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  1. Hello, I would like to join, I'm in the UK as well
  2. Oh nice I will definitely save that link incass I don't want to make my own again or for my mate.
  3. Made this for my CH hotas and MFD screen, used 500D cordura. Nothing super good but it keep dust and husky fur off it lol.
  4. I just follwing a guide to setup my MFD on a screen and that worked fine but the main screen when I load into a mission the plane is squished and I don't know how to fix it lol. On the in-game aspect ratio I put 5846/1440. Not sure what I did wrong if anyone could help me, thank you so much. ====================================================================================================================================================================================================================== I fixed it and incase anyone does a search later this what I did wrong. On the config file I put the aspect in the center screen as 5846/1440, but all I needed to do put the center screen resolution size only so 5846/1440.
  5. Yeah I post on here once I buy it, but wont be until after May
  6. Yeah the f16 stick with f18 throttle is what I will buy unless something else comes out or prices goes too high lol.
  7. Long as it works good it don't matter what it looks like I would rather have more hats then not enough so I don't have to use a modifier and double up what hats do.
  8. Yeah I was looking at the f18 one as I do 50/50 f18 and A10 mostly with some Huey and viggen if I feel like it Looking at the F-16EX maybe I should get that on its own with the Orion Throttle FA-18. Best of both then for hats and duel throttle?
  9. Looking to get back into DCS after I have finsihed my degree in May and going through what out there that good for f18 and A10c. I did have ch fighter stick/throttle setup before but I think I would like something new for a change The Orion looks good even though out of stock at the moment, my conern is less hat on the stick could be a problem?
  10. With toe brakes I just use a button on my throttle to use both breaks, I know with ww2 planes it could be an issue I think doing that? I think all new kit would be usb. The pedals are smaller then I thought they would be but this great for anyone with a normal desk or other stuff under the desk. I have one of the metal folding piano stands and the rudder fits under this with lots of room to use a plastic dust cover if needed.
  11. Pedals arrived They look and feel very strong, thanks everyone glad I got them now then plastic ones.
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