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  1. Really Nice!!! when we finaly get the Corsair we can replay the Football War. But My heart is half Uruguayan so I also want to thnak you for those wonderfull skins!!!
  2. Nobady uses it much since it defies the prupose of virtual flying unless you do want to practice emergencies.... Engine faliure means return to base asap. so whats the point of creating a mission were you dont get to fly it. People want realism, Not "too much realism" lol
  3. Excellente guys, thanks alot. The topic becomes relevant in Naval Operations and the new ATC. You can use the Kiss of command and that sort fo things. Not to mention taht you can populate a mission a lot faster taht way too. Thanks again!
  4. I know it is recomenden to create single flights for every client slot. Is this still the case or has it been sorted and we can naow create flights of client slots? In other words, si it still recomended that every client slot should be a single flight? Thanks in advance!
  5. Any chance this mod will be fixed? its very unstable for me, depending on the object I choose, my DCS shuts down, digax crash... I love what I can use, but I wish it would be optimized!
  6. I have pedals and I fly sim since 1984.... yes it is "usable" but its a bigger difficulty than it needs to be. You use it alone, put 10 planes on deck and you will see the problem. I hinders Realistic operations of the plane on realistic conditions. The Q had NWS, for instance...and many were retro fitted. you can call us "useless", to those who complain, but it doesn't change the fact that is an unnecessary hassle and a royal pain in the but.
  7. not the same at all my friend. the planes you mention don´t lock the front wheel on a whim, and if no input is given the free casting wheel returns to center very quick. Not the case with the A-4E-C, that is very difficult to guide, and work with. It bafles me that with so much negative feedback the makers of the MOD are not willing to give an option to use or not NWS.
  8. Baco

    About Mirage F1

    Agree!, and then again we can have multiple Mirages form multiple 3rd parties, I will buy them all!. Like I said before: If its made by Dassault, I´ll buy it.
  9. Baco

    About Mirage F1

    You are assuming Razbam is only one team. Razbam actually takes small groups or single developers and gives them a place to develop their work. so the work on 4 or 5 modules is simultaneous, not sequential. ED is teh bottleneck here, taking ts time to triple check the work on modules submitted as "release candidates". And on the other side Aerges would start from scratch on the M III or dagger and to date the F1 has been over 4 years in development and still counting ;). So any witch way its going to be at last a couple of years till we see a Mirage III on DC. I would hope ED would fin a better way to sort releases and of course get more 3rd party developers on board.
  10. So, after the summer sale...
  11. Baco

    About Mirage F1

    Oh it would be grand for Razbam to concentrate on the Dagger M IV and Aerges do the III EE It must be pretty close to the EA This way we could have all the Mirage Family before 2025 !
  12. Oh I agree from Razbam I am waiting for the Pucará, the A 29, the Mig 23, hopefully the Mirage III... I don´t think I will ever get the 15, I have the 16 and the 18, systems wise must be very similar to both of the other teens... I also Want the G.91, A-7, F-8, F-4, I love the "early days of modern air warfare", 60s, 70s...
  13. Oh I am not interested in the 15 at all -Stop rehashing 80s superstars (Jane´s F 15, Gunship, Janes Longbow, etc...)- give me something different give me Mirage F-1
  14. Thanks for the Info mate. Thats what I feared. but maybe someone had discovered a system to occupy a slot in certain order or something. With my squad GAE we were occupying all of us in the runway (catapult), and moving bakwards to let another pilot in, but the new realistic handling of the A4 prevents any such maneuvers. Also found out that if you leave the server and return its easier to get a slot on deck. but to complicated. I guess we will have to get creative with the back story and operate only 6 Scooters at a time from deck.
  15. Hello Guys. My squad is a role play type, and we are based on the 70´s Argentinian navy thus we operate from the ARA 25 de mayo and Independencia. when it was 6 or 8 of us it was just fine but now that we have grown we have trouble occupying slots on the Melbourne carriers. up to 4 is ok, more than that we get the "your flight is delayed" or worst, we spawn on top of each other. Is any other Squad operating A-4s on the Melbourne? Anyone has any experience on how to build missions with 8 to 10 planes on deck to start? We use to spawn in turns and move backwards but with the new "steering" on the A-4 its proving too complicated. Any help or tip will be appreciated. Cheers
  16. Must admit an update on the Stennis is a very welcome surprise! Thank You ED!! Now get cracking on the naval assets damage model!
  17. When you fly that kind of realistic mission parameters, the point of the mission is the experience of flying it with full procedures... If you get shot down, you normally end the session and write a debrief. Or at least that´s how hardcore full real squads function... Hitting refly and trying again till you kill everything in the map is not my cup of tea... Kind of "Airquake" in my mind... You train hard and do your best. Some you win, others you loose. But in this manner every action has purpose and you don´t just "risk it" or go Rambo on the target. And if you did the best you could and bite the dust, then its all part of the experience.
  18. None of the above... To me S.A. is "my Nevada": Flying realistic training missions as the Argentine Navy. Of course first with "Alternative planes" and go full real when i finally get the Mb 339. (hopefully the Super Etandart and or A-4Qs some day)...
  19. yes you can buy in Steam and then transfer the license in the ED account page, and run it on the ED Open beta version. Stop destroying the Infrastructure on the map!
  20. We have the Play Ground! release the TOY!!! I need an Aermacci in my life!
  21. The sheer density of population in the US restricts the size of the map greatly. its the same problem as having Centre Europe in a map. Nevada could get away with it because the ONLY big city is Las vegas. Now you propose San Diego/Tijuana and all the coast up Camp Pendelton (San clemente island) , The area might be one of the densest populated areas in the west coast excluding LA of course... If doable it would have to be ugly, with generic city blocks, and tiles, not up to par with what DCS is today. It would be a huge investment in time, resources, effort...
  22. The ideas are already on the table. I suggest you model what you are passionate about. its a lot of frustrating long hours to get a map done, years of hard work, and if you don´t love what you are doing you will not be able to create a grate map. That Said I love the idea of Panama, its a small manageable size and a very strategic point of the world. And if you add some part of Colombia you can also have nice war on drugs/anti-insurgency campaigns with all the lovely COIN and light Attack aircraft that we have and are coming out soon.
  23. Your depiction is a bit too large but I fully agree a Gotland-Kalininingard area map would be Amazing.
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