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  1. Hi everyone, I believe the JF-17 needs some love with additional skins: How about these ones? 1: Wizard Livery from Ace combat 7: Skies Unknown - Full Size Image Link 2: C4 Blue orange fuselage with white nose and lower half from Ace Combat: Joint Assault - Full Size Image Link I realize in Ace Combat, they were for the F-16XL, but I think they would look pretty good in the JF-17. Any chance the talented artists in this forum could make these happen? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I am writing a fun mission with several waypoints and triggers and all is working fine without LUA scripting. However when I change AI planes to try versus different enemies, the speeds of the waypoints automatically change and that causes problems with my mission. How can I add a simple startup LUA script (direct SDK without frameworks) to modify all waypoints for all planes at to have them all with the same speed, lets say 795Km/h ? Thank you!
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    Thank you so much!
  4. any feedback on this one? should I post this question some where else? TIA
  5. Hi Since more than 8+ years ago I have been using a 75'' Sony TV at 1080p for DCS World with track IR. My PC is a 2700K overclocked to 4.6Ghz with a RTX 2080 and 32GB of RAM. I have no issues running DCS World at 60fps on most conditions and the new clouds at normal definition. My TV was back in the day the most recommended TV for gaming and I have no issues with it. I like the big TV with DCS to be able to see the cockpit instruments roughly at the same physical size of the thing in real life. However, somebody is selling me an almost new (6 months old) 75'' Sony Bravia XR75X90J 4H UDH at a very fair price. Excluding other applications (4K HDR movies or other games) can you advise if switching to 4K and HDR is going to give me a better experience with DCS World (2D with trackir)? I have heard that in fact, switching to 4K actually makes things harder with the pixels 4 times smaller affecting visual enemy detection... thank you for your feedback
  6. This sounds very useful, can you post a screenshot to show how this can be seen? TIA
  7. It's hard to max perform the F-16 currently in DCS World, probably because it is too sensitive to the angle of attack. Real pilots can feel the jet and react accordingly but in DCS we need mostly to rely on the instruments. Please Consider adding the angle of attack in the HUD in the same way than the F-18C, at least as an special option for the F-16. That would help a lot in DCS world. Having to look down to see when you are exceeding the 15o yellow/green/red stripes is very distracting. The angle of attack lights in the left of the HUD are just fine for landing but they don't help you in a dogfight because you don't know exactly when you are going to exceed the limit.
  8. Is it possible to show the AoA number in the F-16C Hud? What scripting would be needed to add? This jet is so sensitive to high AoA and since we cannot feel the airplane the same way a real pilot, I think having the AoA number in the Hud would really help to max perform the F-16C easier... The AoA lights are no good for this because they don't give you a progression but the AoA number can give you that information. This Angle of Attack number is already displayed in the F-18C Hud and it's very helpful in dogfights to conserve your energy/speed. Thank you!
  9. I still have similar illustrations for the F-16 and F-18 (made with Microsoft Publisher), but back when I only had a Thrustmaster TWCS and a CH Fighterstick and Joystick Gremlin. That was long time ago and I didn't update them for Virpil and Gunfighter, sorry about that Here is the same link, I checked the previous link and for some reason wasn't working: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApKL6m6iP2FvuBMtGQGO3FlhQQQ9?e=BKpjSh
  10. Sure here there are the illustrations, however as I was saying, I stopped updating them long time ago when I discovered that whenever I forget something, instead of maintaining kneeboard pages, it was easier just to look in the UI of joystick gremlin to see my comments for each button https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApKL6m6iP2FvuBMtGQGO3FlhQQQ9?e=sV5CqG and for the modifiers, Yes I use them extensibly in my Joystick Profiles in the form of Modes and that is how I switch between Combat, Landing and other modes. For example, only in the Landing or Ground Modes, the buttons to autostart, autostop or landing gear up/down are functional. Obviously I use the Mode Switch Virpil button for that and I am not using the Modifier functionality from Virpil itself. That Virpil button with 5 modes are configured in Virpil as simple buttons so you do need that part of my VIrpil configuration so that they work well with my Joystick Gremlin Profiles. I also experimented with the "Temporary Mode Switch" from Joystick Gremlin but I found it to be kind of buggy. Some times it did not returned from that mode so I ended up avoiding it.
  11. hi Skwirl865 Here are my JoystickGremlin profiles in XML and my Virpil config (XML) file for CM2. (1) All my DoubleClicks, Macros, and Holds (called Tempos in JoystickGremlin) are configured in JoystickGremlin itself not in the VirpilSoftware so you can see how they work in JoystickGremlin. Remember you need to manually change the GUIDs with a text editor for the JoystickGremlin XML files otherwise your devices won't be recognized. Probably this is the disadvantage with JoystickGremlin: Profiles are not portable. But once they are working it's very nice, you can change aircraft, and even make changes to the profile and without even having to exit DCS World: You only need to deactivate the JoystickProfile, make a change or open another profile and activate it. (2) If you are interested in the VirtualDetent: I did that with the help of a JoystickGremlin Plugin. I have carefully calculated the curves for most DCS planes: F-16, FA-18, F-14, FC3, Mirage2K, F-5 and also for other games. You can change on the fly the curves, for example with my FC3 profile by simply changing the Curves parameter in the JoystickGremlin GUI (see the file: _VirtualDetentTemplate Readme-First.jpg) This are the values you can select from: "1=Mig-29, 2=Sukhoi, 3=F-15, 4=F-16, 5=FA-18, 6=F-14, 7=F-5, 8=Mirage2K, 9=1:1, 10=PWingman", Once you are ready to play with my Virtual Detents, start Joystick Gremlin and Open the VirtualDetentTemplate.xml I have that one set to the F-14 and only has the throttle and the virtual detent button, that way I think it would be easier to understand how all of that works together. You will need to save locally also the VirtualDetentForVirpil.py plugin and make sure the XML is pointing to your own local path where the .py file is referenced. A limitation is that I choose to ditch a left and right throttle, because to be honest I never fly those jets with asynchronous throttle inputs and because in the F-14 I would need more than 8 Axis, so I decided to duplicate the right with the left in Virpil and in JoystickGremlin I am attaching the plugin only to one of the throttles. Again I don't have any issues with that. This means that in DCS world you need to map only one axis to the throttle instead of independent left and right throttle axis for the Virtual Device 1. I have had so much fun with these Virtual Detent and how they work that I am not even interested in the CM3 at all. See a video about how they work here (3) You might notice on my F-14 JoystickGremlin profile that I have additional or updated functions that I haven't had the time to update on the Graphics Template. But I suppose you first want to check all of this to see if it makes sense to you and I hope you find it useful and that you can adapt it better to your needs At first I wanted to add a kneeboard with the graphics template but I have seen that when I don't remember something I just go to JoystickGremlin to see what was what because I added enough comments there to remember so I never had the need to see kneeboard pages to remember my assignments. Have fun and let me know if I can assist you with something MyJoystickGremlinAndVirpilThrottleConfigs.zip
  12. Hi everyone! Do you know how could I replicate the Spot external camera from Microsoft Flight Simulator in DCS-World? That spot camera it's an external camara, pretty close to your plane but is not artificially fixed at a certain distance and angle from your plane. If your plane is not maneuvering then the camara stays pretty much fixed but once your plane starts maneuvering then your plane starts moving away from the camera and then the camara slowly starts to try to catchup. It's much natural and I think it would help a lot to make better videos. Does that exist in dcs world? thank you
  13. Sorry I replied so late. I was monitoring this thread for after a few days after my post on march 12th, and after that until today. Anyways, if it still can give ideas, here is how I configured my Zoom In Out "dials" in Virpil. Then since I also use JGremlin, I simply mapped them in Joystick Gremlin to DCS zoom in/out without the use of an axis for that. In virpil you need to configure them as EncoderDial with Buffer or EncoderScroll with Buffer. You can see my configurations for Physical buttons 15 and 16. Also you need to enable the "Delay for encoders". All of this achieves a similar effect to using an axis. For me it works good enough. And actually I left just as you can see on the pictures, one with the Dial and the other one with the Scroll but I can not perceive a difference.
  14. Here is mine, but for the Virpil TM-50 CM2 and VKB-Gunfighter. I bought them last year, and learned how to use their software to change a few things like shift mode and others but I feel like I got the most out of my gear with Joystick Gremlin. I have special macros like to setup my plane for ACM mode (Master Arm On, Radar to Boresight or Vertical Scan, Select Guns or Infrared missile, and so on) and plugins for virtual detent. I wanted to avoid having different virpil profiles for different planes which by the way might require to exit DCS world to change from one plane to the other and other issues, so what I did was to do a single virpil-profile for DCS and any other possible flight games I have (star war squadrons, strike fighters, ace combat, il2, etc, etc). My T1-T4 have independent assignments for up and down and even my flaps have buttons assignments for 0%, 50% and 100% that way I can use flaps axis for games that support it and buttons for games that don't (strike fighters for example). This also makes it easy to upgrade firmware versions because I only need to rewrite 1 profile. For virtual detent and afterburners for DCS, instead of configuring those in the virpil software I configured all of my buttons and the specific afterburner detents with Joystick Gremlin, so I have a profile for FC3 planes, another for the F-14, and one for any other games. In my experience I have found these virtual detents to be so useful that I am not really interested in the CM3 at all, I am happy to just smash my throttle to the limit and know that I wont be in afterburner unless I hit the virtual detent button. I even added a specific sound in Joystick Gremlin that simulates a physical detent lever being overpassed'(useful in VR). I have implemented virtual detents using plugins so you only need to chose the plane and the profile knows what are the afterburner specific limits for each plane. I wish I had the time, skills and audience that Havoc has for youtube videos to share my Joystick Gremlin profiles or virpil profiles with a proper video but if you think this could be useful to you as well I'll be more than happy to share my files here (Joystick Gremlin, Virpil and Gunfighter profiles), just let me know or send me a message here. Since my gear has so many buttons I decided to use almost all of the buttons for something useful to me. This is mostly the template for the F-14 but it also has some assignments most used on other planes like Helmet Mode for the FA-18C and F-16C and Alpha/On/Off (Cobra/Overg) for the Su-27 for example). I found the pictures on the web and used Microsoft Publisher to write my assignments.
  15. Hi everyone, I remember this skin or something very similar was in the initial 1.x versions of DCS World. I love that one, can somebody please make it for DCS 2.5? According to the book, it's a demonstrator skin for the MiG-29SM. Amazon can send you a kindle sample of that book including that picture and I have many additional pictures like that from the book "Jane's How to flight and fight in the MIKOYAN MiG-29" which is available on Scrible. TIA, Rolando Guatemala
  16. Hi everyone, Some years ago I did an mission that I would like to play again but back then I used the Mirage_F1 free mod. Today when I try to load that .miz into the mission editor the editor says I need the Mirage_F1 which no longer works with the latest Open Beta I have. The new name for the mod is MirageF1 but to the game those are different things. I tried to edit the mission inside the .miz (unziping) file but it doesn't work: I just changed the string Mirage_F1 for MirageF1 but I suppose there is much else to change. Any help or ideas? Thank you in advance, Rolando
  17. From PSVR to Oculus Rift S Hi everyone, I am about to buy an Oculus Rift S. Please help me listing the basic steps to make it work with DCS world (Open Beta, NON Steam Version). Currently I have the Sony PSVR and I do the following: - Connect all PSVR cables, etc - Enable VR in DCS World Settings (Open Beta, Non Steam Version) and exit DCS - Start iVRy Driver for SteamVR (This launches Steam VR and Steam) - Start DCS World What would be the corresponding steps to be able to use the Oculus Rift S with DCS-World-OpenBeta ? Thank you very much!
  18. Thank you DrGarantia This fixed my problem immediately also for me.
  19. Thanks Ant0ine, I thought about tempo, but it kinds of takes a while to do the event. In this case, I need something fast. I found the following reference, it looks like with the Thrustmaster Script, I can call any win api function, just like C. I thought it was not a real C languange. Look at this: https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3853204/Re:_Power_of_scripting?_beep_f And thanks for the Gremlin reference, it looks like that is the way to avoid coding!
  20. Hi everyone, I have just started with Target Script Editor for my Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle. I need to program a single click event and a DOUBLE CLICK event for the same button. However I did not find any function I could use to measure elapsed time between one button press and another (in the PDF Script Target Manual). Do you know if there is any additional information I might be missing that I could use for this DOUBLE CLICK implementation. Currently I have a CH FighterStick and a script that measures time between button presses. In my case, I use it for fast switching of views. Single click in a button generates F1, Double Click, generates ALT-F1 which is very useful for me to keep a track of a bandit trying to escape my guns. With my TWCS Throttle I want to be able also to do the same type of double click events. TIA, ralch
  21. hi, just one month ago, I had the same dilema. I went for the CH Fighterstick and the TWCS from Thrustmaster. (both new at amazon). To be honest, I could not be more happy with the CH fighterstick. I use it exclusively in the mapped mode using its accompanying CH-software and have made the programming with the 3 modes to have as many buttons available to avoid keyboard usage during VR sessions. Currently have mappings for the FC3 aircraft, Mirage2000, F-14 and F-5 In fact, just for comparing I have tried to dogfight again using my old Logitech 3D and I discover that I have much better results for maneuvering with the CH than with any of my old controllers. I decided to go with the TWCS to avoid buying separate rudders. The TWCS is good enough but already feels like the grease to allow for smooth operation is wearing out. But it is still ok. With DCS I have programmed one shift key in the TWCS and another in the CH and it allows me great flexibility to do anything without need for keyboard. I'll be happy to share my DCS, CH and TWCS mappings if you need them because there is a learning curve to master them. regards
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    Dear everyone I've tried this under another section but no luck. Hopefully this time I can get some advice. In the next month I wont be able to use my normal joystick to play the DCS game and I will have to use a PS3 style of joystick during sometime. With that joystick I have to map a button to increase throttle and another button to decrease throttle input (such as in old PS2 Ace Combat games). The Question: How to print the value of the RPM-engine for FC3 aircraft (F-15,Su-27,Su-33,Mig-29) near or inside the HUD? That way I dont have to look down constantly to determine the throttle position while dogfighting. If possible please send a script to use. Thanks in advance for your help kind regards GT
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