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  1. Sad that I didn't find an option on KS to pledge as a guest, been searching and googling the past 1,5h. Pledged another project some years ago as a guest, don't know why I didn't have the option this time. Maybe I just didn't see it and/or was too stupid to work it out, yet I am no fan of creating an account for each and everything (call me what you want for that attitude). Wish you guys all the best for your online shop and please make sure one can purchase without creating yet another account! This would come perfectly in time for my planned "return" to DCS next year. Kind regards and all thumbs up for your effort!
  2. I cannot talk about the A-10C, didn't set that one up in 1.5 yet. But the problem is rather easy to reproduce with Combined Arms' AAA units. I also tested different buttons and it is reproducable for me. There might be a problem with sticky keys, more or less noticable in different situations/modules, it may be worth reporting. Greetings MadCat EDIT: This looks to be related to some kind of game lag, where despite a good FPS of ~40 the game runs "slower" (looking at large burning cities in my case for example). In severe cases, buttons need a few 10ths of a second to be recognized in the first place and the button release might get lost in the "lag", resulting in sticky keys. Given that, I don't know if this is a bug or a new issue/shortcoming of weaker systems (like mine), and whether or not this will be resolved in the future. P.S.: Sorry for hijacking this A-10C thread with my Combined Arms observations, but I think the same things are at play.
  3. For me, dcs_updater.exe install L-39 triggered the download. Enjoy :pilotfly: Greetings MadCat P.S.: Thanks to everyone at ED and everyone else being involved (Mods and Admins), much appreciated what you do for this community every day ! :thumbup:
  4. Is there a trick to this competition that I just don't see, or why are there no entries so far ? Anyhow, here is mine, hope I meet all the requirements: Nickname in the game: -=MadCat=- Flight Date: 29/08/15 ~ 23.50 CET Track file: see attachment to this post Good luck to all participants (hope there will be some more) ! And thanks for the competition! Greetings MadCat KA50_autorotation_MadCat.trk
  5. @pappavis: I cannot help you with commands unique to the MiG-21 as I don't have that module. However all the other commands in this thread need to be put in the default.lua files for the respective aircraft and input device. Check the -> first post <- of this thread for detailed information where and how to copy and paste them. If it is still not working after that, PM me (again, I cannot check code for the MiG-21). @everybody With the release of the Bf109K-4 I was very happy to see how wide-ranging the control options are. We may got something moving with this thread, thank you ED, and not to forget thanks to everyone who contributed thus far :thumbup: Hopefully 3rd party developers will add commands to their default files too! :music_whistling: The only not existing commands for the Bf109K-4 are listed below. As I was working in the default.lua files, I noticed some "hints" that ED seems to be working on the missing commands already. For the time being, here go my additions. Bf109K-4 : Working perfectly: FuG16ZY Volume: {pressed = device_commands.Button_4, cockpit_device_id = devices.VHF_RADIO, value_pressed = 0.5, name = _('FuG16ZY Volume Increase'), category = _('VHF Radio')}, {pressed = device_commands.Button_4, cockpit_device_id = devices.VHF_RADIO, value_pressed = -0.5, name = _('FuG16ZY Volume Decrease'), category = _('VHF Radio')}, FuG16ZY Fine Tune: {pressed = device_commands.Button_9, cockpit_device_id = devices.VHF_RADIO, value_pressed = 0.2, name = _('FuG16ZY Fine Tune Increase'), category = _('VHF Radio')}, {pressed = device_commands.Button_9, cockpit_device_id = devices.VHF_RADIO, value_pressed = -0.2, name = _('FuG16ZY Fine Tune Decrease'), category = _('VHF Radio')}, FuG25a IFF Test (Note: IFF not modeled in DCS, only button animation working): {down = device_commands.Button_14, up = device_commands.Button_14, cockpit_device_id = devices.VHF_RADIO, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('FuG25a Test'), category = _('FuG 25a IFF Control Unit')}, Almost working: Microphone PTT (button animation works, yet does not seem to be "wired" yet): {down = device_commands.Button_56, up = device_commands.Button_56, cockpit_device_id = devices.FUSEBOX, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Microphone PTT'), category = _('VHF Radio')}, Additional note: Due to very limited time, I did not yet check all the other modules for potentially added code out of this thread to the default.lua files. I will do that once I have the spare time and then update this post/thread accordingly. So long, greetings and a blessed christmas season to everyone !:xmas: MadCat
  6. I'd volunteer again to provide Ka-50 escorting :) Becaue I still have not the slightest clue about the Mi-8. Don't even know the correct start up, yes, it's that bad. Not further commenting on the Mi-8 manual that was not released even partially last week.:music_whistling: So here I am, offering Ka-50 escort, maybe even with a second pilot (and therefore second Ka-50). Greetings MadCat
  7. I sincerely hope it does not ! BST already has enough to fix with their "released" modules, we do not need a 4th beta BST then has to take care of in addition to all the others. Of course, just my 2 cents MadCat
  8. In fact the manual is wrong on more than just one thing regarding the electrical system (and confusing too). There are 3 sources or "requirements" of power: 27V DC, 115V AC and 200V AC. The batteries can provide 27V DC directly and 115V AC via the POS-500B inverter (emergency bus). Only the generators can provide 200V AC and when online provide also 115V AC, and 27V DC via the two VU-6B rectifiers. If the inverter switch is in AUTO, the POS-500B inverter is disconnected once the generators are connected to the electrical circuits. Generators are the primary source of electrical power, batteries remain switched on as a means of backup if both generators fail. Until that happens, the batteries are not feeding power to any system and should receive charging by the generators. If your generators are malfunctioning or switched off, say goodbye to everything needing 200V AC. That is just for a few examples, entire weapons system, L-140 LWR, UV-26 CMS, and some more. The batteries will then provide power to all 27V DC and 115V AC systems (during flight, that is considered an emergency condition). Some stuff works without any power at all: G-meter, rotor rpm, engines rpm, fuel cut-off valves. Maybe more but those are the ones I remember right out of my head. The manual, as you see and already noticed, is somewhat dated and wrong on some things (or the sim is wrong and manual is right, don't know). Towards the questions: The EEG are powered by 27V DC, either by the batteries or the generators if they are running and connected (don't know if that's correct, but that's what I experienced). Radar altimeter and fuel quantity indicator require 115V AC, by the battery via the inverter (27V DC converted to 115V AC) or by the generators directly. The engine rpm gauge doesn't require power (speed sensor usually mounted at the engine's accessory gearbox in combination with a moving coil instrument). Greetings MadCat
  9. It's a feature, not a bug and already discussed ->here<-. Greetings MadCat
  10. I'd like to nominate: masterrob09, for how much blood sweat and tears he put into his -ESL- project. Hempstead, for the great PTFE rings he machines for the TM Warthog. Kobak5, for his patience being my long time wingman. Thanks to those guys and thanks for this very generous raffle. I like the idea a lot that you cannot enter yourself, but have to think about others who you think deserve it.:thumbup: Greetings and good luck to all! MadCat
  11. You dont roll the throttle fully closed at start up. Ideally you first check full throttle range, roll it fully open, roll it fully closed (with idle stop button pressed). Then you roll it back open past the idle stop, roll it back against the idle stop, press the idle stop and just roll it a few degrees past the stop (towards the decrease side). To quote the manual: [...] 4. Throttle - Set for start. Position throttle as near as possible (on decrese side) to engine idle stop. [...] That way the engine gets fuel for start up (throttle being more or less at idle position), and in the event of a failure you can quickly roll the throttle fully closed without having to tinker with the idle stop first (since you already are on the decrease side of the stop). Greetings MadCat
  12. The switch to the right of the gunsight is no longer the power switch for the whole sight. It now powers the gyroscopes for lead calculation, much like the K-14 gunsight. The working "Gunsight ON" and "... OFF" in the options currently is misleading indeed, yet was right up until some days ago. More on that topic here. Afaik what we have now is the correct functionality. Greetings MadCat
  13. Good and some "neutral" news! As of the latest patch released today, the situation is as follows: Fw190D-9: ED adopted almost every command, or edited them themselves (yet all the naming is identical to this thread :music_whistling:). "Gunsight ON" and "Gunsight OFF" now work the gyros, yet in the control options it does still say "Gunsight ON (OFF)". Either way, they are in by default now, thank you! Not adopted to the Fw190: "Bomb Emergency Release Push" (maybe that handle is in fact spring loaded, I don't know) "Rocket Emergency Release Cover Close" (I thought that cover/lock was spring loaded) I will investigate on those two commands, maybe it is correct how it is now (or somebody with more information about these, PM me please) P-51D/TF-51D: Commands for the "Fuel Booster" have been added by default. Not adopted to the P-51D/TF-51D: Commands for Landing Gear Up and Down. For all the other airframes in this thread (Ka-50, Mi-8, UH-1, F-86), no commands were adopted to the default controls. I may bring this thread specifically to the attention of BST too. NOTE: All remaining codes are still working, yet some may require reassignment in the options. NOTE 2: All the commands that are default by now, were deleted from the respective posts. Thank you again, ED !:thumbup: Greetings MadCat
  14. Insofern in den default.lua dateien nichts geändert wurde, sollte es ausreichen deinem Kollegen die entsprechenden diff.lua files zu schicken. Diese finden sich in Benutzer/"Name"/Gespeicherte Spiele/DCS/Config/Input/ usw. usf. Diese fügt er dann an der gleichen Stelle ein. Sollten Änderungen an den default.lua Dateien vorgenommen worden sein, braucht dein Kollege diese zusätzlich. Grüße MadCat
  15. Remember, remember the .... Mi-8... I am ok dropping the latest beta product prices to the pre-purchase levels. However I am NOT ok dropping them to where they are now!!!!!:mad: Fortunately, this takes away all the doubts about whether or not pre-purchasing the MiG-21. I for my part am NOT, and am waiting for when that one is down to 15$ in the next sale!!
  16. About all controls are already in the code, but it is a mystery to me why they don't appear in the default.lua files. Until we (hopefully) get all the possible commands officially (careful devs, broad hint), have a look -> here <-. Note: There are still many commands missing for the F-86, yet all the most needed weapon selectors (and some more) are already in. F-86 will be finished once I have sufficient spare time again, or BST gets there first. Greetings MadCat
  17. And some people are only happy if they can complain about others who voice their opinion about inconveniences :doh: It's not that we are not happy with what BST gave us, I'm very much enjoying the UH-1 and F-86 so far. It's that we are unsatisfied about the lack of communication and next to nothing happening on older modules. At the same time releasing one Beta after the other. If this goes on, BST will at some point have released 10 modules and 7 of which are incomplete. Only to then realize, "omg, there is so much stuff we need to fix and complete". Finish one thing then move on to the next, but not have 3+ modules in the pipeline that need immediate attention. That's what is worrying me. In particular the Mi-8. The lack of a proper documentation is a "game breaking bug" to me, and 9k views here tell me to quite a few others too. C'mon dude, open your eyes and stop blindly eating everything a stranger gives you. Nothing gets moved in this world if everybody keeps her/his mouth shut, not communicating what makes her/him worry. Stand up for your rights, and as paying customers it's our right to get information from time to time, bugs fixed and stuff completed in general. Flagrum is right though, and I will also refrain from commenting on any of this until some time after EDGE. Sorry for the OT again, but I just needed to get this straight. PM me for any further "comments" or "discussions" about my opinion or the like. This thread now again is about the Mi-8 Manual (or the lack of it) !!! Still, have a nice day everyone (you too, ViKe) MadCat
  18. UH-1: Incomplete manual at some locations, one rheostat still controls all the cockpit lighting, no engine overtemp or starter burnout, Cargo Rel switch not functional. Do the NVG position lights actually work ? Mi-8: I seriously have no idea about its state of development. Due to the lack of a manual I didn't spent any time yet to work my way into it. F-86F: No complaints here, just released as Beta. And now BST is actively working on the MiG-15. Together with the lack of communication, I am totally honest and tell you this trend starts to worry me.:cry: Releasing more and more modules rather than actually completing (necessary) stuff for "older" ones. So to speak, the Huey already is their "great-grandchild" (ignoring the Mig-15 for now). And the Mi-8 currently does nothing but collecting dust and occupy "hangar space" on my hdd. My 2 cents, don't hate me for an honest comment MadCat
  19. Alle zusammen: MiGf ! MiGf ! MiGf ! MiGf ! MiGf ! MiGf ! :music_whistling: Klasse Tutorials, weiter so ! Beste Grüße MadCat
  20. Cannot confirm that, crossfeed in my Ka-50 works just as is supposed to. Sorry for OT! Greetings MadCat
  21. I can confirm this for: A-10C: All rotary knobs, except the SAI pitch trim and TACAN channel selectors. Oddities with the IFF indication lamp brightness when klicked and drawn, same for the magnetic variation compensatinon panel (to the back right of the seat). F-86F: Missile tone volume Fw-190D-9: Ammo counters don't stop when reaching either end position. Compass stops at 360/0 position when clicked and drawn. Ka-50: All brightness and volume knobs, magnetic variation knob (maybe intentional, but the latitude corrector stops and 0 and 90) Mi-8: All rotaries, except radar altimeter, vvi adjustment, adi pitch trim, barometric pressure adjustment, SPUU-52 adjustment. Odditiy with the mechanical clock caging knob. P-51D/TF-51D: All rotaries, except barometric pressure adjustment and trim wheels. Uh-1H: All brightness and volume knobs, except the ADF volume. Oddity in the radar alt HI warning marker (does not stop and lowest end). Oddity in the flare/chaff counter knobs (don't stop at either end) I tested all this with the mouse only. Mouse wheel and click & drag. Greetings MadCat
  22. The yellow lights are mere indications for that the EEG is limiting the corresponding engine so it does not over-speed or step over other limitations (cumbustor nozzle temperature e.g.). Engines are operating at the limits, don't worry too much about it as long as you don't make it a habit. It's ok for short periods of time when you really need all the power to get over a mountain or the like, while staying within (mostly) safe engline limits. Flying at the limits for a prolonged time however, is not recommended ! Greetings MadCat
  23. Corrected the faulty links, thanks for the hint.:thumbup: Top right corner said it is #26, yet the content indeed was that of #25. Working correctly now. Feedback about Mi-8 controls is appreciated, I'm not very familiar with her. Also let me know what frequently needed commands are still missing, I'll add them once done with the F-86. Greetings MadCat
  24. Just yesterday I started to edit in commands for the Mi-8 and in that process added commands for the coordinates calculator on the copilot's dash. I have to admit I have very limited knowledge and experience with the Mi-8, so I don't know if that calculator is in fact the doppler nav you are looking for. More commands for the Mi-8 are coming, once I got to know her better, know what systems actually are working and what not (in the current build). You can find the commands, amongst many others, in this thread. Greetings MadCat
  25. Hi Basco1 ! Honestly I've never gotten any error message when editing those files. So unfortunately I can only give some advice you may know and took care of already: only use Notepad++ to edit those files get it here (if you don't have it already) [*]close all programs that could potentially currently read the file [*]make sure the file is not write-protected [*]make sure you enter the code before the last two curly brackets in case of joystick files, I always add the code before the curly bracket prior to the "axisCommands" section Hope you get this solved or somebody else has a better idea than I do! Greetings MadCat
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