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  1. Then people without crazy strong graphics cards would get unplayable FPS though
  2. I think I was a little wrong, not only folder names must be swapped, also some name content in a file in those folders, correct?
  3. Wow very interesting, thanks guys! So now the only question remains is whether AIM-120B's proximity fuze would detonate the warhead if it passes very closely to a cloud of chaff.
  4. Doppler shift shouldn't be detectable though if most radar waves are redirected by the loads of chaff that is "blocking" the LOS to the target, or?
  5. in \DCSWorld\Bazar\Liveries\tornado ids, these two folder names must be swapped with each other to make the liveries appear correctly: jagdbombergeschwader 31 `boelcke` norvenich ab luftwaffe marinefliegergeschwader 2 eggebek ab marineflieger Source: DCS veteran @QuiGon and me, in ED Discord chat: https://discord.com/channels/542985647502393346/545553698793979915/972566308380090368
  6. if the chaff "stopped" ? An old SA2 system has a feature that would not make it explode when it gets very close to chaff, you're saying?
  7. Open ME, select "create & modify templates", select "russia", then click on that really innocent- and strange looking round button to the right of it, bam..... template instantly gone, just like that... And the templates only return when you run "dcs_updater.exe repair" command in powershell. "create & modify templates": after that, click this: entry instantly deleted without any warning, also not even some "delete currently selected template" context-menu appears when hovering mouse over that button!
  8. Shouldn't ED also finally add the realistic logic that as soon as a radar-missile gets super close to chaff, that that finally causes the missile's fuze to explode? I've been waiting for it since years now!
  9. Wouldn't the cheating aspect be resolved by releasing the tacview delayed by a week for example? And hopefully ED is aware of the load issue.
  10. And that's exactly why mission designers should add 2 supercarriers per carrier-group! One exclusively for those Hornet-dudes, and one for every aircraft, priority being barricade net landings for anyone who activates it (from F10 menu hopefully). Can't any aircraft be repaired on the supercarrier currently? I thought I remember that working
  11. IS rarely used irl, but WILL likely be massively used in DCS PvP servers for any non-carrier aircraft that want to rearm/repair on the carrier, or load/unload CTLD objects from carrier
  12. Is the server Tacview available anywhere? There was a super strange kill earlier that I want to check on. Thanks.
  13. Wow, still no mention of barricade net development progress, aaaargh (we even already suggested what the best implementation would be!!! Take a look ED!! [especially at my posts in this thread] ) Hoping for barricade net progress report in next ED progress report
  14. Since ED has neither commented on this UI bug after all these months nor fixed it, here the short guide for workaround: Launch DCS Open Mission Editor (ME) Select the terrain that your intended server (that you wish to join) is currently running (check in serverbrowser to be sure). After you loaded the terrain in ME, it remains in your PC's RAM if you close ME, now you can join the server without risk of the GUI awkwardly corrupting. Enjoy!
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