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  1. If you don't mind PMing me the link that would be awesome!
  2. Where can I find the USAF aggressor skins? I cant seem to find them
  3. When INS is implemented we should be able to program in a new WP I believe once we receive a new TGT from the JTAC. As for employing a GBU it's going to be like you said. You will know where the TGT is already and drop on it once the lase is shot. Im not 100% sure but I think the release cue for CCRP is supposed to auto release the weapon for n us to increase accuracy, which they might be working on. There is a long list of updates and RAZBAM is quite open about their progress on this aircraft, which is awesome. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2618507&postcount=1
  4. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2618507&postcount=1 It's being fixed.
  5. Known bug. Has been fixed in Razbams' list of fixes that (hopefully) should be out in the next patch. A work around for now is to select them right away once you take off. That way you don't have to waste more time flying to the tgt area and a crash to happen there.
  6. Can you post up your mission. I can't get a JTAC to talk to me when i build my own mission. I had to use an older mission with a JTAC in it already and mod it to have a Mirage.
  7. Here is the mission I modified (thanks to whoever made the original). Key thing with it is to make sure when you take off is to ensure you're following the WP's to hit the trigger to activate the JTAC. It only contains 1 Mirage with a Bomb Truck Load out. You can dump the fuel tanks right away. Mirage TRAINING_1_v11.miz
  8. This is exactly how it works and the only way it will work as I have seen in my testing.
  9. Myself and a squad mate got it working with both JTAC and buddy lazing. I found an older mission in the download section and modified it to use the Mirage and as long as you hit the trigger you can use the JTAC. The CTD still stands. It happens for me 50% of the time unfortunately. If I remember, when I get home I will post the mission up. Big thing with the Gbu's is to not go to fast or be to low. 350-425 for speed is the best I found to ensure you don't overshoot the tgt. And anything greater then 12k for height works best.
  10. What issue with the flight controls? I don't seem to have anything wrong with mine.
  11. Not sure if anyone has ran into this issue yet but after the recent 1.5 update, I was manually starting up my Huey and the flames coming out of the exhaust would not stop, even during flight.
  12. Yeah, you ended up taking our my Copilots sights so it was pretty much useless. Look forward to doing that again.
  13. LOL that was me in the Blue Huey fighting you. Good fight man! That was a lot of fun.
  14. I thought this was a discussion about inputting iglas on the KA-50 and not about who's maps is better then who's.
  15. FC3 just contains campaigns for the aircraft that come with it. MiG-29, SU-27, SU-33, SU-25, F-15, and the A-10 There are probably some KA-50 missions and campaigns in the downloads section here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?arrFilter_pf%5Bfiletype%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Bgameversion%5D=78&arrFilter_pf%5Bfilelang%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Baircraft%5D=&arrFilter_CREATED_USER_NAME=&set_filter=Filter&set_filter=Y Hope that helps.
  16. I'm not near my computer but I'm certain BS2 comes with at least one campaign.
  17. The 159th Gar is now flying the MiG-21. http://www.159thgar.com
  18. The GBU-32 is indeed a 1000 lbs bomb but it is a Mk-83 bomb with a JDAM airfoil group. The GBU-35 is also 1000 lbs bomb based on a BLU-110 with a JDAM airfoil group and it is a penetrating bomb. The F-22 may only be able to carry 1000 lbs bombs. I not certain as I do not work on them. I work on CF-18's
  19. It may have been BLU-109 (2000 lbs) or BLU-110 (1000 lbs) with a JDAM airfoil group installed. GBU-31(V)3/B 2000 lbs GBU-35(V)1/B 1000 lbs
  20. The 159th recently stood up a auxiliary wing UH-1 flight as an intern airframe till the MI-8 comes out. If you want to check us out the site is: http://www.159thgar.com
  21. has anyone tried/thought to move the huey pit to a blackhawk or chinook?
  22. Just use triggers. Have one that when a unit drives through it they explode.
  23. I wouldn't consider this a bug or problem but a feature that is not implemented in the sim. I could be mistaken.
  24. Might be a stupid question but have you tried multiple airports? I have tried 3 different ones to the south and have not came across this issue yet.
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