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  1. worst news ever....not only that its delayed, i was assuming that anyway,...but charging people for AI units is really the worst decision ever... how should that work online? how is a server supposed to host ww2 missions? people who have the map but dont have the units, could not join...worst news ever:bomb:
  2. ah i meant, pre-order and his trailer go hand in hand.
  3. well, your trailers always have been incredibly nice...but tbh, thats the least im interested in, when its about normandy now....pre-order button, that what counts now if we consider the date, and their aimed release of Q1...but probably both go hand in hand, so yeah, im looking forward to it! ;)
  4. yes, stonehouse, its exactly this mod. dont know what you mean with markers though?
  5. this thread really needs the attention of ED, and not only BST. just tried this with the 109, and flying under a bridge will cause the same yaw effect like shown in the vid with the P51. and why yaw at all? thats something which makes me even more convinced that there is something seriously flawed with the rudder and yaw effects in dcs. also not too reassuring that its users who find that bug, which is probably existent for a couple of years. wonder how many other such flaws are deeply hidden in the FM.
  6. yeah we need every single one of you guys...i think most people we had online was 20 so far...but we have yet to see when we are starting to push the limits with this machine...hopefully we reach better numbers before we have to "return" the server.
  7. and one more lighting looks really nice...clouds not so much,...i hope they will surprise us with stunning ones one day.
  8. hey xcom! thanks again very much for the script!works perfectly, and even better than all other scripts before, as now people cant even occupy the slots without spawning.
  9. player export enabled, let us know whether your massage seat is working. :)
  10. awesome find! i never wondered, but now watching that video, it explains quite a couple of mid air collisions with my buddies during the years.... unfortunately i cant rep you for this.
  11. exactly! and this thing performs where others think they can.
  12. yes, please join us the next few days, as the more people are joining, the better we know whether our possible future investment will make sense....this is a pure stress test server, which we currently dont own, but if it proves capable of our expectations, we plan to invest in the very same machine to host a 24/7 ww2 server... one tiny request towards the ED moderators...please, dont move this thread just yet. im sure this section gets more attention than the multiplayer section does, especially when its about focused ww2 content...we would like to really see the limitations of the server and therefore it will be necessary to have as many people online as possible, to see whether this will be a worthwile investment in future...thx
  13. wont these patents run out at some point? honestly, since having a sidewinder, i cant imagine flying without ffb anymore, even if there are tempting stick(s) on the horizon....even if the sidewinder is not as precise as other non ffb sticks, the feeling if it is unbeatable imo. here is still hoping that one day a new quality ffb stick will be released.
  14. well once the price drop reaches the alps as well, it might become interesting for me. :)
  15. ja eigentlich dürfte damit nicht die 262 gemeint sein...vorallem weil zumindest google translator den satz mit "wahrscheinlich" übersetzt, und die 262 ja schon bestätigt ist, und wie bei ram506, auch unter meinen produkt keys bereits steht...
  16. sorry, but this is not a bug for the 109 bug section, but a bug for the AI bug section which doesnt even exist...i told you more or less as an friendly advice, that this affects all AI aircraft, thats all...suggesting that im lurking on the 109 bug forums to remark other bugs which dont belong to it, and calling my advice crazy, is a not so friendly insult.
  17. a fancy trailer, is very often edited..take for example the spitfire trailer, with the black&white historical look footage... there is an ingame tool, i think its called record AVI, where you can record every single frame smoothly, and the result is a perfectly running trailer without a single stutter, which doesnt necessarily represent what it would be like when you are actually playing the sim. i think it was GA who gave some recording tips a couple of years ago in a very informative thread... furthermore, a trailer obviously is not trying to show potential problems/glitches etc, but rather showing the best of the best, in likely quickly paced action scenes, which do look awesome, and are aimed to hype the mood of the beholder. its advertisment. while a live stream definitely is advertisment as well, its a more "honest" way of it. its definitely more informative, as a livestream is not cut down to 2minutes, consisting of a row of several clips lasting a few seconds, but is 1big clip uncut, also showing "the bad and the ugly". we already saw a "Normandy" trailer, with the actual spitfire trailer. and while im sure that the real normandy trailer will reveal some new stuff, im sure we all know way more about the map once we saw the livestream. yes we will get both, and thats cool, but all of the above is why i personally am more looking forward to the livestream than the upcoming trailer which im sure will be awesome as well, but nevertheless it will be a trailer. maybe you indeed learned something from my post.
  18. Well if we dont see the pre purchase button by this friday, then i think the release will be delayed considering that pre purchase usually starts a month prior to release... Personally i would prefer to see the livestream and see how its really looking and also running performance wise than to watch a fancy trailer... Nevertheless it seems its getting closer and two weeks could acutally mean something soon
  19. same for all ai aircraft, nothing 109 specific.
  20. horrible? it looks perfectly fine, if it was a gopro video :) seriously, its beta and im 100% this will be fixed soon.
  21. yeah banning teamwork thats the solution, but i guess its ok if you guys are on the official burning skies ts server? if you discuss banning people who fly in teams, then why dont make a duel server, if you are so keen to look for the individual skill? and by your logic, banning teamwork is supposed to attract new players? interesting stuff...:doh:
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