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  1. It's just a standard flightstick grip classification like their F-14 grip, so it won't show up as a collective grip, just a regular flightstick grip as linked below: https://virpil-controls.eu/shop/flightsticks/grips.html
  2. Obviously these are nothing more than opinions/preferences, but for me, the 200 on the VKB Gunfighter 3 is closer to the throw of a Huey cyclic than a jet, so I like the 100 for jets and 200 for helos, which is also why I went with 2 Gunfighter 3s, so I could also utilize the clutch far more with one over the other, without having to adjust them each time.
  3. Direct quote from VKB below in bold. So I guess the real base will have less buttons "due to secrecy"? Devkits of these types of peripherals rarely stray from their exterior design as we are not talking game consoles here. That's OK, you'll eventually figure it out. Or not. "TL/DR: Picture is not a 3d model but a physical photo of a devkit; Real base will be different from the picture due to secrecy;" You were stating the below as fact, so how is that just stating an opinion?: "Winwing has far more buttons on the base too."
  4. *sigh* I see you are one of those people. We know exactly how many buttons are on the Orion throttle handles. Hell, even the VKB MCG Ultimate Grip has more hat switches than the Orion throttle handle and overall, more button presses also. Do you really think that the TECS throttle buttons alone are going to have less buttons on the handles than the VKB MCG Ultimate grip has? Do you really think they are just going to throw a few buttons on the TECS base? VKB has already proven the modular system on their grip and that technology won't be or need to be any different on the throttle. Even if they go bare bones on the number of slots, it will still have more buttons on the throttle as a whole due to the throttle handle alone. Oh well, you tried. Don't be so dense. Your constant use of LOL and LMAO shows you have the intelligence of an underdeveloped child.
  5. So you have seen the final production TECS base that no one else has? But let's roll with that false assumption for a bit; the TECS handle has far more buttons on the handles than the Orion does on its handles based on what VKB revealed in January, 2021 or thereabouts. I don't have a dog in this fight; I'm using a Virpil CM3 throttle, but will certainly give the TECS a try when it is finally revealed in the afterlife.
  6. I wonder if there are technical issues with the unique detent system. That would seem to be the most complex aspect of the throttle.
  7. I was expecting around $750 US. A swing and a miss on my guess. I applaud them though for sticking to their manufacturing guns though.
  8. zcaa0g


    I definitely like the shorter lever on the CP2. It just has a more responsive feel. Plus, I was able to put the CP2 right behind the CM3 throttle with the shorter lever.
  9. zcaa0g


    I received the shipping notification for Control Panel 3. DHL is currently showing Wednesday of next week; just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Perfect timing.
  10. While I understand this is not the way hat switches were designed to be used, I never accidentally do an incidental center button press on the Virpil grips or CM3 throttle by just pushing the outside of the hat switch in the direction I want like it is a button instead of a hat switch. It's intuitive and you get used to it fast. With that said, I haven't had much trouble using it the traditional way either.
  11. They had a good product from a look and capability standpoint, but didn't know how to run a business apparently, which is actually the hardest part.
  12. I wish the base was designed more like the K-51 collective. The whole unit base needs a casing around it and where the collective pivot point is secured on both sides and the cables are connected to the casing instead of the collective itself. Hopefully we get more input from others to see if your problem is an anomaly or part of a bigger problem. I'm sure we'll see multiple revisions like Virpil's past products, but that doesn't help the early adopters.
  13. VR is awesome, but at the same time, I have zero issues swapping back to 2D and vice versa.
  14. That's why I got the CP1 also as the two analog axis have a center detente.
  15. Virpil is getting much faster on the turnaround times now. Their shipping time banner page has been quite accurate at least for me on orders the past few months.
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