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  1. Thanks very much, i didnt manage to get MS update to do any useful, but i ran the file DCS World\Dist\vcredistr_x64.exe and it worked after so all fine :-)
  2. Since the install of 1.5 release is about 22 GB is would like to avoid installing again to make it work. I have 1.2.5...running well and that means that my system is nicely capable, but when i run DCS_Updater update on 1.5 i get an error from DCS.EXE 0xc000007b even if the update report that all is fixed? I guess the registry entries are the same for 1.2.x and 1.5? I dont understand this problem. Its alot of work for me to reinstall cause of slow wifi connection. Anyone know what this could be?
  3. Hmm...it didnt work cause i guess the DCS_Updater now is compiled with different DLL's...i get error on MSVCR120.DLL and MSVCP120. DLL and maybe more. I've tried the 32bits version of these files in System32 but get an error. Anyone who knows which files and versions are needed except Eagle Dynamics directory? EDIT: Tried the 64bit versions of these files too...no go
  4. Allright, i'll give it a go...thanks for help...i only have 1.2.15 installed now...
  5. Thw downloader does all automatically, so am left with a clean install ready to go, but the laptop has no chance even running this sim so before i start using it i wondered if i can copy the 22 Gigs over directly to main PC and start the process there...reason it may work is if all files needed is still in the DCS World directory?
  6. Hi, Ive been away from the community for a long time now, and im wondering if i do the regular download of 1.5 it seems to be installing at the same time... I cant download to the computer im gonna run on cause wifi is too slow on it so i wonder if after i downloaded 1.5 to my laptop. can i copy installation over to the main PC and do the activations and all there and run as normal after?
  7. Good it worked out for you. Back to flying :thumbup:
  8. Yeah, I remember i had similar issues way back which appeared when i OC'ed card too much and if my card wasn't well seated in the slot , but i guess he doesnt do any OC. Lets see if he comes back with a report. Ok to know
  9. Failing VRAM when none of the other airports shows this sign?? Do a tempfiles clean. Try a DCS Repair also. Btw. looking at the picture the dark part seems to have parts which are displaying correctly, but i cant find any spots on Mozdok which has a texturecolor like that...
  10. Thanks alot Grimes! That sounds very true since i did mess with the speed to higher values a couple of times and they also tried to shortcut through impossible terrain a few times just before they gave up. I will do a few more tests to see if i get it right. Yeah, sorry i was very tired when i wrote that and of course what i really meant was "category unarmed". -
  11. I'm doing this mission which has been quite some work and i really don't want to do a unrealistic trick to make the problem i go away :-) So the thing is i need a couple of trucks to travel 42nm (yes i know nm on a truck hehe) anyway as i can see, most of the trucks in that cat show in ME that they can do 23nm (i guess on a full tank of gas). Even if encyclopedia shows probably the correct values in reallife. Maybe its too advanced for the ME to deal with a refuel along the road or something for a poor private doing his job? All vehicles i've tried stop more or less in the same area. Anyone know how to make this work? Thanks in advance!
  12. Nice that it was useful for you. I definately hate to double click the mousewheel the way it is while flying in the cases i dont use TrackIr. Anyway regarding the move to \...Saved games...mouse\, in most cases that can be done yes, but in this case i couldnt make it work right off the bat. Maybe some pathproblems i dont know and i havent really used time to figured it out either. Its just a quick and dirty change i did while a little annoyed :-) Its probably a much better way to do it and also to make it work on most planes at the same time. But thanks for the heads up :thumbup:
  13. If we only had these tools in DCS. Thanks to Krause for his knowledge and fantastic tutorial videos!
  14. I you think about it, its not much of a problem. There is the landing gear and the canopy which mostly needs a few extra pushes, but they are used once or twice on a mission and shouldnt be wasted stickbuttons for. The Mig-21Bis has this neutral position on the landing gear which is different which adds a little, but thats the way its designed so its fine for me. Things i do worry about is if there is too many actions needed to be done quickly to not mess up gameplay, but its not a problem here. Like mentioned above about shot down cause of not being able to activate countermeasures fast enough could be solved by combat checklists to uncap stuff beforehand and general planning i think. But for those who want it simpler for gameplays sake, learn the HOTAS programming, its not that hard. The sim is fantastic and the Leatherneck team has done a superjob!
  15. GriffonBR, there could be ways to save a few buttonpresses, but it's a bit cryptic and i just did a small test on it just now. Maybe others which know LUA well can do more research on this. What i did was to modify the default.lua file in : \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Input\MiG-21\keyboard In that file there is a instruction: combos={{key='G',reformers={'RShift'}}},down= device_commands.GearHandleFixator, cockpit_device_id = devices.GEARS,value_down=1.0,name='Gears Handle Lock released',category='Gears, brakes and chute'} If this instruction is modified to: {combos={{key='G',reformers={'RShift'}}},down= device_commands.GearHandleFixator,up= device_commands.GearLever,cockpit_device_id= devices.GEARS,value_down=1.0,value_up=1.0,name= 'Gears Handle Lock released + Gear Up',category='Gears, brakes and chute'} What happens in game is that when you press RShift + G, the lock will open and the gears will retract automatically. So less buttonpressing while doing a takeoff. Kind of a macro. The safety lock can't be operated now alone, but thats another matter...It's easy to mess up the files with this so do backups before editing. Attached is how it will look in Controls page and a sample default.lua for this spesific function. Backup original file and try the attached one. While in cockpit, view the gearlevel panel while pressing RShift + G. This functionality is of course also possible using external software included with the HOTAS, but if this is not acceptable or not possible, then the above is another way. Again, make sure to backup the original default.lua in that directory first! To go back, copy back the original file. - default.lua
  16. Just started flying DCS again after ages away. Installed Mig-21 module, but most flightsim equipment incl. TrackIr is still packed away so i start out with a simple Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick (very good btw for the prize), keyboard and mouse. I wanted a quick and dirty mod of the "Mouse cursor cockpit mode" mapping since my wheelbutton is hard to activate and doubleclick speed too fast. So i came up with this combo of: LShift + LAlt + C or SINGLE click toggle on mouse wheel button (MOUSE_BTN3) NOTE: This is only for the Mig-21 module and this also maps out the "Camera transpose mode (press and hold)" function in case you already use it... To do this: Make a backup or rename default.lua in the following directory: \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Input\MiG-21\mouse and try the attached default.lua instead if you need this option. - default.zip
  17. Ok, thanks for the info! Btw. do you know if current 1.2.6 version is pretty stable in SP? Haven't had time to do DCS for a while.
  18. I was wondering if the MI-8MTV2 was released as 1.2.5? If so anyone who know if its possible to get that exe now? I know i can downgrade, but i would have liked to have the file if its possible.
  19. Great work there. Much more useful now. I have 2 old TM F-16 FLCS sticks still on my shelf. Unfortunately i lack the throttles. Do you think if its possible to get some life into these sticks? They are good sticks, but i guess i would have to have some interface board to make them USB. I know about those Gameport to USB adapters, but many say they're not that good.
  20. Thanks very much for the info!
  21. I was wondering about how variables are treated in DCS when it comes to their scope or accessibility. Let say i have 2 or more triggerzones. In the first if i set a variable (global?) using LUA PREDICATE. Can i then access that variable and its current value in the next trigger also using the LUA PREDICATE? If not is there any oither way to deal with situation? I want to get the groupname from any group entering certain triggers and transfer the names so i can use them in a last trigger.
  22. Yes some good points there. It seems like the only possible way would be with some of the lua functions like "dofile" to load the chunk then a manual run/excute or something. Its just that the PREDICATE field is so small to get a good look at the code. Guess its meant just for small snippets.
  23. D*mn it was just the ONCE which had to be changed to CONTINOUS and it works now. Pretty obvious too actually. While your here St3v3f could i ask is it possible to use a file for the code instead for easier editing especially to read the text. As i understand it can be done for ACTIONS at least. EDIT: About inactive units/groups. There is a function getByName for units too which handle access to non-activated units too. Is that what you had in mind in the earlier post? Wonder if i can make a function which detects any unit getting into the zone and grab its name then use it in similar way so its going to be kind of universal for that FARP? -
  24. I have pasted the following into the LUA PREDICATE field: local group = 'HGrp1' --Enter the groupname from the ME here group = Group.getByName(group) if group ~= nil then group = group:getUnits()[1] if group:inAir() then return false else return true end else --If Group does not exist return true end return false My group is called 'HGrp1' and unit is called 'Pilot1' and its just one unit in the group. I have just that LUA PREDICATE line as a condition and in action i have a MESSAGE TO ALL. The triggerzone is a ONCE with no EVENT. I get error something about that it cant be nil in the inAir(...) will try more later though.
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