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  1. I have the same problem, Name was [Knight]
  2. I have really no way to explain this rather than type my experience while playing in VR. I have noticed ever since the 2.5.6 patch and lighting changes that it is harder to spot targets, even with labels turned on it is challenging. I keep losing targets low that I'm chasing against the trees that are only about a mile or two in front of me. I even have a hard time spotting guys higher above me. I entered into the mission editor and placed 2 air-frames 4 miles apart for a dogfight, a Bf109 and a P-51, I noticed I really had to strain to see the AI 4 miles ahead in a head on aspect. I am not the only one with this issue I have talked with another guy that said he has the same problem. I have also noticed that the position of the sun effect how well I can see and if the sun is at the noon spot it makes it really hard for me to spot dots. I and this other guy both use the HP Reverb. I'm on the latest Studio Driver for the GTX1080TI and my pixel density is set to 1.0 with the Steamvr scaling at 200%. I'm really starting to pull my hair out about this problem I have tried different settings, drivers, scaling options and I cant get anything to be back to how it was in 2.5.5. The reason I'm posting this in the bug section is because I think it has something to do with the LOD and the lighting. PC SPECS: I7 8770k 32gb Ram GTX1080Ti driver 451.77 studio(because latest release driver had bad performance for me) DCS World OB If you need anything else let me know. Kind Reguards
  3. I AGREE, if your gonna have them in the mission, make them in the training area, every time they spawn in they are always on your 6 and so much faster, there is no escaping them. The AI cheat and can hit you from a mile away with pin point accuracy. They also strafe the Runway and its annoying even if you do run from them and can land there is no point. I was killed through a hanger. Please remove them from the combat area. Thanks
  4. Just remove them and replace the image with a few scratches and smudges, same with the canopy glass, whoever is doing this on ED's part please stop adding baked in reflections or give us an option to check so we don't have to have them at all, its real bad in VR. Thanks
  5. As of now we will be rolling back our server to Open Beta due to the instability in DCS WORLD on the new 2.5.6 patch, We apologize for any inconvenience. As we all know this is OPEN BETA and we cannot expect everything to be smooth all the time.
  6. I'm starting to have a problem with mine, my X and Y stops working in mid game and in windows. I have had to shut down, take apart the throttle and check the connections. All is good inside connections are nice and snug and it works again. Now it keeps doing it and I have to rinse and repeat. The second time I had to recalibrate. I may need a new set of wires. Order # 1243
  7. Name:104th_Knight Squadron:104th Phoenix Country: USA
  8. When ever I try to change radar stuff like azimuth i get a message that the radar is in lock mode??? how do I get it off this mode and why is this a feature?
  9. Fixed it, Looks like VA did a few sneak updates on me Pls Update your VA to 1.7.5 if you have that problem
  10. since last update any ptt button press other than TX3 on WH gets this message in VA: 3:33:04 PM - Plugin execution exception: 'VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInvokeProxyClass' does not contain a definition for 'State' then : 3:33:43 PM - UNABLE TO INVOKE PLUGIN, 'VAICOM PRO 2.5. DUE TO EXCEPTION: 'VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInvokeProxyClass' does not contain a definition for 'State'
  11. @Hollywood, Another to add to the ever growing list: Need and option to create WP from the map mark and tune tacn for multiple CV's and Tankers w/ the same callsign. Thanks
  12. Ok but for DL to tune to a specific freq like a CV or navy/awacs does this work? The manual only has the command for decimal 0-7(300.0-300.7) so if the freq is 322.7 then I can't tune it. This becomes a problem with MP because the Freq changes when a new awacs comes on station, and you cannot tune to the CV to get ACL/AWL.
  13. so how do you get jester to tune a specific tacn or datalink freq?
  14. I think i may be bitten by this bug, but i have lost all control inputs and track ir. I went into the options under controls and the whole page is blank, just a blue blank screen. I have deleted the luas and repaired dcs and ran dcs without running voice attack and all works fine. I then run VA and let it reinitialize as normal, start the game and the control option page is blank. Plz tell me this is the hot fix your working on? I have tried to revert back to other versions after this and the problem was still there, I also reverted back to the dcs version before the OB hotfix when everything worked, still a no go. NVMD someone beat me to it. ;)
  15. I fixed mine by updating VA and deleting the DCS program from VA and then deleting the Plugin from VA and reinstalling
  16. Hot fix Vaicom does not work, even after lua reset.
  17. Have you tried calling the atc through the F-key Menus?
  18. I've been trying to get this to work for about 10 hours now with no luck. I have done every thing from reinstall to repairing still no luck. I cant get the commands to work in the sim when the plugin wants to work, and when it don't, I cant even bring up the config.
  19. I'm sure you know Ciribob right? Would you guys be able to do a joint dev on this. This could be a start of a good thing may one day we will have DCS work with the Radio panel natively instead of needing a million programs. :D I can see great things in the future.
  20. @ ArturDCS, Just had a quick conversation with crirbob and he said you would be the man to talk to.. ;) I love the fact that you can use the radio panel in dcs but as far as the FC3 aircraft well there is really no option. I was wondering if there would be a way for your program to talk to SRS to get get the radio panel to work with changing the feq on on SRS in the FC3 aircraft?
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