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  1. Hello All. Quick question: is there anyway to make both runways at an airbase active? Also, it seems whenever an AI is spawned all arrival traffic is waved off or aborded. An example is Andersen AFB never uses 24R/6L so traffic backs up. Many thanks
  2. Some VERY interesting conversations, I would like to add some answers and clarification: 1. Strike Group formations and distances - (see the diagram below) the only ship that is within visible distance (during the day) is the Plane Guard ship which sets up 1.5 kms off or the port quarter of the carrier (draw a line 45 degrees from BRC (base recovery course) at the stern of the ship out to the left 1.5 kms. The role of the plane guard is a rescue ship for downed pilots during recovery, act as a decoy for incoming missiles, and works well as a "turning point" for aircraft. I have great videos during the Persian Gulf War as we did ALOT of plane guard. The tanker (support ship) will be approx. 20 - 30 miles away and usually a stern, then you have "Advanced Screen" for missile defence at 50 - 60 kms, Anti-submarine helos at 100 kms, 24 hr CAPs at approx 120 kms from the Carrier then way out at approx. 150 kms there will be an LA Fast Attack submarine. 2. There is a really good description of CYCLIC OPS (flight ops) I will attach, it describes times etc. I hope the gives some insight into this topic, and I agree the more realistic the better: try the OPS NavyGroup it is great with moose. Cheers! Cyclic_Ops_V1_Final.docx
  3. Mine is continually crashing as well, here are some Crash and Dump files..... Please help dcs.20210917-001812.crash dcs.20210917-003058.crash dcs.20210917-011229.crash dcs.20210917-013139.crash dcs.20210917-001812.dmp dcs.20210917-003058.dmp dcs.20210917-011229.dmp dcs.20210917-013139.dmp dcs.log
  4. A quick question: Carriers being ships must also get somewhere or move, so if a cycle is say 1 +30, how is this divided between sailing into the wind, and then moving to the next waypoint or am I missing something here?
  5. My reasoning behind this is I have just recently completed a "fully" functional continuously operating Syrian theater to use for mission design. All SAM sites working (using Skynet IADS) everything including SuperCarrier cyclic operations. However, if the weather is not updated continuously then you loose the realism of a constantly changing theater.
  6. Good Day! I have designed a mission where I have two tankers trading off in orbit; therefore I setup that once they complete their time on station they land and refuel, then go to the last waypoint where I have them switch to the first waypoint. I want the time of Landing/Refueling to be 90 min. However this is not working? I would appreciate any assistance......... Cheers
  7. Hello All! I have NEVER seen this before, has anyone else? Any ideas? Harv
  8. Hello ED... Are there plans to have live/real weather capabilities?
  9. I am having issues importing DCS 2.7 missions..........to CombatFlite It was working fine a week ago then just stopped? Requesting assistance.........
  10. I am using the F-18C, and I have no SuperCarrier mods or F-18C mods. I am however overlapping MOOSE - Ops Navy Group to turn into the wind at given times but that is it? Thanks
  11. Sorry should have been more specific. I am referring to AI Aircraft. I have 4 CAPs taking off each during a different event in a 1+20 cyclic ops so every 1 hr 20 min. They each do the first CAP but will not relaunch after land/refuel time. The times work great with my F-15C and F22A on land. Thanks
  12. Team Is there an issue with Land/Refuel off of SuperCarrier? Many thanks
  13. Hello All Not sure if this should be here, but lets start here. Important notes for realities of "ships at sea", the ship will never sail at sea with the "Jack Staff" or "Ensign Staff", sorry Canadian Navy terminology, with the flag poles erected at sea, these are always taken down when you leave the harbour, and erected at anchor or when entering harbour. All ships lighting except the Port and Starboard running lights and Mast Head steaming light should be off unless at flying stations Regarding the SuperCarrier, the forward flight deck lighting (right of Cat 1) does not provide enough light to see the Cat Director These just pieces of information, not meant as critizism. It's an AMAZING program! Oz
  14. Hello All, I have a 3 flights departing carrier, two of F-14A, and one of F-18C. None of the flights are following departure rules as laid down in SuperCarrier and NATOPS. Case I Departure - 500 MSL/300 KIAS to 7nm then turn to intercept course heading Plus when I have an AI Wingman and we depart the Wingman will try and rejoin once wheels are up rather than outside the 7nm range as required? Many Thanks
  15. Sorry it took so long to reply Yes, and example: WP01 - 500kn/15000 WP02 - 500kn/25000 The aircraft will climb at the end of the route rather than progressively throughout the transit. Make sense? Oz
  16. Merry Christmas All It appears that aircraft are not doing a "progressive" planned climb to WP altitude? I have a mission with AI departing Incirlik with there first waypoint over Hatay and they (AI) will not climb until the end thus using great amount of fuel. I did turn off afterburner however can this be corrected? Many Thanks Oz
  17. I agree 100% - we (as a community) need find a happy medium between detail and FPS, I upgraded my Graphics card to the new AMD 5700xt 8GB RAM, I have the Ryzen7 processor, and 32 GB of RAM and I am experiencing huge drops in FPS. I am using 2560 x 1440 resolution on a 32" monitor......
  18. I have a challenge for all I am attempting to accomplish the development of the following: Tankers true actions are as follows; will have an area that all refueling will occur (lets say 75 x 100 nm) they (the tankers) will setup a small orbit in a corner of the box; when a fighter group requires refueling they will contact the tanker and setup in a refueling racetrack for the group and when complete return to the small track. There is many reasons for this however the biggest is so the fighters are not chasing tankers and wasting fuel to join up. I have the 80% developed just using moving triggers in Mission Editor however I can't get the tanker to switch to original orbit and re-start small orbit. It will return to original way point but not perform small orbit. Appreciate any assistance. Harv :helpsmilie:
  19. Team Can't get this ILS working using Tacan 31x and 108.900? Help please Oz
  20. Wake Turbulence has been disabled
  21. Thank you that is a VERY good point Cheers Harv
  22. Wake Turbulence is set to OFF
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