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  1. Sad news, my condolences to his family. Da Svedanya Igor:(
  2. Thanks for this! Glad to see a pic of how these fit in an Ozone, nice to know I won't be disappointed in how they fit in the monitor stand when my pedals arrive soon.
  3. Didn't check the forums until now, sorry for the late reply. Appreciate the response! I have the Ozone version and I think the monitor stand for it might have a narrower base than the Revolution, but I'll need to confirm that. But if the MFGs will fit the Ozone just fine with those adapter pedals, then I'll definitely pick up a set. I'll have to see if Milan has some dimensions of the pedals with the adapters mounted on his site and compare them with my Ozone's monitor stand.
  4. Really glad you made this comment, I've been shopping around for a new set of pedals because my saitek combat pedals are too big for my obutto cockpit and I can't get full travel with them. Was looking at the MFGs and wondering on whether they would fit, guess I know the answer to that now. Here's hoping TM produces some quality pedals and that they are more compact.
  5. Can I borrow yours, the ring I bought from LN must be defective. It came with a note to decode from Rudel saying "Pwn j00 n00b! Eleventyone! ROFLCOPTER!". Can't even decode that message with the ring, thinking of sending it back for a replacement.
  6. This is probably going to be a stupid question. But does this mean that like rudder/takeoff assistance, it'll add an ability to trim rudder and aileron in flight when it isn't found on the original aircraft? Or does it mean that before flight you can tweak the adjustment tabs like the ground crews did to make it trimmed the way you want?
  7. Great to hear hegykc. You can definitely put me down for a WWII 109/190 stick, especially if flipping the firing button cover on the real grip can be programmed to flip it up on the sim. I will definitely be buying multiple grips for my favorites as the funds become available, though I guess the F-18 grip is going to be the initial one produced at the beginning since that's likely to be the most popular. I'm also eyeballing that ejection handle and trying to figure out how I'll attach it to an Obutto seat.
  8. Hmmm, with one of the unannounced being possibly more complex than the F-14 systems and having a manual with that many pages, sounds like we are looking at a plane that is newer than the F-14.
  9. Not sure why we needed a new thread for this, but I guess the old one was getting long in the tooth. Breakthroughs as in coding something new for DCS, he didn't say that examples like ground radar applied to both projects or that this tech means equipment in the aircraft. Programming a carrier capable WWII aircraft would be a new tech breakthrough for DCS because nobody has done it yet. Cobra also made a statement that only one of the aircraft in production is modern, so the theory that both are modern aircraft doesn't hold up to Cobra's own comments. While it is always possible that things changed behind the scenes and that some other project jumped ahead, Cobra hasn't said anything about that happening so that would just be speculation on our part. All we know for sure currently is that he stated one was modern.
  10. I'm guessing they just haven't animated everything yet, as it doesn't look like control surfaces are moving in any of the shots.
  11. Thanks for posting this.:clap: Found one comment definitely interesting, how he said the Dora was better for turn fighting than the 109. I thought the 109 had better turn rate than the Dora? Or did he mean that the Dora had lighter stick forces so that made it better for turn fighting because you didn't have to throw your strength into the controls?
  12. Most likely it means they are waiting on ED to create the air-to-ground radar coding for the F-18, since the F-15E and (pretty sure) A-7 would need this. Which still means waiting on 2.0 regardless.
  13. You are correct, my mistake. It was just an example of why we needed to know a more exact date range target. The whole of 1944 to 1945 is a pretty big window. Granted I happen to really like the Tigers, especially Tiger I. Blame the book "Tiger Tracks" for that :smilewink: Definitely, I think ED would just limit themselves to the more common and well known items in the short term. We seem to have talented modders and artists in DCS, I'm sure some will add to the variety themselves.
  14. This is a really great sign. Not necessarily that the map terrain is being worked on, but at least it appears they are prepping to start making models for the map. Does Chizh have a specific cut off point for 1944? Because what point in 1944 could determine what units. For example IIRC the King Tigers were starting to be fielded in September of 1944 and beyond, but anything prior and you're looking at Tiger I.
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