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  1. Uhhh, don't you already have a A-10C if you have the Warthog? Why would you need another one?
  2. Hi hegykc! Could we get an update please, even a small one if possible? Thanks
  3. Haha I've heard that one at the Air Force subreddit when I posted this as well. No problem, glad you like it.
  4. I made a USAF Wallpaper, and thought I'd share it here as well. Not sure how many USAF fans we have here, but hope you enjoy it. With Text Flagmetal Dark - 4K Desktop: Flagmetal Bright - 4K Desktop: Flagmetal Dark - Phone: Flagmetal Bright - Phone: Without Text Flagmetal Dark - 4K Desktop (No Text): Flagmetal Bright - 4K Desktop (No Text): Flagmetal Dark - Phone (No Text): Flagmetal Bright - Phone (No Text): Album link: http://imgur.com/a/MMx2y
  5. Well, if you think about it, lots of pilots switch hands throughout their career, and I'm not just talking about military pilots. If you're in the pilot seat in a 737, you're going to be flying the yoke with your left hand primarily, and with your right hand on the throttle. If you fly an A330 in the pilot seat, you'd be with your left hand on the joystick as well. Then if you switch seat, it's opposite. I don't think it would be that extremely hard to switch hands, so I don't see left handed pilots having a problem flying in the military.
  6. Best sim out there indeed. Devs and modders deserve some praise once in a while, because these are some of the best. So much hard work, time and effort put into this glorious sim. And wait until its rebirth with DCS 2.0!
  7. I've been sold on the cold hardened resin for a while now, after you convinced me, but why would an aluminum build be 25% better if the real joystick is resin as well? I'm sure they made the decision based on quality and comfort, not price. Isn't resin perhaps better for this stick and specific aircraft?
  8. Did not know that. That's pretty cool!
  9. Wow, isn't it a little early to start thinking about the F-14. They just announced it, so isn't it a couple of years away?
  10. Well, I guess each branch has its benefits. I'm sure there were many things you enjoyed more about the Navy as well. When my ALO asked me why not the Navy, I told him it was because I would rather not live on a ship. It made him chuckle :D I'm happy to hear that the approach is like that . The reason why I switched from Dutch public school to an International School was because the Dutch system was exactly like you described the Navy approach to be. Lastly, I also love food, so good boxed lunches will come in handy :thumbup: Thank you so much for all the advice and all. I also find it really interesting to hear about all of your experiences.
  11. Thank you. It was indeed a very long process to get through. I have done a lot more different kinds of exercising lately. I used to do more weightlifting myself, but I've started to go out and run a lot, which I enjoy a lot now. I'm already a swimmer, so I've got that going for me! I am a pretty optimistic person, but I think it will still be hard to get through. I do know that the camaraderie in the squadrons will help me get through it. I'll be sure to look out for those traits. I will do my utmost best to make sure the US Air Force, and the US Military in general, remain as good as they are today. I really want what's best for this country, and I think I can do my part as part as the US Air Force. Thank you for the tip and the story as well. I will be sure to take your advice in the future. Thanks a lot. I will be sure to work hard and get what I want. Thank you very much
  12. Thanks for the advice. I have no idea whether Navy & AF still train together. I don't believe that is still the case, but I have no clue. Pretty cool that you got to train together though. I imagine that was interesting. What was your experience from it? Thank you for the kind words. Also good luck to you. Civil aviation is indeed very fun. It used to be my dream as well. My father is a 737 pilot, and he loves his job. Good luck to you in the future, and work hard in school!
  13. USAFA does not guarantee pilot slots anymore, that is correct. However, chances are high that you can get a pilot slot, as long as you are medically qualified. This is a direct quote from USAFA. I've heard this from many recent USAFA graduates as well. Of course, getting through UPT is a completely different story. I've talked to a few people who also dropped out of UPT, but this was mostly because it wasn't really what they wanted to do, they just chose it because it seemed fun. I'm pretty sure that for someone who's dream it is to become a pilot would not drop out so easily. What you said about NROTC vs USAFA, I doubt that applies today as well. You're welcome, and good luck!
  14. Only option I had was either ROTC or Academy. Can't afford to go to college without scholarships. I would have to pay out of state fees for all colleges as well. In the Academy, as long as you're medically qualified, you basically get a pilot slot, even when you're one of the worst in your class (which I don't intend to be). I'll take what I've been offered and be happy with it. It's been my dream for years, and I wont give up. Thanks for the good luck and I'll be sure not to suck :thumbup: Het is inderdaad nooit te laat om nog te gaan vliegen. Mijn vader is pas toen hij 33 was bij KLM gaan vliegen. 24 is nog heel jong. Op de defensie website staat dat je voor de opleiding minimaal 17 moet zijn, en maximaal 26 jaar en 11 maanden mag zijn. Als dat je droom is, zou ik het nog gewoon proberen. Als je het niet probeert weet je het nooit. Bedankt, en ik wens u ook veel succes met uw carriere.
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