. Its not let select ather sub section under downloads. In PC all work fine. I have Samsung S21 ultra woth last version (but this problem is for long time and versions)
  17. @plusnine @BIGNEWY can we made it happen? Its will make our life much easy and enjoyable with this mod and user file section.
  18. Thank for the hard work and outstanding job. I think its time ED will add this mod a separate forum section and tag it in thee "Units" in the search in download user file
  19. I plan to make 2 version. One as kneeboard set for the sim and one as PDF book for reading
  20. Some progress . Made some changes so its will fix the sim screen
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