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  1. Hello all, My build has received an enormous boost in the form of an RTX3080 TI FTW3 Ultra, thanks to the EVGA cue system. Now I am wondering what direction I should take with upgrading other components. The rest of my build is from five-ish years ago, so not terribly old, and was fairly high end at the time. It may be that upgrades now may not be worth the cost, but I am not knowledgeable enough to say for sure. MSI ATX Z170A Gaming M7 I7-6700K 4.0GHz OC to 4.5GHz 32GB Corsair Platinum DDR4 3200 NZXT X61 Cooling Corsair RM1000 Gold PSU I understand that in its current state, DCS is very dependent on single core CPU speed. When I look at newer generation products, my understanding is that they perform better, but their single core speed does not superficially seem better than what mine does. I know there is something I am not understanding, so can anyone say what benefits I could see if I were to upgrade? Would the gains be substantial or wasted effort? Same kind of question for RAM. I see much higher speed DDR4 is available, but am I going to see gains in upgrading? Or am I better to go to 64GB? I suppose if I do forge ahead with upgrades, I'll likely be looking at a new MB too? Thanks for any and all advice! EDIT: Forgot to mention that I fly VR with a Reverb G2.
  2. Hi Greg! Thanks for the reply, and sorry it took me a while to get back to replying! I do have almost all of the codes Ive been given. I think there may be 1 or 2 I cant find now. EEDAHP EHEACB HCEADP EDEAIG (The last letter here may be a U, I cross them out when done with them so I can't tell) EIEAJY EJEABY EJEFBL EJJAGN HBEAFL HBDAAB Hope you can make some sense of that. Let me know if there are other details I can provide for you. Thanks!
  3. Not to jump in with similar questions, but after more than ten missions, I feel like the world is the same for each mission in my case. I am not making this post as a complaint, but rather to try to understand what's happening more thoroughly. I am seeing some of the things others have posted. I have read through the materials and believe I understand the ideas behind the campaign in terms of the areas that each need to be liberated etc. That said, while it seems that I have liberated some areas, the only thing that seems to change for me is the campaign code and where the ground forces are located. Every single mission, the same set of MiG-29s come up with an An-26, and that's the entire extent of hostile enemy aircraft. And even when I wish to fly CAP, because the AI packages start in the air, regardless of their assigned role, they shoot them down long before I arrive. Additionally, I find that, like the commenter above, I get constant recommendations to perform SEAD missions, but in the more than ten missions I've flown, I have encountered a total of two SA-6s and one SA-8. The remainder are SHORAD. Trying to follow the advice, I've spent a few missions flying above 10,000 plinking Shilkas with GBUs, but it seems to have no effect overall. With no serious air defenses or enemy aircraft, I am left to hit the strike target, then plink enemy vehicles from above. While the enemy vehicles change locations as areas get liberated, they do not seem to actually do anything while there. They are all clustered tightly together, and seem to neither move, nor engage any friendly ground forces (which seem non-existent). Given this somewhat sterile environment, my question is whether or not this is by design. Should there be more things happening, or have I managed to break the campaign? One question I had is about my wingman and the AI packages. While I can set their loadouts, I cannot seem to actually preplan any strikes for them. I am currently sitting with very low cloud decks and when assigning AI packages to CAS or SEAD, they do not seem to engage anything on the ground. (Understandably.) I would love to assign them to rain some PP JSOWs onto the enemy armor groups, but I guess this is impossible? In terms of actual bugs, the dialogue seems to have quite a few typos that then get read by the voice actor. The most glaring is "by a runch" instead of "buy a ranch", and I am amazed that the voice actor actually read it incorrectly. There are other instances where what's being said doesn't really make sense in context, or the wrong words are emphasized in the sentence. Its clear that the dialogue was not written by a native English speaker, and they were translating from another language. It's minor in the greater scheme of things, but it is a bit jarring. Especially when hearing it once every two or three missions. This is something that could be easily caught by a proof reader before being sent to the people doing voice-overs. I do not want to make this post sound critical or overly negative. I commend the creators for making something big and ambitious. There is a lot to like about this campaign, but there are some things that take away from what it could be.
  4. Since there is some interaction in this topic, I'd like to ask some questions as well. I like the concept of this campaign very much. It's a neat idea. However, I find myself wondering if I've broken something. I have now flown about ten missions, and other than the progress code changing, it's hard to tell what is actually changing mission to mission. For example, the same two MiG-29s spawn in each mission, but because the friendly AI packages start in the air, they shoot them down before I get there, regardless of the roll I choose for them, and myself. Secondly, the air defenses seem non-existant. The Intel warns me about them, and recommends I fly SEAD, but almost every mission has nothing but SHORAD. I've encountered a total of two SA-6 in ten missions, and that's it. Because major air defence seems insignificant, I'm left to fulfill strike and CAS. The CAS location has changed as the campaign progresses, but it's essentially the same thing. A few groups of vehicles sitting still in a particular location, not engaging any blue forces. For at least seven of my missions, I have loaded up on GBU-12's, bombed the strike location, and then plinked tanks from A120. So is something not correct here? All my missions are a success, and I get a new code each time, but the world almost seems frozen. Did I break it somehow?
  5. I'm not sure if the author(s) of this campaign respond here, but I have some questions. Maybe others can help. I have flown 5 or 6 missions beyond the first one, and I am wondering about what is happening and not happening as I fly. Despite it being suggested that I fly more SEAD missions, and the intel talking about SA-8 and SA-15s in the area, I have not encountered any. In fact, other than a lone SA-6 in the last mission that I flew, I have encountered no air defense aside from MANPADS and Shilkas/truck mounted Zu-23s. This isn't necessarily a problem, but I am confused why there is not more out there, especially given the warnings about it. In a similar vein, enemy air has likewise been almost non-existent. The same four Mig-29s spawn, along with a lone AN-12, every single mission. They are either quickly dealt with by CAP flights, or end up crashing. No other aircraft have been encountered. It's just me and my Navy pals buzzing around. Lastly, the same chit-chat sequences are happening mission to mission. I realize these are just filler, but it does make me wonder if something is supposed to be advancing but isn't. At this point, the only thing I am doing is plinking enemy armor and AAA with GBUs from the safe and uncontested altitude of A120. I am inputting the new campaign code each time, and the code itself is changing after each mission, but does anyone know what the letters correspond to? Am I doing something wrong, or is something glitched where things that are supposed to spawn aren't? Thanks for any help!
  6. Jane's F/A-18 is an all-time favorite for me too. So much fun had with that one!! Many thanks for the controls help too, Wags!
  7. There was an A-10 manual available on Lulu.com. Black and white, but well made and bound, for only something like 35$. It appears to no longer be listed. If someone was feeling ambitious, they could format the PDF (give it a proper cover, etc) and have a printed copy of the Viggen manual fairly cheap. (I'd get one too!) https://www.lulu.com/ Has the manual been updated since initial release? There were quite a few things waiting to be added at that point.
  8. This would presumably come more into play when they update the weather systems. It would be neat to pass through some lower layers and see moderate to severe mixed icing building up on the air-frame. It would prove a unique challenge too, where one would have to limit time spent at low level when those conditions exist. I suppose frontal boundaries are too much to hope for, but transitions from freezing rain to pellets to snow would be neat too.
  9. I just took the plunge over the holidays and can echo everyone else. It is just so damn cool. The sensation of being in the cockpit simply cannot be explained. You just have to try it. That said, the limitations are there too. Yeah, resolution is low. Yeah, finding targets is tricky (to put it mildly). You will spend some time messing with settings, something I haven't managed to finalize, due to my being pretty impatient and unskilled with that side of things. With regards to waiting, I am not sure it makes sense to. Even if they came out with a headset capable of the resolutions we are used to on monitors, it's been said that the hardware isnt there to support it. DCS doesnt utilize multi-cored CPUs or multiple GPUs. So you could be waiting for nothing. Or waiting for a really long time. All that to say, be aware of the limitations so you arent disappointed, but also recognize that there seem to be way more people happy with it than unhappy. Which is not to say no one is unhappy, but I did a lot of reading before buying. I'd say 80-90% of buyers are happy with their purchase.
  10. Yeah, you did! I did too! We're gonna get merged with the other thread, but that's ok. Merry Christmas!
  11. A printed Airport/Facility directory, or Flight Supplement type of document would go a long way to helping with that familiarity. I like the idea of a manual with me rather than using F-10. Edit: I guess such a thing was already made. Sweet! http://wiki.hoggit.us/images/7/7f/DCS_Ground_Charts_v350.pdf
  12. I assumed you had import fees? I am in Canada, so it could be different, but the package arrived here and was grabbed by a (seemingly) random import broker based on the far side of the country. I paid fees to them, and they arranged the subsequent shipping to me. (In my case, Purolator.) All that said, if you have heard anything about fees or a broker, talk to them.
  13. It's more the part where you asked if the lack of a mention is a good or bad thing. That's why Sithspawn replied as he did. You then seemed to not understand why he took the tone he did, so I explained that you came across as trying to read too much into it.
  14. You're looking too much into it. Wags' update wasn't a top to bottom synopsis of the project but just a quick blurb. No specific mention of the radar or any other sub-system carries no additional or hidden meaning.
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