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  1. New topic! In addition to seeking some help with my issues with FPS above, thought I'd take the opportunity to ask the audience for some advice on whether I've got the right/best set up for my current DCS solution. At the moment I'm relatively happy with the amount of vibration I'm getting from the set up but I never feel as though I'm getting that really low bass through the transducers. I'm also not happy with the AMP as I'm thinking that to make things tidy I'm thinking of using a car amp which seems to be much neater and smaller. My setup is: CPU AMD5900X GPU 6900XT Win10 NVME 250GB SSD 1TB HDD 4TB SSA for Aviators Paid Sound Module (Andre) 1x Add on Creative SoundBlaster ZxR I've got 4x tactile transucers - two BS200Is from Reckhorn and two BS301-Lsfrom Rockwood, all of them are 4 Ohm. All of these are attached to a custom MDF Ejector Seat (ACES2) 2x Reckhorns in series to the left 2x Rockwoods in series to the right Attached to an Auna AMP at 390RMS max with potential for 16OHM impedence depending on configuration I've got the AMP leads connected to the SoundBlaster into the L/R jacks of the sound blaster card from the DVD jacks of the AMP. Questions: If I do go for a car amp - will that work or would I need to change things around? Is a series connection for TWO transucers the best setup or is there any other configuration where I'd get more bass/power from them? Is connecting the AMP inputs to the L/R jacks of the sound card the best thing to do or should I be inserting them/splitting them up in to the sub/rear left/right for a 5.1 set up? What else can I do to improve my usage of the 4 transducers or suggestions on any other setup changes? Any help/advice is welcomed thanks all Ward8124
  2. Oh ok mate will give that a shot - is there any impact on quality on the feedback/bass? I'll try anyway and let you know so cheers for the suggestion. I've also got another post inbound on my set up if we have any audiophiles amongst us!
  3. I did mate, it was the first thing I checked - currently set to None so assume that must mean it's unlocked FPS wise unless I'm misunderstanding this performance option?
  4. Hi all, I've been troubleshooting performance issues all day with DCS Beta as I've been locked at 65FPS no matter what DCS settings I opt for. I know that I should be getting decent performance given I've a 6900XT paired with a 5900X and 32GB RAM. Once I've been getting in to the weeds and doing some research, I noticed others had scripts related issues such as winwing and helios. I removed WinWing from the export lua which increased FPS from 32 to 64 which was a major improvement but I went further and removed SSA and I then started to see 100+ on my 4K screen which is whereI'd expect the performance to be. I re-added the SSA scripts and LUA code in to the export lua and once again, back to 65 FPS locked. Question, are there any scripting changes within the SSA script lua files that can unlock the FPS or is there a setting I'm not aware of to unlimit the FPS? I really want/need to keep the SSA working as I've invested in a lot of transducers and an AMP and really can't play vanilla with no feedback anymore. Help given will be gratefully received! PS I've the SSA and the Sound Module from Andre. Cheers Ward8124
  5. I've got the real switch from a hornet and there's no lamp in mate.
  6. Spent fecking hours trying to get triggers and other actions to do this and then I discover this.....FML! Great work boss and quick question, do you have a sound repository that you can share as there's a load of sounds you are using that would massively improve my own missions?
  7. I want to do the exact same thing mate and desperately need more trigger actions for ships too (as well as different ship models etc etc
  8. Hi bud, just tested this for you and there's no issue with the triggers or your work as far as I can tell. I manually create a radio item to force Flag1 and your aircraft stopped orbitting and continued to carry out bombing. I think your issue is that your flag needs all three radars to be damaged before it initiates flag1 so maybe you just weren't damaging them enough when you were testing yourself. I've attached the updated script so you can prove to yourself it's all good. Note I've put the CAP on late activation and the SAM are still active and so B1s will be shot down..... Escort B-1's Against Bandar Abbas TESTversion2..miz
  9. Is there any intention to update these so that we know which work and which do not?Will save a lot of other Mission writer's time if we can so if anyone has used any and found they don't work, please list them.
  10. Hi all, I need your help with a trigger which isn't MIST/CTLD and pure ED Mission editor script/option as I want to minimise any reliance on 3rd party integration. Basically what I need is a flag to be set in the event of any player aircraft fires any weapon outside a zone. The idea is that there is friendly airspace in which they have ROE weapons FREE BUT if they fire outside this event trigger zone they will be "disciplined" in a manner I choose fit. (unit destroy probably) What all allied aircraft are required to do is use Radio F10 option to check permission to fire and then they can fire if the answer is "Yes they are in zone". I just need a way to enforce this really. Any help greatfully received!
  11. Love this! Where on earth did you get/manufacture the throttle assy?? I've seen some guys online doing the panels which I've got on order but not seen anywhere for the throttle!
  12. Loving this. Look forward to seeing the end product as well as the opportunity to get the STLs.
  13. Nice one Hav - I'll one once they are ready :) I hate wires!
  14. I've had one for a year and loved it but recently the power button broke - just a recommendation but can you make it a little more durable as it always did feel a little delicate. Respect weight may have played a big part in the design of this but just wanted to feed back.
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