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  1. I'm sure all the vets here knew this and I suspected this ... I was watching a Star Citizen interview with Travis Day, who at one point in his career worked on a DARPA project that created a military simulator to assist in the transition to the A10C variant. 6 months after leaving that project to work for Activision he learned that it'd been release to the public as a civilian game simulator. DCS A10C Warthog ! Wow.. a full fledged military training sim in it's blood. That would explain a lot. Linkage @ 16:35
  2. Sven2157 well perhaps for approximately 13.7 seconds ... (flight time for my A-A) then all you'd see is the horizon spinning around at a high rate ! :lol: I kid, I kid ... whats a thread without a little smack talk, right. I'd probably last all of 13.7 seconds past take off with you in the air. :pilotfly: Now where the heck is the auto program button on this new fangled HOTAS :D
  3. okay - update: located 1 of 2 left and was told they're discontinued. Marked down (from 499) to 399 and discounted (for me !) down to 375 - BAM .. done. Dam these things are heavy ! 2nd - some one please explain to me DCS world versus the standalone v1.1.1.1 that I have please. It would appear at initial glance that A10C Warthog is a discontinued product (due to last update date being from awhile ago) from DCS as of v1.1.1.1 that was release awhile ago. Buuutttt .. what I'm starting gather is that DCS had a moment of clarity causing a larger vision and came up with "DCS World" as a common sim code base with which numerous other smaller (code wise) "modules" could be plugged in to it. A10C bring one of those. Am I correct or close? If so .. the current version of DCS World v1.2.2.7570 and what version of A10C should I be using ?
  4. The sound of a klaxon is usually a bad thing to wake up to. When I appear in my seat with a cold, dark cockpit, I -1) Battery ON. 2) Inverter STBY (aka ON?) 3) grimace with the arrival of the MASTER CAUTION klaxon! Since the panel is showing low oil pressure on L&R turbines and this would be a normal condition at this point, is it also safe to assume that this is expected and I've not done anything out of sequence ? I should just press the "STFU" button ? 2nd totally unrelated question .... the thrustmaster HOTAS for the HOG.. is this currently still being made and is Guillemot really the manufacture (for thrustmaster) of the real mccoy thrustmaster? its a lot of $$$.$$ but I recognize quality when I see it and I've flown PC sims since MSFS 1.05 and Amiga tech demos .. its about time I treat myself to a great HOTAS system ! $400.00 a good price ?
  5. 1st let me start off by saying "HI" ... (new here) :beer: 2nd .. I've been watching these videos on youtube for the past week (and I had in the past) and since it's still sort of Christmas ... I was thinking, and saw the $15.00 on Steam :shocking: Now I'm seeing hours after my purchase ... its down to $9.99 !!! call me cheap, but I'm going to contact steam and ask about it. The worse that can happen is I miss out on $5 bucks !
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