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  1. That was it...cover had to be open to disconnect via hotas keybind...THANKS
  2. Drag chute disconnect key bind doesn't work...cockpit button seems the only way to disconnect it, can someone verify this please?
  3. tail lock animation missing for hotas input...I'll explain... When pressing the lock tailwheel assigned inputs on hotas there isn't any animation although the selection is being reported on the front panel...if I use a mouse click it animates as it should showing a depress on the button itself....when I press the button bind on hotas no animation yet the tail locks /unlocks.
  4. ok...removed mods(optimized apache and hind cockpit mod, can't remember the author...I needed them to get decent FPS and also tree mod(this was aesthetic only) . Removed fxo and metashaders from saved game folder, and did repair. Will re-fly missions today to see if problem still exists.
  5. not sure which one shows which issue(there were 2 problems one after another)...one crash, and one where the tads and ihads went blank/flickerd dcs.log dcs.log.old dcs.log-20220525-144814.zip
  6. SPOKE TOO SOON...LOST TAD AND IHADS VIDEO. They went blank/flickered, Its an 8 mb file So can't send track file.
  7. second attempt on same mission was all ok...
  8. first mission with new patch...instant action live fire range mission on Caucasus DCS stopped working. Crash log sent.
  9. I agree...seeing the same thing...I say give us a patch with the old FM and new auto pilot combined...if that's possible
  10. I have seen this as well... ,if I look left or right of the cockpit the image returns. It seems to be the same behavior we had before with the mirrors blacking out the pits on aircraft...or looking at a certain point on the horizon, except its the flir/Ihads that's blanking out.
  11. Does this mean we should be trying to match the green with our inputs?
  12. I was wondering the same thing??? Why no explanation regarding the change?
  13. Well I guess now we know HOW they can improve the FM in regards to the "twitchyness"...fix the trim method to stop the "trim jump" for a start. Although in all fairness I have no idea HOW they would do it.
  14. IMO its the same issue as with the Hind...the first rendition was too twitchy for the average worn out user's HOTAS...the FM is too tight and unforgiving for most average setups...it needs a "forgiving" tweak same as the hind. Multiplayer will be even worse in this case due to obvious reasons. A little less twitchyness would make it enjoyable as opposed to a frustrating experience(I say this as someone who flies all helo's in DCS and not as a beginner) the beginner will struggle needlessly and be "put off" IMO. Not everyone, but I believe a lot will be. With that said its all dependent on type and quality of HOTAS .
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