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  1. Please adjust the scrolling speed so that when scrolling mousewheel very fast, that the map zooms in or out very fast aswell. Currently it takes a whopping ~20 mousewheel turns to go from fully zoomed in map to fully zoomed out, when scrolling the mousewheel at very high speed.
  2. It's set to scale. And I believe as soon as I blacked out it kept inputting the exceed limit into the flight-model although I had released the key as soon as I blacked out. But Galinette wrote in Discord "g limiter is being readjusted with the fm and FBW. It’s likely already solved internally."
  3. nevermind, doesn't matter if zooming in or out.
  4. And again. Start DCS, join server, bug occurs. Another .trk file here. https://ufile.io/el0vqlug Information: Bug occurs as soon as you zoom out on F10 map.
  5. even after 20 minutes of flying straight line, the timer is jumping down by ~5 seconds every second. EDR.trk
  6. What exactly justifies a massive 40$ pricetag (discount-price even!!) about a non-flyable non-terrain module that still lacks all of these 5 features that are "planned features" since more than 2 years now? ready room air boss station rendered hangar deck Deck crew that move to avoid collisions with aircraft emergency barrier net/barricade net [if it'd be up to me, to be requestable to an Ai-carrier by F10 radio menu initially.] (source https://forum.dcs.world/topic/228851-supercarrier-faq/#comment-4217842) And doesn't it make sense to prioritize the barricade net over all other items since the barricade net is going to be a feature that massively increases action, realism and fun on multiplayer servers and thus bring people together even better? (which is what multiplayer, and imo also DCS in general, is all about) Finally, I kindly ask you, ED, 1. to offer the Early Access Supercarrier module for a more reasonable Early Access price (let's say 20$ during discounts?) 2. to focus on finally running another multiplayer mass-test again (last one was 3.5 years ago) and based on that an increased cooperation with the multiplayer community/virtual squadrons, reach out to them to cooperate in hosting mass-scale multiplayer-events/campaigns 3. to start bringing the 27-operator-countries F-16 Viper finally out of Early Access (Data Transfer Cartridge to finally save countermeasure profiles across OpenBeta patches, after over 3 years of never-ending obligatory fiddling with CMDS_ALE47.lua file. Custom countermeasure profiles really are essential for realism!) and please add one livery of all those 27 countries (including former ones) into DCS so all (or 95% or so) F-16 players can proudly represent their country in multiplayer. Thank you for this flight- and ground-combat simulation, which brings many people together for so many years now.
  7. Dear 104th team, can you please host an event again? The past events were really really fun and I'm sure many of us veterans miss 'em. You guys have the amazing event-expertise that many other squadrons lack.
  8. Maybe it's best to lock this tournament thread, now that this tournament happened 2 years ago?
  9. All module settings are fully wiped every single time you login with a different DCS account. F-86F (the "Landing seat adjustment" for example), all AV-8B settings, Mi-8 settings and all Mi-24 settings are all fully affected.
  10. See the 11G pulls near end of trackfile. I didn't press Exceed Elastic Limit during that time. Maybe related to the black-out before? 11GnoExceed Elastic Limit.trk
  11. Since original thread locked and bug still occurs after many weeks (SEAD being an essential part of DCS), I managed to still reproduce. HARMnotDamagingRolandSearchRadar.trk https://forum.dcs.world/topic/283499-harm-agm88-0-damage-direct-hit/page/2/#comment-4980918
  12. That was one of the least important reasons actually... xD Cost of others?? Hell no! Every hardcore DCS player is happy about anything that adds more realism and immersion!
  13. Of course I know. But on hardcore servers it's best when you know that your VR-opponent didn't hide his stick to have some system advantage over you when you yourself didn't hide the stick.
  14. Please add such an option so that us hardcore VR pilots can be forced into more realism in aircraft-cockpits on realistic PvP scenario servers. Hiding stick ruins immersion for VR users, and us VR users then can be even prouder when we shoot down TrackIR/no-head-control-at-all pilots.
  15. D4n


    Did Aerges require Dassault Aviation's permission to model/publish the Mirage F1 by the way?
  16. D4n


    Is Aerges based in Spain or in which country?
  17. Well it could mean that ED will focus heavily on completing Apache before we're getting our years-long awaited DTC/them resting on the Viper not being sold as "early access" anymore... And it would be awesome if a livery-reference could be saved in the DTC aswell, so that each DCS player doesn't have to manually select their country's (realistlic) F-16 livery everytime they spawn on a multiplayer server, and that we're seeing some kind of international F-16 "fly-in" on all multiplayer servers after so many years of waiting, instead of basically every single F-16 pilot that you see flying near you being the same (still non-randomized!) "Gamblers" livery...
  18. Data Cartridge removed, what the heck??? Didn't ED, after all these dozens of months finally realize what an incredible hustle it is to edit the CMS-file after every single (openbeta) patch to have PvP-worthy useful chaff and flare control??? [hint to all players: 1 button press button A - 1 chaff, 1 button press button B - 1 flare. Thank me later] Wow...
  19. What's the status on the random five module give-aways, @BIGNEWY?
  20. DCS customers dynamic PvP-servers cooperation poll
  21. concluded by who, where, source?
  22. Oh, so there was or is no multiplayer bug currently where only player names can be seen in the chart but nothing else? Should be made more obvious, like a notification there "scores disabled by server host".
  23. Oh, and what about score-chart. Then server owners would also need a way to disable any player-name and aircraft to show up there.
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