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  1. Baco


    Any news? that was posted Jan 14th its MAY 10th.. (4 months...)
  2. Because we take what we can get. You use the F/A-18D as an A ad A+ in the Spanish air force and will use the F4E as a C, right? Well, lots of L.A. countries used late corsairs and, i wish to god we would be getting a nice -4 or at east one with 20mm guns, but we will have to do with what we can get-
  3. Yes Please!!! 70s pilots specially Spaniards and French (and Argentinian of course) wore proud their moustaches!
  4. Actually that is correct, there is no British plane, only the Gazzelle would be similar enough to belong in the 82 conflcit. And the MB 339 close to being released is the only Argentinian plane that would fit, so far and the Huey. Still what people seem not to grasp is that South Atlantic is a map depicting the Falklands/Malvinas islands and part of the continent of South América, including parts of Argentina and Chile. IT IS NOT a depiction of the 1982 Conflict. Its a TERRAIN,not a campaign nor depiction of any specific conflict, just like the Gulf Map is not an Iran-UAE War, nor depicts ANY historical conflict... No map in DCS has relating Module nor Units, except maybe very loosely and generic units regarding WWII. Its a MAP, maps don´t include Assets nor Modules... Now, back to Why inst it in pre order or Early access topic
  5. I was expecting the release in a "couple of weeks" LOL... so not till Q3 I Suppose?
  6. Yes, very usefull for giving "life" to bases and targets.
  7. I hope you don't take it the wrong way, and as a senior officer in my virtual squad I need to point it out: It is still not good enough. In real life there are deck crew and tow bars, plenty of videos showing deck crew moving A4s on deck, never the pilot from the elevator. I respect you guys a lot, but in my eyes you just make it more difficult than in real life for "realism sake" and you end up with more difficulty than needed. It might be realistic to you, it kills immersion for me and lots of pilots out there. It hinders carrier operations in multiplayer. Anyways the Mod si brilliant in all regards and its the main Mount of my naval squadron. Thank you for so much!
  8. You got it all wrong. there could be millions of would be buyers standing in line, they are motivated by the love to that aircraft, that incidentally, if they don´t do it , nobody else will. They didn´t decide to Code to make money, they wanted to fly the MB 339 In DCS, and the only to do that, was to make it themselves, so you see, who else wants the plane is of no concern to them. Same is true for the C-101, or the Mirage F1... Those devs are not in it to make money or to fill gaps. They do what they want to fly. Actually so far ED is the only dev that factors in the "popularity" or sales probability of a Module in their decission making... The rest are works of love. Aerges is not doing the french version or the Iraqi version. No they want the Spanish version so they and their friends can fly the Spanish F1 plane in DCS. They make the planes that nobody else will do. And that is why I am buying the MB 339. they wanted it in DCS they tried making a Mod, best mod up to date, but they found their dream was limited by the lack of the SDK so they became official devs to be able to make the best MB 339 posible in DCS... And That´s how I know its going to be worth my while.
  9. yeah the British variants are tough because there are very, very few systems in common, different engines, different avionics, radar, cockpits, front Gear, even different fuselage. It is basically a completely different Aircraft for DCS. That said, it would be really, really cool to have the British variants some day in the future. and if it comes with its own Carrier, you can take my money now.
  10. Because its what the devs Loved and wanted, plain and simple. Fans of the Frecce Tricolori, and being Italian and needing a simple plane to start, they decided to make the MB 339.. That is the "why" : for them is the best plane ever.
  11. Baco


    It is true also that different times generate different capabilities or performance. Modern Trainers compete toe to toe with earlier Fighters for instance, and that is why the g.91 and the MB 339 have similar performance charts and envelopes, being the later the pinnacle of its technology development tree, and being the Gina a first attempt of a ground attack multirol inexpensive fighter. In the same mane today a Yak 130 or a TA 50 can dance in circles around early seventies interceptors or fighters.
  12. In the end its a niche module, those players who want to fly what their air forces or navies used are going to buy it if its good. And its a very interesting air frame to fly too. It was widely exported too so I guess it will have its fair share of buyers. Also a very popular Acrobatic plane. Also people who would like to support the Studio so they can make other planes they might like. I bought the c-101 and never ever flew it, i did it because i Want Aerges to have funds and motivation to finish the F1, and in the future who knows maybe an F-4C, who knows. In the same manner I will buy the MB 339, not only because i will have the perfect fit: South Atlantic Map, that includes real location of Argentinian naval bases and an Argentinian trainer light attack plane that was the Workhorse of the 1ra Escuadrilla de Caza y Ataque. I I consider that a real privilege. But Also I am very eager to have a G.91 in sim. and every sale of the MB 339 will help on that endeavour.. And we can always dream maybe they can tackle the AMX next
  13. oops definitely the wrong place to ask, Sorry about that. I was hopping to see the MB 339 soonish, but yeah I believe the standard" for full release si harder to meet. One way or another its going to be one grate module to have.
  14. Is there a known problem with weapons being ineffective against static objects? I have flown several missions in witch static objects seem bomb proof, or receive very little damage from Mk 82s SE, or MK83s. Anybody else experienced this problem?
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