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  1. I'm not painting the F-16 but I downloaded the paintkit to have a look. I don't know what Fuse 2 is but I assume you're referring to the F16_bl50_Main_2_Template? The file has a color profile for some reason. When opening in photoshop, convert the profile to your working space (sRGB) and it'll look like the rest. It gets dark because DDS format does not support profiles.
  2. The lines in the lua are to define the position of the signal flare dispenser. ME will always display the controls, just disabled on some aircraft (CMDS_Edit = false), no mystery there. I can imagine it might be possible to mod it somehow though, 3 left and 3 right just like Breitling, but that's beyond my knowledge.
  3. That's where the hydraulic accumulator is, not flares. L-39C/ZA has no IR countermeasures, only signal flares like already mentioned. Breitling uses a modified airframe with dispensers on each side with 6 flares in total, if I'm not mistaken.
  4. I have reuploaded my skins back to the user files section. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305618/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305620/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305619/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305621/
  5. I haven't really touched DCS or skinning for various reasons in a really long time. I had a guy already asking for my L-39 paints last week, I'll see what I can do, so people don't have to ask and wonder until eternity.
  6. Why does every wishlist topic have to be cluttered with discussion about priority? You have no say in that anyway, that's up to developers. We can choose a name, patch, squadron (in logbook) and aircraft skin (by the way... you can't see that from cockpit either). P-51 already has different races for pilots. So why not. People like to roleplay. If you think that selecting gender and race is some kind of correctness, you might be projecting your own issues. ;) I mean... do you think the same when you start any other game and get greeted by a character customization screen? :doh:
  7. Is there anything wrong with the mod? I'm not seeing any problems on my side as it seems to be working just fine since 2.5 came out.
  8. This is how it works in ZA, assuming you have all the tanks full, including drop tanks: 1. Fuel is being drained from the internal tanks and the fuel indicator shows remaining fuel in them. 2. Once fuel in the internal tank drops to ~600KG, valve opens to allow transfer from drop tanks to internal tank. At this stage, fuel indicator shows ~600KG the entire time, because the drop tanks are feeding the main fuel tank, keeping it at that level. 3. Drop tanks are depleted and the caution light shows up. 4. Wingtip tanks are now feeding the internal tank, indicator is still at ~600KG! 5. Wingtip tanks are depleted and another caution light shows up. 6. Internal tanks are now being drained further and fuel indicator will show remaining fuel available. Basically, the engine is being fed from the internal tanks and drop/wingtip tanks are there to keep it at 600KG until they're empty. Also note that the drop tank circuit breaker in the cockpit will ONLY control the warning light operation. You can't influence the transfer from external tanks in any way.
  9. There is already an english cockpit by default. Open options -> special -> L-39, and switch it to english.
  10. I took them down a while ago because they need some fixing, sorry for delays!
  11. You're right, it works, I completely forgot about this. Thanks, I changed the first post. It should work for weapons as well.
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=197746 Ejected seat uses the texture inside of A-10.zip called a-10_eject_seat 1024.bmp.dds. You can't have a livery-specific texture for the ejected seat. EDIT: replied in the topic above.
  13. That's a great piece of information. We can still answer the original question of "why is SRD-5 not implemented" with "it wasn't installed", because ED most likely had access to a bird and documentation which was produced and delivered to russia after the removal of the system. I'm glad we're getting into the meat of it, my previous (and the only available) information was from l-39.cz website where the author only wrote that the system was removed since the 12th production series and that's it. In the meantime, I actually asked him for clarification, but I've yet to hear from him...
  14. What a tragic loss. My condolences to family and friends but also a huge thank you for your vision and dedication which brought joy to thousands of people for over two decades. Without Eagle Dynamics, the world of flight simulation would be much less exciting.
  15. I already answered this somewhere but the information available says that the system was installed only in the early models and then dropped completely due to its unreliability. There wasn't anything replacing it on the C and ZA.
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