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  1. Indeed... And even more so, because the bug was introduced with the Stable update DCS Before that, I had performed countless missions in whose one had to engage AA TACAN mode in order to tune the Tanker or other airborne units.....
  2. And so it does on the last stable version.....
  3. Just sayin.... This was not corrected in todays update to DCS Stable version.
  4. OK, Indeed, so it works, the "attack unit"/"attack group" order is now on the WAYPOINT 1 and not on the Ju-88 itself, without waypoints. My confusion was caused by the fact that formerly with simply the command "attack unit", without waypoints, it used to work. Still it seems to me not logical, even a bug, that the ME allows to add the command "attack unit"/"attack group" to a Ju-88 with TORPEDOES, without adding a waypoint, but resulting in NO attack to said unit, but only circling or RTB... Even more so, because if one makes a BOMBING mission, with no waypoints whatsoever, as the one attached, the JU-88 does what is supposed to do, as specified in the ME, namely bomb..... Test-Ju88-Bombing-no-Waypoint.miz
  5. Ah, well, thank you very much, you have added a waypoint with the command "search and then engage in zone".. And so it works. Though I am sure that I made such a mission some monts ago, before updating to the STABLE version DCS, or even a version before that, with simply the command "attack unit" and it used to work. I would expect that adding the command "attack unit" in the ME would result in an attack to said unit, seems logical, especially when the JU-88 is carrying torpedos and the unit is a ship, don't you think? ..... ED, any comments?
  6. How far do you suggest it should be? I have moved it as far as almost the coast of Normandy, it still turns in circles without attacking. I even made another .miz from scratch in the Normandy map, here the airdromes are neutral, so the JU-88 does not attack, and simply lands on one of them. Miz and screenshots included. Would you be so kind and include your tweaked mission in which the 88´s attack with their torpedoes and go RTB to designated aerodrome? Test-Ju88-Torpedoes.miz Test-Ju88-Torpedoes-N.miz
  7. Since last update to STABLE version DCS, or maybe even before, the JU-88 will not engage allied ships with torpedoes. I have tried with existing missions, new missions, all the airfields in blue, etc. Either the Ju-88 circles around the allied ship until its fuel runs out, without launching the torpedoes, or it lands at an airfield also without launching the torpedoes. This used to work perfectly the last time I tried it, some months ago. Bombing missions are OK, both against allied ships or land targets. Am I doing something wrong? (.miz included). If I am not doing something wrong, then ED, may I ask what is happening, as there is also this issue: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/291016-qf-37-aa-gun-not-firing-since-27816140/#comment-4868477 (QF 3.7 AA Gun not firing since, also something I have experienced with said STABLE version DCS Please advise. Test-Ju88-Torpedoes.miz
  8. This is all very interesting, but what are you implying?.... Engaging AA TACAN mode instead of solely T/R mode to find the the Tanker has always, since ages, being wrong in DCS?
  9. Well, thank you Frederf for your Long-long-long explanation, But the fact remains that the bug was introduced with the Stable update DCS Before that, I had performed countless missions in whose one had to engage AA TACAN mode in order to tune the Tanker. But hey, now I have given a different frequency to the Supercarrier (1X) and the Tanker (2X) in my missions, and as long as one does not engage AA-TACAN mode, everything works for both. So really not dramatic, but nevertheless something that has to be addressed by ED..........
  10. This has nothing to do with older missions. I have just created one from scratch, included. And also have a look at the screenshots.... Test-TACAN-AA.miz
  11. I am on Stable version, so I can't comment, but indeed, it is very difficult to grasp.....
  12. Still don't understand why something that had worked properly since literally ages, and several DCS versions, now suddenly is broken, and in the stable DCS version But hey, I am no programmer.....
  13. Deselecting AA TCN, (Only T/R), as one would do for a ground station or the supercarrier, works. Though it is not supposed to work that way, for AA units AA-REC or AA-T/R has to be selected, as it was the correctly the case before the bug which was introduced with the Stable update DCS
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