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  1. Keep in mind that the MAX7219 needs 2 capacitors on the VCC/GND line. Check the data sheet for the MAX7219 (attached) for the specifics. (see page 10 under "Supply Bypassing and Wiring") Without these capacitors the MAX7219 will occasionally act up and output random garbage. Also take note that both GND pins (pin 4 and pin 9) on the 7219 must be connected to a ground. Read the data sheet to avoid possible issues. MAX7219.pdf
  2. FINALLY! ... a round display for the A10C's RWR. These display are a bit pricey but thats just because they are so new. I expect they will drop in price over time. There also appears to be an abundance of square displays as well. That should be a great platform to create a glass HSI and ADI for the A10C.
  3. Can you post what you did? I am in the same boat (cockpit) . I am using 7 seg displays for the numerical output but a full and complete representation of the A10 clock would be a wonderful addition. Several years back, someone built an exact duplicate of the clock but they didn't post how or what they did. It was indeed a masterpiece but he chose to keep it to himself unfortunately.
  4. I have a FULL A10C cockpit built over 8 years. This change that ED has made screws up so many of my panels… no RWR export, no CDU display export, etc. Please fix this.
  5. My CDU export and my sound mod for the A10C RWR causes the integrity check to fail in multiplayer. ED needs to address these issues ASAP.
  6. I am very sad to report that Wayne LeFevre, know to us as MacFevre, a fellow cockpit builder, has passed. He joined us in 2013 around the same time I became a member. We often talked about our builds as they took shape and offered assistance to each other and the rest of the community whenever we had an opportunity. Two years ago Wayne and his lovely wife Kristine paid us a visit here in Nova Scotia. Wayne and I spent several days in my shop talking about cockpit building, programming, electronics and all that we had learned while building our cockpits. He was an incredible person and I am so glad we were able to actually meet in person. Thank you Wayne for all of your contributions to this community. My most sincere condolences to his family. *********************************************************************************************************************** The following is an excerpt from facebook: It is with intense sadness that the family of Wayne D. LeFevre would like to share that he has left this earth and has started a new journey. He left on September 4th, in the presence of his wife, Kristine, with a warm and loving send off by his children. Wayne will be missed by his family and friends but he will no longer be in pain and his 17+ year fight of chronic illness is finally over. Wayne lived a full and happy life. In his younger years he was a competitive figure skater. He met Kristine when they were both in the Air Force. It was only 8 weeks between their first date and their wedding date that they were married. A marriage that lasted 33 wonderful and fun years. Wayne loved to travel, and was an avid reader. He was always there when you needed help with your computer. After the Air Force he went to work for Delta Airlines as a line mechanic. With this job, he and Kristine were able to travel and live in many areas of the country. Eventually, they settled in VT. He gave back to his community in various ways, filming the theatrical productions his children were in and distributing copies for the cast members, capturing the wonderful fairy houses, and taping interesting content for SAPA TV. He was heavily involved in the Boy Scouts, as a leader and mentor. He recently built a A10 Warthog Flight Simulator in his basement, combining modern technology and classic aircraft parts. He is preceded in death by his kind and gentle father Peter Douglas LeFevre, and his loyal canine companions, Kimber and Jorgie. He is survived by his amazing wife Kristine, and his awesome children Alex, Taylor and Kit, his excellent son in law Riley, and the light of his life, his grandson, Avery. His devoted mother Joy, and his loving siblings, Pete, Cynde, Carol and Mimi. At least 2 full soccer teams of nieces and nephews and their children. And last but not least, Susan, you know what you meant to Wayne and the role you played in his life. More information is available from https://www.facebook.com/DavisMemorialChapel/
  7. Well it looks like the change to the new A10C II CMS button has in fact been carried over to the old A10C. Was this an oversight? Will the original functionality be restored to the old A10C... hope so.
  8. It began immediately after the update. I checked the button mapping and nothing changed but when I try changing to another program it just displays Z and then flips to A. I'll check the A10C II manual but the old A10c should not have changed.
  9. I can no longer change counter measures programs using button on stick.
  10. I had the same problem last week with com 4 and com 5. After rebooting the PC, everything connected properly. I have 9 USB connections using the DCS BIOS Hub and this situation has only occurred once.
  11. How many motors do you want to drive? With exception of the EMI on the A10C, I am driving that same stepper motor right from a pro mini. Very smooth and its based off the Arduino library by Guy Carpenter. No driver board is necessary. Each motor takes four GPIO pins but if you only run a couple of motors from a single Nano or Pro Mini, then who cares. If your set on using a driver board, look at the Easy Driver board... http://www.schmalzhaus.com/EasyDriver/Examples/EasyDriverExamples.html
  12. This is what you need to use... #define DCSBIOS_IRQ_SERIAL #include "DcsBios.h" //************** AOA INDEXER ********************** DcsBios::LED aoaIndexerHigh(0x1012, 0x1000, 4); // Red LED on pin 4 DcsBios::LED aoaIndexerNormal(0x1012, 0x2000, 5); //Green LED on pin 5 DcsBios::LED aoaIndexerLow(0x1012, 0x4000, 6); // Red LED on Pin 6 //************** AAR INDEXER ********************** DcsBios::LED airRefuelDisconnect(0x1026, 0x0200, 9); DcsBios::LED airRefuelLatched(0x1026, 0x0100, 8); DcsBios::LED airRefuelReady(0x1012, 0x8000, 7); void setup() { DcsBios::setup(); } void loop() { DcsBios::loop(); } Read the DCS BIOS Guide and the control reference docs from the DCS BIOS download. http://dcs-bios.a10c.de/
  13. It would be great if DCS BIOS and all the sketches that have been written for the original A10C would still work with the new A10C. Obviously new features would have new variable names for those functions. But common functions between versions such as landing gear, battery switch,UFC buttons, etc., should work with DCS BIOS across both A10C versions.
  14. I didn't see any A10C airframes when I was checking out the descriptions and lists of airframes available. Are you planning on adding some?
  15. I had almost the exact same issue with the trigger on my TM Warthog stick. The fix you mentioned was the same as what I did to fix my trigger. I still use that stick but it’s now on the Mongoose base. Love that base! Virpil makes great controls and their customer service is fabulous. BTW, the title of this thread is certainly not warranted.????. It should be edited by the op.
  16. No there is no auto coordinate feature so you will have to assign it to something. The A10C doesn’t use rudder that much but when you need it ... you really need it. If you plan to fly on a regular basis you will buy Pedals. The twist stick is not very precise and has issues when you need good solid control. So you will either get very frustrated and then buy Pedals or you can eliminate that whole process of getting frustrated and buy some now. But fly for a bit with an assigned rudder and see if you like flying. If so... :D
  17. DCS BIOS Modules written for airframes that are no longer in beta tend to never break. If, over time, new features are added to the airframe, those features tend not to disturb previous command arguments. DCS BIOS modules for Airframes that are still under development can always break because... those Airframes are still under development:doh:. I would never start building panels for something that may change completely for some unknown reason. I would wait for the release version. Now with the help of some enthusiastic persons, DCS BIOS modules have been written for beta airframes. But if you begin panel building before the release version, you need accept that things may (read:probably will) change. If you can't accept those conditions, do not start. That said, if a panel does break from an update. It’s usually only code that needs fixing. Your choice.:pilotfly:
  18. You should post your full code otherwise its hard to tell what may be causing this. Also, this may be better served by using a rotary encoder. Regardless, lets see your code and maybe we can fix this.
  19. Potentiometers are only suitable for controlling things like volume or brightness types of controls. But 10k is a good selection for a pot. For items like channel selectors, course and heading knobs(HSI), altimeter pressure and even volume controls, I use a rotary encoder. To control how large a step the rotary encoder makes is done by adjusting the code as follows: This is the basic rotary encoder code from the control reference docs for course knob on the HSI: DcsBios::RotaryEncoder hsiCrsKnob("HSI_CRS_KNOB", "-3200", "+3200", PIN_A, PIN_B); To adjust the size of the step, you change the -3200 and the +3200 to, lets say -1000 and +1000, or -2000 and +2000. Experiment with these setting and see what works best for whatever you are wanting to control.
  20. I was just wondering, when you tested four stepper motors running, was it in a mission where these motors could all be moving simultaneously? My concern here is about lag. The pro mini and the Nano are relatively slow processors and may not be able to drive all 4 motors at the same time without loosing steps or having substantial lag. Otherwise, it looks like you are on the path to creating a great cockpit. Keep posting those pics. It can really help others who are not yet at your level.:thumbup:
  21. The VVI gauge you built is excellent. Well done. Maybe you could post some pics of the rear of the unit to show how you built and wired it. Are you using a driver board or just 4 wires to an Arduino?
  22. Your cockpit is a true inspiration to what can be achieved when one is determined. I am thoroughly impressed with what you have built not to mention your attention to detail. If I could make one comment, I would change out your monitor to a 65 inch 4K tv as I did or even a projector system with a flat screen or even a curved system like the Ikarus design. That type of view system would take you to the edge of virtual vs reality. Well done sir.:thumbup:
  23. Presets VHF-FM A10C Issues I am getting inconsistencies with the Presets for VHF-FM in the A10C. I can cycle through several presets starting at 1 and when I get back to preset 1 its different then when I started. So are all the next set of preset frequencies when I cycle through for a second time. ie) Preset 2 will be different than the first preset 2 and so on. Any idea why this is occurring and what can be done about it.
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