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  1. With the Apache coming, I was wondering if anyone knows if there will be or plans for some sort of awareness logic. I have done flights in the gazelle before where I’ve used terrain masking, and vegetation concealment several clicks away from enemy armor yet somehow they always magically know I’m there. Realistically if you are operating correctly in the Apache or Kiowa they shouldn’t know you are there, giving opportunities for observation. On the same token, I was wondering if there is already or plans for a suppression logic. If use Combined Arms to do an artillery suppression mission, will it keep enemy AI (say armor or AAA) suppressed to allow friendly helicopter movement?
  2. For the 3D printer and CAD guys, Do any of you have or can design a small landing gear knob grip that could slide over the toggle switch on the Winwing Orion. Please PM me with a price! If you make other 3d Printed flight sim parts please let me know as well........have $$$ will trade lol. Thanks!
  3. Both the CAG and line birds are awesome but at least the CAG bird if someone can take it on.
  4. I see the issue here, I think a checkbox would be best. Check the box to have the planes visible. I do more squadron ops so I dont tend to have the issue of staffing my home base or the boat, but I see the issue for open MP PvP servers.
  5. 1. Afghanistan is more than sand….Bragram and to the east and North…. Tora Bora, Jbad, Kunar…..some interesting and treacherous terrain, much different from PG and all other maps. 2. Part of the fun of DCS isn’t just what did happen but what could or could have. You could make your own scenario where there are plenty A-A threats. Realistically the Russian hind drivers had a hell of a time from Manpads. The A-10 video above is just one angle from one conflict.
  6. Curious just for fun if any of you guys have any speculation of what functionality the Airboss station will have. I think the only thing really said for sure is the barricade but looking at the pictures looks like there might be some other treats for MP/ squadron use. Here is my speculation/hopeful list: - The WIP pic shows a F10 type map screen overhead, I’m hoping that will show any aircraft in the area and be scalable to different ranges. This would help those working Marshal, tower. - The WIP pic also shows a video feed of the forward deck, one could speculate that there might be another showing the aft deck and maybe even 1 or 2 showing the hangar deck. A nice added realistic feature would be for those to switch to FLIR at night. - there looks to be some sort of list console screen, I assume this is to keep track of aircraft like on the LSO screen. I hope they add a way to add/ arrange aircraft manually. The AB and LSO stations are really for MP and generally MP doesn’t use the AI Comms which I think currently is the only way to get added to the list. - Even though it’s usually in Pri-Fly, I hope for some sort of Ouija board console screen in case someone is working Deck. At minimum an automatic board, though an interactive where you can manually move pieces would be amazing. - I speculate there will be at minimum a role for AB and mini boss, though I hope for at least 1 or 2 more. Being able to run Marshal, Tower, and deck from there would be great These are all things I speculate/am hoping are included. Have I missed anything about the Airboss Station that has been announced? Do you guys have any realistic speculation additions you think we will see to the AB station (not really a wishlist but a probably gonna happen list)?
  7. Oh I know it is….As this feature is pretty significant to many people and probably not that difficult to adjust the existing shipboard code, I want to keep the thread alive and wishful thinking was hoping for a response from someone at ED.
  8. I’d be down with this when they develop ASW some more. The P8 can also carry harpoons I believe. I’d love to see ED partner with PMDG for a P8…..I guarantee it would also bring over a ton of MSFS or P3D simmers to DCS
  9. This module should be fairly easy but would add soooo much especially to MP. A DCS: JTAC module would allow a player to assume a ground role preferably on foot or in a humvee and call in air strikes from other players or AI through the menu. a few features that would make a JTAC module great. - Basic JTAC equipment such as: 1. Vector 21Bs ….basically strong binos that also give azimuth and range 2. SOFLAM or LLDR for FLIR target acquisition and laser designation 3. Rover 6 or FAC utility suite…in my day the Rover 3. A DL system that allows the JTAC to receive aircraft pod feed on a handheld device. The modern system seems to have a lot more cool features, but pod feed alone would be awesome for target talk ons. 4. Izlid or IR pointer to assist the JTAC with target talkons (the aircraft pods should also get IR pointers 5. Ir stobe, vs17 panel and smoke grenade options for JTAC to mark their position AI enemy mechanics that deal with JTAC detection. Basically, currently it seems the AI always knows where you are if in range even in Helos behind concealment. This needs fixed DCS wide but for the JTAC module some way for there to be a distinguished difference between the JTAC in a position to be detected or say camouflaged on a hillside and the AI has no idea a JTAC/ observer is present. this would be a game changer….ED, yall should look into it.
  10. While all of these are great I think the biggest mutually beneficial addition would be non-fighter/attack modules. While we all have our favorites eventually the popular fighter and attack aircraft list will be exhausted. It’s Called Digital Combat Simulator World…..Combat encompasses much more than F and A type aircraft. With the WIP pics of the new AI S-3B I’m hopeful to one day see a full fidelity module. A multi crew carrier aircraft that can be used for all kinds of things, even ISR with a pod. AI Subs have been creeping in over time, surely ASW will happen at some point. The B-1B, if they can get the data and do a multi crew B1 module……..HOLY S*** I’d bet they would see Apache type pre-orders. How about even the humble E-2….sure a lot of data is classified but make a flyable E-2 with some sort of LOT ATC style NFO slot…..I mean someone did the bi-plane, what a waste, these others are the types we need especially to build the multiplayer community. All these servers and squadrons filled with fighters and attack aircraft……imagine being able to do closer to full spectrum ops and all the possibilities that would bring. we are on black shark 3 but can’t get a S-3 Viking 1
  11. Thanks guys, I was unaware of the script. Still hope ED makes it a regular thing.
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