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  1. brakes are working much better now after yesterday's patch, using the Warthog paddle switch
  2. I just had this problem in 2.7 open beta, stable release worked ok. What fixed it for me was removing the Viggen through mod manager, then deleting the AJS37 folder from the DCS World open beta program folder (not saved games), then reinstalling with mod manager.
  3. I was an avionics tech (COM/NAV/ECM) on the FB-111A, would love to see one in DCS!
  4. What I don't understand is why didn't they just use the symbology from the A-10C pod? It's just a stopgap, after all, and already in the sim.
  5. right - what I meant was I have to use the mouse wheel to turn the knob to uncage, before left-clicking would uncage then the wheel would adjust the horizon line
  6. What good is radar without cows? I want my cows, dammit!
  7. Hi all, after reading through this I set my TrackIR speed setting to .8, it definitely made a difference. It is no longer so twitchy.
  8. Sometimes switching TACAN to REC then T/R will unjam it. Turning it off works too.
  9. You can plug the jetseat audio into the computer speaker output, then plug the buttkicker into the jetseat audio output. With the jetseat in usb mode audio will pass through and drive the buttkicker. You will not have any special effects on the buttkicker, just the audio rumble.
  10. I received my Jetseat 908 Saturday and have been testing it since. What a great piece of gear! I plugged my Buttkicker into the audio output and have been using both together, the Buttkicker for general vibrations and the Jetseat to emphasize effects, together they bring so much life to the sim - I can't imagine flying without them anymore!
  11. I use the left throttle for nozzle, right for throttle, friction lever for nozzle stop
  12. TM Warthog stick, F-18 module: using ECM switch for weapon select, only right-click works. using TMS switch for ACM modes, none work. all non working functions show red in configuration page after being rebound.
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