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  1. just wanted to add the following experience i made on my end: NOT able to engage AP CPL nor getting tadpole at 6nm, when altering an existing mission (stock or user) by adding L4 and ACLS. seems to be related to changing an existing mission, because after setting up a brand new one, everything worked as expected.
  2. @Beamscanner thanks! what's the vertical axis in the graphs, the degree of clutter?
  3. have you searched your emails for "vaicompro.com" ? they usually send you confirmation mails including transaction info and licence keys.
  4. hi, thanks for doing this! i never get to complete eviction notice, because the 727 keeps orbiting forever, although i am getting the message that they are heading to the ukrainian border, and i keep in close formation. i exclusively use the hornet. any ideas?
  5. you can feel the speedbrake is deployed, when using a jetseat or similar device
  6. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312992/ klingt vielversprechend, konnte es selbst aber noch nicht testen
  7. yes, unplug/plug-in works. but it would be 100% better having a track-ir reset/restart function in DCS. FYI, when track-ir stops working mid-game in DCS, i noticed that it always remained responsive outside the game (in track-ir software). that means, it is NOT track-ir that stops to respond to the OS rather than DCS stopping to recognize inputs from it.
  8. thanks a lot for sharing, mate! solved the issue for me
  9. oh what a wonderful hobby this is, right? fantastic job btw. thanks for sharing
  10. maybe related to this? dunno exactly what "degraded" is supposed to mean though...
  11. well, i for one don't think it's trivial at all, but an essential feature missing in the sim not sure though, if they use ICAO phraseology in the military. seems like ED is aiming big again, and it's gonna be a while for ATC to be updated. in the meantime i would be very happy, if they could replace qfe with QNH, and meters with FEET (respective KNOTS instead of m/s) for western aircraft operation.
  12. thanks so much, everyone, for the tips ! it seems to work fine had to re-import my vaicom profile and follow the voice attack settings instructions from the vaicom manual. also transitioned VA to 64bit by installing it over my previous 32bit version. worked as well. in case someone should lose their vaicom profile: this can be retrieved from VA's automatic backups
  13. hi @MAXsenna , pro question: after a pc crash this evening, voice attack reported it had to reset all its settings due to a corrupted config file (in \AppData\Local\VoiceAttack.com)... so i thought maybe best ask magic-max about the recommended course of action : ) is there any way to restore my old voice attack settings? -restoring the backup VoiceAttack.dat didnt do the trick, unfortunately do i have to retrain voice recognition? thanks
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