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  1. Hi, Could anyone please point me to a guide to updating to 2.5 stable from 1.5 stable? I just want to know if I can make a new folder with any name anywhere on the drive DCS is on and get the updater to save a copy of 1.5 there, when I select to keep a copy of 1.5. Also do I delete the options.lua file in 1.5 then update or do the update then delete it from 2.5? Thanks, oztripwire
  2. Updating to version 2.5 Hi, I just have a few questions about updating to DCS World 2.5. Do I just delete the Saved Games/DCS/Config/options.lua file in my current 1.5 stable version before I update to 2.5 Stable then do the update? Also when updating do I just make a new folder anywhere on the same Hard Drive and have the updater keep my current 1.5 there? Does this folder have to be in a certain place? Thanks, oztripwire
  3. DLC campaign missions as single missions Hi Dzen, Thanks for the info, but I have run into a problem trying toload up the campaign missions in the Mission section as single missions. Ifyou could tell me what I am doing wrong I would appreciate the help. I did whatyou recommended but can’t see my bought DLC campaigns under the campaignssection after I click ‘Mission’ in the main menu, just defaults and some freeones I installed. They run fine through the Campaign section of the main menubut I can’t find them under the Mission part to do as single missions. I clickMissions then UH1H for example then campaign and I see the default UN Pilotcampaign missions but not the Argo Campaign I bought and installed andactivated. It shows up in the Module Manager as being installed but I can’tfind it in the Missions section. What am I doing wrong? I appreciate the help. oztripwire Screen1 sing mis.doc
  4. Playing DCS DLC campaigns as single missions Hi, Thanks for the replies and sorry to take so long in answering. I asked because I thought that the DCS campaigns I previously bought like the Republic Campaign for the Ka50 had to be done in order and the preceding mission repeated if a mission is failed. I thought they couldn't be taken into the Mission Editor to do a mission in any order. Is it possible to play old DLC campaigns like the Republic Campaign as single missions in any order and if so how do I do this? I couldn't find a way. Good to hear that I can do missions of campaigns like the Oilfield Campaign in any order though, I might buy a few more campaigns. Thanks. oztripwire
  5. Hi, Could anyone please tell me if the Mi8 Oilfield campaign (and others like the Argo campaign for the Huey and High Stakes for P51) are structured so you have to fly the preceding mission again if the current mission is failed? Thanks. OZTRIPWIRE
  6. Hi, I have several questions about my Natural Point Track IR software. When updating the software from the official Track IR site my AntiVirus detected a potential virus (I believe it may have been a false detection) in the following ‘exe’ file – ‘vcredist_msvc2013_x86.exe’ from the following path- ‘C:Users/MyName/AppData/Local/Temp/{D10ED0A0-D2FD-427E-895A-4CB8A33E484B}/{366BE803-9442-489D-8D96-D8271A1C87DD}’ and sent it to the Virus Vault. Can anyone please confirm for me that this is part of the Track IR installation and not something else on my PC? I have attached a screenshot of the folder it was in below, which shows other files that seem to be for the Track IR drivers etc, but I unsure of some of the others. I messed up the installation anyway by not running the update file as an administrator so Track IR doesn’t work anyway so can anyone please tell me if I can just uninstall Track IR and the Natural Point USB Drivers in the ‘Programs and Features’ section and then reinstall them? Would this cause problems given this ‘vcredist_msvc2013_x86.exe’ file is in the Virus Vault, and would this work? Thanks for any help, OZTRIPWIRE Jan 15 2017 screenshot of folder contents for ED post.doc
  7. Hi jocko417, Thanks for that, I set up the skins there and they work fine so far. I appreciate the help. OZTRIPWIRE
  8. Hi, I went to set up some Spitfire skins from snowsniper and went to put them into the 'DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\SpitfireLFMkIX' folder but there was no Spitfire folder in the above 'Liveries' folder. Is this normal, or is this a glitch in my setup? If normal, am I meant to create a 'SpitfireLFMkIX' folder in the above path? I can attach a screenshot if necessary. Thanks for any help, OZTRIPWIRE
  9. Thanks, deactivating mods fixed the problem Hi, Thanks for the replies, I turned off my Huey mods in JSGME and this fixed the problem. I appreciate the help. oztripwire
  10. Hi, I just downloaded a few missions from the DCS site and from this forum for the Huey and ran them and since then I can't get the sim to respond to my HOTAS/keyboard inputs. I can move the mouse on screen but that's it. If I move my joystick for example I get no response. Nothing moves on the Controls Indicator either. I can't even click the escape key to exit, I have to use the Task Manager.I haven't done much of downloading user missions and just put them into a custom folder on my hard drive (separate from DCS World) and loaded them up in DCS through browsing the hard drive in the Mission Editor. Was this a mistake? I tried other aircraft and they seem fine but I still have this problem with the Huey even though I tried turning my PC off and on again. Just played the Huey recently with no problems at all before this. I have just upgraded DCS also yesterday but don't think that is the cause but it could be. Could anyone please give me some advice on how to try to fix this and what I did wrong? Thanks, oztripwire
  11. Would I need to add/alter script in my Helios files with Voice Attack? Hi, I am very interested in purchasing Viacom 2 for Voice Attack but first was wondering if I would need to alter my Helios setup files at all (which include A10C, Ka50 etc) when installing it, as apparently needed for programs like TAC View? I understand TAC View needs extra script added into certain files when setting up Helios. Would I need to change anything with my Helios setup if I install Viacom 2 for Voice Attack and is the setup/use complicated? Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  12. Hi, I have never downloaded custom skins before and there are some Dora skins on the DCS site that I am interested in downloading but they don’t say anything about being compatible with DCS World 1.5/2. Could anyone please tell me if all custom skins should be compatible with 1.5/2 and work properly, and, if not, how do I know which ones will be compatible? At least some were done well before the release of DCS World 1.5. Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  13. Occulting gun reticule Hi Dafiew and Jafferson, Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated. :) OZTRIPWIRE
  14. Hi, I am just wondering if the A10C has an option to have a custom set markpoint on the HUD to show up on it even when the A10C gun reticule is over it? I looked through the manual and couldn't find this option but wanted to ask here also. I want to be able to, if possible, do a gun run without the markpoint disappearing when the gun reticule goes over it. Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  15. Please disregard this post, I have sorted out my problem and have the MFDs displaying again. Hi, Since the last update I have noticed that my A10C MFDs have gone blank on my touchscreen, which is running the Loz Helios profile which I set up following the guide by DerekM. It has run for several years with no problems and had no issues with this after the first public release for 1.5 but only after the 1.5.2 update. I made sure I disabled my modded files for my touchscreen in JSGME first and then updated DCS. I still have to confirm if it affects my RWR etc but want to check if anyone else has this problem or if it is just me. The only other thing I did was to install in JSGME the Huey, P51D and Dora engine sounds by Diveplane for 1.5 (After updating to 1.5.2) and wouldn’t think that this would cause the problem as I still had no MFDs after disabling those sound mods in JSGME. Could anyone please tell me if there has been any changes in the last update that could cause these problems or if this type of problem could be somehow caused by my sound mods that I installed? Those mods did alter a 'sound.lua' file, as well as other files. I run a PC that should handle DCS 1.5 /2 well, with an Asus GTX970 4GB GPU, 16GB RAM and an i7 processor so don’t think that it would be caused by insufficient power from my PC. Could anyone please give me any advice that could help me to fix this problem?I gave the Schkval viewport in my Ka50 Helios profile by Cap Zeen a quick check and it was not blank, if that helps. Also, I backed up my entire DCS World root folder before installing the mods, so I have that if I need it. Any advice is very much appreciated, OZTRIPWIRE
  16. Hi, I am interested in setting up the Mi8 Helios profile by Cap Zeen but have read that different ‘default.lua’ and ‘Export.lua’ files are required for DCS World 1.2.16 and 1.5. Is it just a matter of overwriting these two files with the ones for 1.5 to ‘upgrade’ Helios profiles from 1.2.16 to 1.5 or is there other things that are required? I want to set up the Mi8 Helios profile now but if it is a complicated process to upgrade might wait for DCS World 1.5 to be out in the ‘main’ release form first. Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  17. Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my PC’s GPU and RAM from a GTX660Ti and 8GB RAM to an ASUS 4GB GTX 970 and 16GB RAM, because of the new DCS products coming out soon. I also may need a new PSU if my current one is not powerful enough to run that new GPU. I am obviously planning to use the same PC but plan to upgrade these components. Could anyone please tell me what I have to do in regards to DCS etc to avoid problems with this upgrade, in any way including deactivations and reactivations? I use a Helios touchscreen setup also, if that is also a factor. Do I have to deactivate/reactivate my modules/campaigns if I am changing to a more powerful GPU and adding more RAM and maybe a new PSU, when I added a new soundcard a while ago? I read Sobek’s post in which he said the following, ‘ If StarForce detects changes to your computer hardware/software as described below, an activation will be required. An activation will be required if the hardware/software changes exceed 12 points as rated below: CPU ID: 13 Windows PID: 3 Computer Name: 3 Hard drive volume serial number: 3 MAC address: 6 RAM amount: 6 I couldn’t see a GPU, sound card or PSU on the above list, so does this mean I can change to a more powerful GPU and add more RAM and if necessary a new PSU without having to deactivate and reactivate my modules? If I do need to deactivate/reactivate DCS products then is all I need to do is to go into the ‘DCS World\Mods\aircraft\<module name>\bin’ and run protect.exe and deactivate that way? Then, after upgrading, I reactivate by doing the same procedure as when I first installed the modules. Is this all there is to this process? I also believe I need to uninstall the old GPU drivers before installing the ones for the new card. Is there anything else that I need to do to avoid problems with DCS etc with a PC upgrade like mentioned above? I really would appreciate any help with this, OZTRIPWIRE
  18. Will my PC run EDGE/new maps/aircraft? Hi, Thanks for your help. My current CPU is an Intel Core i7-4770 CPU and my OS is Windows 7 64bit. I currently use DirectX9 but believe that I can upgrade to DirectX11 with my card. That is all I meant by saying I am setup with DirectX9, it is just what I am currently using. As you advised me to I will look into downloading the 1.5 beta. Is there a guide on how to download it? I couldn’t find one. Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  19. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong area as I was not sure where to put it. I haven’t yet upgraded to DCS World 1.5 even though I am keen to and have some questions about it and future DCS maps/aircraft. My PC has 8Gb of RAM and a GTX 660TI 2GB graphics card and currently is set up with DirectX9. I have read on the DCS site that the NEVADA map and the Albatros and Mirage 2000C all have recommended specs higher than what my PC has. I hope to download DCS World 1.5 and purchase the NEVADA map and Mirage 2000C along with other aircraft and maps and was wondering if, now that DCS World 1.5 has been in open beta for a short while, my PC will be able to run the new EDGE engine and future maps/aircraft well or if I will need to upgrade my graphics card and RAM and from DirectX9 to Direct X11? I ask this as I read on the forum that the specs required to properly run EDGE won’t be fully known until it has been played by diverse PC types in the Open Beta. Also I had better mention that I want DCS to run well on good to high settings and with the highest settings of model visibility for seeing aircraft and ground units at maximum visibility. Also, I have seen that some people have had problems with their multi-monitor setups when setting up DCS World 1.5. Will this probably be improved over the coming months if I was to wait a while before downloading it? Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  20. No engine power or clickable cockpit Hi uboats, Thanks again for your help and sorry to take so long to answer. You recommended I also change the name of the 'Saved Games/DCS/Config/Input/Mig-21bis' folder to try to get my Mig21 engines and cockpit buttons etc to work properly. Do I do this before deleting the ‘mods/aircraft/mig-21bis’ folder and doing the repair or after? Also, does it matter what I change it to? Can I just add a ‘1’ after the current name and change it to ‘MiG-21Bis1’? Also, will doing a repair affect my modded files? I didn’t think it would but thought I had better check. Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  21. Deleting Mig21 folder and doing repair Hi uboats, Thanks for your reply. This may seem like a stupid question, but I just want to confirm which complete Mig21Bis folder I delete before doing a repair to fix my problems with no engine power and unclickable cockpit? Is it ‘DCS World-Mods-aircraft-Mig-21BIS’? Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
  22. Hi, I have several problems with my Mig21Bis module which I have had for quite a while that I am wondering if anybody can help me with. I never used to have these problems but now do. Firstly, the engine gives me no power. The aircraft just flies into the ground, even though I give it full throttle and I am obviously not steering the plane towards the ground. It does this every mission right at the beginning. When trying to take-off I get enough power to start moving but then (and I have tried to gradually increase throttle) the engine doesn’t give me enough power to take-off, I just roll off the end of the runway even though I have given the aircraft full throttle and am pulling back on the cyclic. I have posted a track to show this. Also I can’t click anything in the cockpit, nothing happens when I click anything. On the ‘home page’ of DCS World the Mig 21bis shows up as still being on 1.2.10 instead of the rest of my modules which are on 1.2.16. What can I do to fix these problems? These are my specs- Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @3.40GHz LGA 1150, 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 64 bit operating system, Leadtek GTX 660TI PCI-E 2GB 192-bit DDR5 graphics card, Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 4xDDR3 motherboard. My sound card is a 256MB RAM 3-core MDX Intel ® Display Audio, NVIDIA High Definition Audio and Realtek High Definition Audio. Thanks for any help, OZTRIPWIRE Mig 21Bis no engine power or clickable cockpit.trk
  23. 'Cap_Zeen_NIGHT' folders in images section of P51D/Su25T/F15C downloads Hi, I have been working on my Helios setup for Cap Zeen's profiles and have a question. I have downloaded the P51D/F15C/Ka50/Ka50 NIGHT/Su25T Helios packages (I already have Cap Loz' A-10C profile on my PC) from Cap Zeen's site and have copied and pasted the profiles into the Helios Profile Editor and went to copy the images into Helios/Images but have another issue. I found what I presume to be the main images folders but am confused about the folders called, 'Cap_Zeen_NIGHT' that were also in the F15C/P51D/Su25T images section (as well as in the 'Ka50 NIGHT OPERATIONS' package of course). There were 'Airport charts' and 'Area map' folders in these 'Cap_Zeen_NIGHT' folders and I am not sure what to do with them. Do I copy the 'Cap_Zeen_NIGHT' folders that are in each of the F15C/Su25T/P51D packages into User/My Documents/Helios/Images, merging the 'Cap_Zeen_NIGHT' folders each time with the pre-existing ones and overwriting any files with the same names? I take it that they put the 'Cap_Zeen_NIGHT' folder in the F15C/Su25T/P51D packages for a reason but given the name I am not sure what I should do. :helpsmilie: Thanks for any help, OZTRIPWIRE
  24. Still have crosses on screen in Helios Profile Editor Hi MadDog-IC, Thanks very much for the reply. I have copied the Ka50 1920*1080 images into the User/My Documents/Helios/Images folder and have overwritten the files already in that folder that had the same names. I merged the folders that shared the same names as well. I thought that doing this would get rid of the crosses all over the screen when I load the Cap Zeen Ka50 Helios profile in the Profile Editor but it did not. (I attached an attachment showing what the screen still looks like). I read that the screen had these crosses all over it because the images were not in the My Documents/Helios/images folder properly, but I just copied them in there and the crosses still show up. Can anyone please tell me what I have done wrong and how to get rid of the crosses and get the screen to show up properly in the Helios Profile Editor? Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE Attachment re crosses on screen for Ka50 helios profile.pdf
  25. Copying into Helios/Images Hi, Can anyone who understands how Helios works please tell me if slightly changing the names of some of the images that have to be pasted into User/My Documents/Helios/Images when setting up a Helios profile will cause problems? I have to copy and paste images into Helios/Images and have some files with the same names (as I mentioned previously). Thanks, OZTRIPWIRE
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