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  1. The error was mine @NineLine, I have the boresight polarity switch (both functions) binded on my throttle and realised that it only go's out of sync when I hit the boresight button, bit of an odd feature given the lengthy process of boresighting via the lense you stare into at start up, seems odd that there's a button that quickly overrides this - perhaps the system is prone to going out of sync and that's the quick fix solution? To confirm re-boresighting fixes the issue and all looks to be working as it should.
  2. For the record it doesn't do it all time, it's almost as if that the sight goes out of sync somehow - I've tried to suss out exectly what thorws it off but as I say it's difficult trying to work out what's going on, sorry I couldn't be more specific.
  3. Attached as requested @NineLine, its hard to explain what's going on exactly but the 2 screenshots may help, the first shows level flight but to the PNVS the velocity vector looks to be above the horizon, the 2nd picture results with me crashing in a firery ball of death despite the velocity vector suggesting that I'm above the (FLIR) horizon. IHADDS.trk
  4. Not sure if this is working as it should but I've realised that when flying at night using the PNVS the symbology that's applied through the IHADDS is what you would normally see using your own eyes i.e. at eye level. Shouldn't the symbology be applied via the PNVS sensor which is actually further forward and slightly lower than whats normally seen during the day? I ask as the velocity vector often looks like it'll clear obstacles but you if you don’t factor this in you’re gonna crash, I know this problem really only highlights itself on a pitch back night but it's still a little on the dangerous side - I wonder has this feature been implemented correctly?
  5. I spent hours trying to work our why the gun wouldn't shoot, stupid trigger guard
  6. I've finally arrived at what looks to be the good setup for me using both TM stick & throttle, rudder pedals and even an Xbox controller, this has taken several days to complete with lots of head scratching and re-moving things around - my request/wish to ED is that whenever a new update is released can you please, please not clear all the settings and make us do it all over again, I think I could quite easily loose my mind trying to remember all the inputs again! PS wow what a awesome bit of kit you've made for us, I thank you kindly!
  7. Modifier applied to DCS, I'm fairly new to antimicro and didn’t realise that was even an option.
  8. I use an xbox 360 along with antimicro software which lets me set the left and right triggers as a key bind, I've even setup a modifyer so multible (TEDAC) commands are applied to some of the inputs, very happy with it so far but still trying to get used to it all - this allows me to duplicate the pilots commands on my TM Warthog so I can fly it from the front seat as well as gun.
  9. Fixed it, well some dude on hoggit came to rescue - basically @Nealiusand anyone else who would like to try, right click on the DCS icon and disabling full screen optimization in windows compatibility settings, smooth as silk now
  10. Hey @BIGNEWYany chance you can run this issue by your techie guys please, no matter what we do we can't run the game in true full screen mode Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm not so sure its a driver issue, I've a 3080TI and I'm also not able to go full screen, I've selected the in game option which doesn't make a difference, checked that Full Screen = True - no matter how many times I hit Alt & Enter the screen will flicker breifly but will not go into full screen. Granted I haven't played DCS for a while (3 maybe 4 updates ago) so can't tell you how long it's been doing it, I run in full screen as my game & trackir performance are much better.
  12. Completely understand both sides to this and appreciate the risks involved - a free update means that if it’s done poorly and takes forever then they will never really be accountable for it whereas a paid module could turn out to be something like Combined Arms, a fantastic idea that’s poorly implemented with little if no support – thing is I really, really want to enjoy this game more so much so that personally I think I’d take a punt on it, none of this pre-release nonsense though, a damn near finished product is what we need!
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