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  1. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. It looks like most of the values were not placed in their sections. The order of some of the values is important. Did you build the profile using the EXE? If so, try archiving your CTS.dat then removing it from your CTS folder. See if rebuilding your data file will fix it.
  2. Updated for QHUD/Target of Opportunity technique.
  3. Version 2.7.120 is uploaded for DCS (added technicals).
  4. Could you guys please post your dcs_world.tmc files.
  5. Don't know about the first question. Re: intercepting a departure radial, when you do a standard rate turn you will start your turn early to intercept the desired DME arc. Starting your turn at 7 to intercept a 10 mile arc is a very reasonable entering argument. For Case II, that's a hybrid where you have visibility down low, but you're not completely VMC around the boat. It could be cases like broken or scattered clouds where you can see up high through certain pockets, but not enough blanket visibility to have total VMC allowing for Case I.
  6. Excellent post, and the quote above pretty much nails it! Well spoken!
  7. It's been a while since I've reviewed the Huey profile, and something may have changed with the settings. I'll take a look at it. I was just able to update. Is it still down on your end?
  8. I'm always open to suggestions, and especially how to map the controls for the CP/G. I do have the MFDs mapped, and the following reserved: Stick: H1: Chaff/Flare/Station Change H2: Weapons Select (/I SnapViews) H3: George/HMD Select (George selectable with S1 like the Mi-24) H4: Trim (non-negotiable, uses my TCPTM routine) S2: George weapon release auth/take control S3: Tailwheel lock toggle S4: Wheel Brake TG1/2: Weapon (/I Trigger Guard toggle) Throttle: CS: Sensor select Mic: Comms (TBD) Engine Switches: Starter/Throttle Idle The rest is TBD and open for suggestions.
  9. Folks, my apologies for being AFK for a while. This is my busiest time of year IRL. While I plan on putting out a hotfix for the 2.7.11 patch, I don't anticipate having an AH-64 profile until May. If I get some time I may put together a WIP profile, but no promises.
  10. Make sure you assign Buttons 30-32 as modifiers. That's why you have combined keystrokes and joystick buttons in the keyboard diff.lua
  11. The flaps are mapped to the keyboard for the A-10C (I and II), so you will need to use the keyboard profile. What happens when you import the keyboard profile?
  12. Version 2.7.100 is uploaded forDCS (added C-47)
  13. Nope. Just confirming how it was done during my time in the fleet without implying any sort of exclusivity.
  14. It is possible. Within VA, you can set it so tapping and releasing the button will enable VA, and holding the button will enable SRS. There are instructions in the VAICOM manual, and in my experience it doesn't work perfectly (can be frustrating at times). However, it's what I do and it works well enough.
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