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  1. To weld it I'm preaty sure you need someone with equipment and knowledge to weld aluminium. I may be wrong but I'm preaty sure it's aluminium. But the part is so small I don't know how well that Will work. Or maybe they can do a stronger welding and then redrill the hole.
  2. I am interested but I am in Europe, I'd pay for the shipping difference.
  3. Since you changed it, try saying exactly "Radio Change Two Five Four Decimal Zero".
  4. I've suspected for a while that ED doesn't include this aparently simple feature because in DCS the throttle position isn't actually linked to the axis assigned to in but rather the position of the lever in the 3d cockpit and in turn that is linked to the axis position, which is probably the reverse of what other sims do.
  5. No it's not. Apologies, I didn't pay close enough atention to all that you explained before. Not really but it sounds like you may want to check your F-14 special options inside DCS. The F-14 allows for some direct control of SRS with ingame PTTs, I don't care for it so I set the PTTs in special option to "Default", that way I keep "Allways allow SRS hotkeys" and "Allow DCS INCOCKPIT conttrolled PPT" both to OFF.
  6. Absolutely agree, this should be stock DCS. Still one must get around as we must. In TARGET I have a profile for each aircraft, and I can change them on the fly.
  7. +1 on the thread. Long time requested feature. Shrimp TM TARGET Script allows to set this up, doesn't the VIRPIL software allow for something similar?
  8. I use TM TARGET Script for a custom axis response dor each plane, I get two perfectly linear response zones (For Dry and Wet thrust), much better than the messy thing you get trying to make a custom curve in DCS.
  9. Absolutely agree, both with the fact that any F-16 would jump chocks and with the fact that there are much more important things to work on. Also consider the fact that chocks in DCS are probably an event implemented "on rails" with physics suspended, I supose creating an event that would deactivate the chocks when the aircraft (for all apropriate jets in DCS) was producing over a certain amount of thrust would be easy enough, but it wouldn't "jump the chocks" in a realistic manner. But do we really want/need it? When so many other core features would be more desirable?
  10. I think a lot of the issues with TX6 come from when assigning the command to a button by default the "Execute this command when all buttons are released" seems to be checked for TX6 press (for joysticks). You must uncheck it! It should only be checked for TX release commands.
  11. When using Integration with SRS when you first press the corresponding PTT if there is an AI entity on that same frequency VAICOM will inhibit SRS transition until: 1- you speak a valid AI command/ transmition. 2 - You speak the command "Swith". If there are no AI's listening it allows you to speak on SRS straight away.
  12. lxsapper

    VA crash

    I had this problem it was reported before by a few people, @Hollywood_315 tried to replicate it and wasn't able to. Bu the did give us the companion Vaicom app which relaunches VA if it closes (like a crash). Having said that I seem to not being experiencing it anymore. I changed two things I believe one of them might have been the culprit: 1 - I had three joystick devices added and being recognized by VA for push to talk purposes. I have only have one now. 2 - I reduced the joystick pooling frequency to 20X per second. It's quite low, but it works fine. 10 is a little on the low side, you can definitely tell some laggy response on PTT activation. Again I am not sure any of this was actually to blame, because I haven't tried to put the setting back to test, I was just glad VA stopped crashing and I wanted to make sure at first, but I haven't had a VA crash since.
  13. Hi just wanted to say I found a "bug" within the file. Easily fixable, at line 929 is reads "define DX78 3076" when it shoud read "define DX78 3077" this little error causes programing DX77 and DX78 to both report as DX77. 3077
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