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  1. This worked. Thanks all! I am a happy camper!
  2. after updating to the latest stable version of DCS, my radio bindings have changed. No longer sure which bindings to use for radio 1, 2 and 3. Can't get my radios to work in SRS in multiplayer. Can someone advise what bindings to use for PTT for all three radios? I have the bindings already set in SRS, but not sure what to use in the aircraft controller bindings. FYI, my Mirage 2000C works fine with SRS, but they have a very easy PTT binding in that aircrafts controller menu. Help!!!
  3. I have DCS 2.7.5, and the A10C II. I have my cockpit resolution set to the highest setting, but some of the Cockpit textures are still very blurry, like the buttons on the UpFront control panel. Any way to fix this? I also have the Mirage 2000C, and it doesn't have this problem.
  4. Ok, I had been using the wrong INS update button. When I used the Magic unlock/AG Designate/INS update button, it all worked beautifully. Thanks for the help guys. I LOVE this plane!
  5. I understand that is for corporate. How about ccip, like the training mission on ins bombing?
  6. Ok, my question is, after I do the INS update on the IP, what do I need to do so steering cues on HUD and the HSI will point me to the offset BAD (TARGET), after I pass the IP?
  7. Ok, after designating with the second method, do I need to press the validate button on PCN to have HSI point to offset BAD?
  8. I did use the Nav Update/Magic unlock button with the diamond in the HUD over the IP. However, I did not see any guidance cues in the HUD toward the offset target point, and as I said, the HSI double needle just pointed back at the IP. What cues should there be, and where would I see them? This is for the training mission with the CCIP IP mode.
  9. My HSI needle did not change at the IP point. It simply reversed and pointed back at the IP
  10. Why would RAZBAM make a training mission for INS bombing with BF1 bombs, if it won't work properly, since they are CCIP? Very confusing!
  11. I have the latest updates for DCS (2,73). I am trying to learn INS bombing. From the tutorial, and Chucks guide, it says that when approaching your IP, to put the diamond over the IP and do an INS update. I did that, and pressed the REC button on the PCN. It says that when you fly over the IP, you should then have the diamond disappear on the HUD, and get the steering wings on the FPM, to guide you to the offset waypoint. Mine does not do this. The diamond remains, and I fly over the IP, and I get no steering indications to guide me to the Offset. I followed the tutorial exactly in setting up the offset, and my DEST in the PCN is on waypoint 2. So I am either doing something wrong, or INS bombing mode is amiss. I do have the TAS, RS and PI buttons, as well as the BF1 buttons, pushed on the PCA, and my radar and radar altimeter is on. Help!
  12. :Thank you for the clarification. I assigned that feature to the V key, and it works with or without the glareshield. Very cool!
  13. 1. I saw a picture of the Mirage on the ground with a boarding ladder (on Chuck's guide). Is that available? What key brings the ladder out? 2. I saw a you tube video by the Grim Reapers on the Mirage, showing the VTB display on the glareshield on the helmet. Could not find out how to get that. He suggested lowering the sunshield and pressing V. Nothing happened. Is this available?
  14. I have pretty good internet most of the time, at 85-90MBps download speed and 10-12 MBps upload. However, every 10-20 minutes, I get disconnected for just a few seconds, and then it hooks back up. When this happens, I get timed out of the multiplayer server on DCS and have to start all over again from scratch. Very frustrating. It makes multiplayer unusable for me. I also fly P3DV4.5 flight simulator and use VPilot for that. The same short disconnection happens there, but VPilot hooks right back up with no interruption in my flight. Could DCS look into this maybe, where the server would just hook right back up without timing you out for just a short interupption?
  15. Thrustvector,thank you!!! Your suggestion worked! Now I know better how to align my nav.
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