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  1. Dear All, We have been silent on reply’s and direct messages under instruction from our lawyer. To dispel any myths, all I am allowed to confirm right now is that we are in constant contact with Nick Grey, head of Eagle Dynamics, about this situation. Regards, Chris.
  2. Ells228

    Hawk Rear Seat

    Hey Guys, ED have indicated they are working on a solution to help 3rd party devs with rear seat. When we know more we'll re-evaluate what needs to be done. For now, the rear seat was not updated in the recent model/textures work as more work may need to be done for the new solution, so if you use the manual editing file method you'll see lot of gaps and holes where gauges/switches should be. Thanks, Chris.
  3. Didn’t know about that one, thanks for reporting.
  4. Thanks guys I’ll take a look when I get back this week.
  5. Pleas send this to support@veaosimulations.co.uk and I can pick it up when I get back on Monday. Thanks, Chris.
  6. Satarosa, Just to clarify you say you are on Open Alpha of DCS? I assume you mean 2.5.3 Open Beta? Check bottom right of the main DCS screen. A fair few fixes are within the 2.5.3 patch already and OA hasn’t been updated for a long time as ED dropped it a while back. Just want to make sure you’re on the latest version :)
  7. Keep it civil please guys, I don’t want to lock the thread. A genuine post about genuine bugs is good. No need to question the personal history of the person posting it. We have several real world serving and ex-Hawk pilots helping us develop and tweak the module. Some things like voice and nav radios aren’t easy fixes until the re-code, as frustrating as that is we took the decision to stop taking time applying a band aid and instead use a full medical kit so bugs don’t re-occur in the future. Re-coding takes time, especially when you’re talking about an entire AHRS system. And yep we are always watching and listening for feedback. Thanks, Chris.
  8. Thanks for posting up. 1) after a cold start the procedure is you wait for warning flags to go out, then you press and hold Push to Sync which will align the HSI - as per flight reference cards for cold start. 2) known issue, still being worked on. 3) which airfield are you landing at? 4) please explain further, I don't understand what you mean? 5) press and hold and they should fire off a salvo until you release 6) morse code is working perfectly, have you turned on the audio panel switch? I've been testing in Caucasus map and VOR/TACAN nav is working fine, even with terrain masking. Nevada seems to be mostly working (try the nav mission) and PG map not at all. I'm looking into it. 7) points taken, will look at adding more functionality to keybind list. Thanks, Chris.
  9. Always happy to answer community questions openly :)
  10. Just did another flight; using keyboard completely this time from start-up, taxi, take off, circuit, landing and shut down. Keypad numbers work fine for looking around the cockpit for me and to all extents that I can see all switches, levers, etc. to fly the aircraft. Like I posted above I'd suggest clearing your Hawk keybinds by deleting the following folders: Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\Hawk\keyboard Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\Hawk\mouse Both of mine are actually blank as I haven't assigned anything custom for Hawk for keyboard or mouse so it's using the defaults. Let me know if that works, Chris.
  11. Also try deleting your keyboard and mouse bindings for Hawk which will revert back to default.
  12. Are you using the numpad keys to look around. It’s working fine on mine?
  13. Nope, no feature added. It should be working as it always has. Will look into it. Thanks, Chris.
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