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  1. both chaff and flare work the same way its a dice roll.
  2. i look in ur settings for ihadss bindings. press i to move to it.
  3. they changed the controls many years ago, so having a controller is more plug and play, w/ very limited controls now need being mapped. so out of the box the a10c is mapped; and they started doing the same w/ other modules. just need to setup or control axis and im sure a limited few, rest is just learning the mapped buttons. I would stay away from target software.
  4. you will want to be using dcs open beta
  5. downloaded the file? there is nothing to download. ingame u can press Lalt+; and select what you want per stores on the plane. as for the procedures here are some links. and imo i would stay away from any mods, people tend to download mods then when a update comes out; complain about their game not working blaming ED. for the a10c https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-uSpZROuEd3NHp0SHZoTGpnUDA/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-APqa4u4xS_v64kjM5f2jZA
  6. a datacard has nothing to do w/ flir development. so many things wrong w/ what you said and how you said it not worth anyones time to argue w/ you. flir will be out in 2022; its been stated it should be released w/ the ah-64D. "We will continue to improve the FLIR image with the launch of DCS: AH-64D." I know you want to make the comparison how ed is lairs and your some great truth holder, but check the weekly updates for any changes and don't get ur hopes up if its not released w/ the ah-64 and may need more time; its coming. Sometimes it just good to be thankful for the things they are doing.
  7. who are you and what did you do w/ subs17? actually enjoyed reading that, thanks.
  8. why would u want a refund on something u know is going to be released? im not asking for a refund and even if they decide to release it "later" this year. just to clarify later could be aug for all i care.
  9. have you tired turning that background limit fps back to off and checking your dcs game to full screen and seeing a difference? personally im using g-sync so im forced to use full screen w/ playing any game for the best performance.
  10. just install OB and enjoy the game. only real reason to use steam would be if ur from some country where steam would then help w/ the purchase of the game.
  11. maybe next time you should consult w/ ur guardian before making anymore online purchases. you've been here since 2012 i would presume you know how this game has gone from 1 a-10 to what it is now, your statement makes zero sense, if you need that money back for other things that would be understanding. i would contact support. and who is we? you got a mouse in ur pocket?
  12. i still think has track ir has something to do w/ stutters, as someone once pointed out you can use ur mouse to look around w/ no stuttering but w/ track ir there is stutters. But also these threads are hard to distinguish what severity of stutters we are talking about, unplayable? noticeable stutters? lower fps stutters? lag from server?
  13. Minimum system requirements (LOW graphics settings): OS 64-bit Windows 7/8/10; win7 shouldn't be a issue, but the website it only says win7 in low graphic settings anything higher says win8+
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