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  1. 1) You can't, and 2) no it's not possible. It's a possibility for version 3, but when I started this I had originally envisioned the use of MFDs for shortcuts and the rockers as backups. I recognize that VR changes things quite a bit...
  2. Even with the Microsoft Store fix, I still get this on occasion. Just stop the profile, unplug/replug your stick, and try again. Lather rinse repeat until it works.
  3. Version 2.64d is released. Change log: Updated CTS database to add Switch TEMPO value @tomeye if you don't want to do a full download, go to your CTS/DB/version.txt file, find the following line: http://<ip>/TARGET/CTS/CTSscript.zip 2.644 and change the number to 2.643 (or anything smaller than 2.644). That will force re-downloading the modified TTM file without going through the full download.
  4. After investigation, I remember what I was doing. I was adding SwTempo as another tempo for switches with a TEMPO Long On, TEMPO Short Off button mechanism, where DefTempo seemed to take too long. This was mainly for the hardpoint select on the Mirage F1, but I backfitted it to the DX macros without adding the variable to the database (it's still manually input on my dev build). I'll add SwTempo to the database and upload a hotfix.
  5. Thank you both for the report and the fix. I'll put it on the bug tracker and investigate.
  6. Version 2.64c is uploaded for DCS Incorporates 2.64b and updates the AV-8B custom lua for the latest patch.
  7. Version 2.64b is uploaded for DCS 2.8.0. Change log: Ka-50: Added discrete landing gear and flashlight Combined Arms: Added IR functionality A-10C: Updated to DCS 2.8.0 Updated bindings since 2.64a: A-10C, Ka-50, Combined Arms Updated SnapViews since 2.64: None Updated Custom Luas since 2.64: UH-1
  8. I'll look into it. No promises when, but I'll investigate.
  9. Sometimes there is an issue with the Microsoft Store app. If that is affecting your ability to use the profile, please see Appendix E in the CTS Setup PDF for details.
  10. I'll take a look at the JF when I get a chance. In the meantime, the server issue should be fixed now.
  11. Version 2.64a is up. Change log: P-47D: Removed NVGs (added Magnetos Both to LOSB01 Long) F-14: Replaced obsolete TID Incr/Decr macros with cycle commands AH-64,Mi-24,UH-1: Updated to DCS Known Issues: UH-1 selecting gunner positions requires keyboard. Updated bindings since 2.64: P-47D, AH-64, Mi-24, UH-1H Updated SnapViews since 2.64: None Updated Custom Luas since 2.64: None
  12. The sever was down last week, but should be back up now.
  13. The links are also in the original post. Version 2.7.180 is uploaded for DCS (added SON-9).
  14. I'd love to, but I don't know how the stuff works yet and the manual isn't much help. I'm open to suggestions.
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