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  1. Hi to all


    I don't find the key in reg editor of AJS37.


    For all module is here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eagle Dynamics.


    And for Mig 21 (by Lethearneck) is here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Leatherneck Simulations\DCS:MiG-21 BiS


    I want the key for further installation of so.


    Some one can help me.


    For me it's very usefull




    Lorenzo Farina

  2. Yep, mission editor is really slow to load for me (several minutes when I first open it), and I just upgraded to a fast system. Seems like it's the terrain detail/map that is slow to load, maybe?


    Yes maybe hi detail map...


    Thanks for the reply to all


    Exact Be patient.


    In italy we says "If you look at a pot that would boil, the water in the pot never boil" or somethings.


    As i write ...


    "If you look at a pot that would boil, the water in the pot never boil"

  4. Because the Steam version takes care of the activation and then it works with v1.5 because the modules are already seen as activated in your registry.


    Steam don't ask me the activation too.


    In fact in my registry there isn't the key for Bf 109, but there are for all other module buy on steam and on DCS web site.


    DCS World 2.0 ask me activation.


    I install first on stem, second on 1.5 and third on 2.0. Now in registry there is the key (after installation in 2.0)


    In the folder installation of steam and 1.5 there isn't protect.exe

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