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  1. Thank you for detailed explanation. Another question is does AIM-7 family have same or similer capabirity? AIM-7F.trk
  2. I don't see anything like that. Can you post pic or video?
  3. I can confirn DL support works even after pittbull and indeed DL support helps AIM-120 to racapture target. But This topic is about AIM-120's vulnerability to notch, and that's why I droped lock in first track, to show raw missile performance .
  4. So despite closest ground is still over 10km away and no chaff, most advanced ARH missile in DCS is still very suspectable to notch. Good job on range gate or target extrapolation. Or I am completly misunderstanding about these. And why did ALL AIM-120 pulled up(turned away from last known target course) when losing track?
  5. As far as I know, to guide SARH AAM, launch aircraft's radar must use very specific wave form. And this specific wave form can be detected so RWR can alert SARH AAM launch. But in this track, first R-27ER tempolary trashed (launch aircraft went cold and lost STT lock), however once launch aircraft reestablished STT lock, R-27ER recaptured target despite launch aircraft didn't sending launch signal(before sending another R-27ER). AI_SARH.trk Tacview-20220609-074421-DCS.zip.acmi
  6. Not new... Added: HSD shows SPJ jam coverage (RWR symbols of being jammed objects will have an underline)
  7. Tacview-20220609-013357-DCS.zip.acmiAMRAAM.trk
  8. Please explain clearly and in detail what is changed and what is expected behaviour whenever ready. Getting tired of realizing "fixed", "improved" things in change logs just became worse after brief and simple test.
  9. You boresighted wrong. Watch carefully video I posted. You must match rings AND IHADSS's crosshair too. BAD alignment GOOD alignment
  10. From cold start, you must perform IHADSS boresight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFv_ACD3fPE
  11. I already agreed that about friend RWR contact. But what exactly do you want? Do you want aircraft automatically pick up highest threat for you? Then just enable pull back and wait. If you select SP mode manually, you should be prepared. Just press one button and again aircraft will chose most critical threat. And in both case, you SOULD at least take split of seconds before you shoot. Even friendly radar is filtered out, friend radar may accidentally spikes you or threat RWR just picked up is faaaaar away for SP range unknown HARM shot. Take time to analyzes what is painting you and what you are targeting, then react.
  12. In such situation, as you quoted above, pressing pushbutton 15 (RSET) or the Cage/Uncage will automatically select highest threat if you are already in SP mode.
  13. For me it seems to there is certain delay for updating threat rank for SP targeting. You fired too fast IMHO. I have no idea if this delay is correct or not. About RWR filter, I agree. Friendly should not displayed in normal setting just like HB's F-14.
  14. Your video clearly shows first HARM's target.
  15. AAA at 10km away is waaaaaaaaaay higher threat than IFV or APC with 30mm at 2km of course.
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