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  1. 59th_Siluro


    How are you stay with this model? When can we download it? :)
  2. 59th_Siluro


    For example the hungarian camouflage. :) http://www.vmh59.hu/gallery/gal/THE%20REAL%20MH%2059/0915133.jpg Or what the celebrating paint was on an Albatros in the 2005 hungarian airshow. ;) http://www.vmh59.hu/gallery/gal/THE%20REAL%20MH%2059/0913752.jpg
  3. Sorry for the off but it is important for me. Where can i found a script or programm or anaything else what can make statisctick and upload it on a webpage?
  4. I think the Lock On can run on it in medium setup :)
  5. We would like to give a present for the Lock On community, who want to fight like the realy pilots. For more information check the F.A.Q. and the rules. We hope you'll like it. http://crimeanairwar.uw.hu/
  6. I think there you can calibrate it or change profile or something like that.:)
  7. I saw a video about this squad. It was a solo display. The videoklips were very nice. And that was great how you mixed a real video with yours. I think i'm join to Crusty :)
  8. I think the painting about a week. We have a painted Albatros, here are some picture of the painting: About the story, in hungarian, sorry, but there are some picture :) : http://www.jetfly.hu/rovatok/legter/mh59/alba_050817/ About painting: http://www.jetfly.hu/rovatok/galeria/albaii_050817/
  9. Poor Tornado :) Dirty camouflage skin foreva :D
  10. My opinion is: I can wait for the summer too when it is release (just an example), becouse if they have more time, we will get a more perfectly game. So we should wait and flurring for the programmers.
  11. I think you should try to find a fresher driver. And of course what kind of graphic card and driver do you have?
  12. It's a very useful tutorial, but an F-16 without ECM is very infrequent. But i enjoyed it so much, becouse it can illustrate this maneuver how are we have to do it succesful.
  13. Very nice video, nice formations. But the cockpit view is a bit illusion distroyer with the F-15 cockpit in an F-18 :) BTW congratulations!
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