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  1. Hola. Pues a mi me sigue pareciendo un truño como se maneja cuando vas lento y quieres mantener un azimut y una altura, sobre todo el pedal del antitorque... Lo del compenador.... la verdad es que a mí, en esto módulo, se me ha atragantado un poco/mucho. En otros no, los manejo bien y entiendo el trim sin dificultad, pero en este..., siempre me sobre compensa, o se me queda corto, o salta al otro lado del rango como si tuviera inercia (si el cambio es grande, se va al otro extremo, un infierno, vamos). A ver si terminan de afinarlo... Saludos. Saca111
  2. Hi. According to your picture, the CPG should not be opening fire!: A) Left hand Menu: there is no target selected. You have to press CPG Right ("D") to tell Geprge to select the marked target and designate it. A small box should appear, and expand if/when ready to fire. B) Right hand menu: George is in "FREE FIRE", so he will fire as soon as he has the target in weapons constrain. He will not follow your comand. Press "W" long to set weapons hold. C) Left hand MPCD: the HellFire is not ready to shoot from your position. First , tell George to be "weapons hold", ( "W" long ), the menu should turn Amber. Now, tell him to designate a taget ( Right on target's menu), manouver to have the target well in front/constraints and then, press the trigger (if the cover is up, if not, first press the trigger. When the CPG considers the target is OK and the Hello is stable, he will shoot. Saludos. Saca111
  3. Hi. Yesterday I couldn't get the ACLS to engage; Link to the carier ON; Autothrottle on (close to IDLE, BTW), all ACLS anunciator lights ON, DLC out, Gear down, Flaps fully down Pressing NWS did nothing. It was a long MP mission, so I couldn't get a track. Will try it on SP and get a track. Saludos. Saca111
  4. Hi. I assume you are on a stable (more or less) hover, pointing in the general direction of the target and that the HellFire box is Big, yes? Assure the Trigger guardis open. Also check your assignements, just to pe om the safe side... Also, if in the pilot seat, don't forget to select the HellFire with the stick control (can't recall the exact name, I think it is WAS) before every shot, as if the previouse missile did it's job, , the CPG undesignates and then no missile is selected. Saludos. Saca111
  5. Hi. I think it was "Left Throttle button" or "Throttle button". Something similar. A soon as I download the Update I check it out!. Saca111
  6. HI. The ALT autoplot is working ok. You have to understand that it will do "some of the work", not all. You have first to be at a reasonable level flight/hover, with little to no oscilation in altitude, and then you enable it, and don't touch the collective, or it will self disconnect the moment you add some little variation to the collective. The trick is to enable the controlers view (CTRl+ENTR) and check its channel. If the line is over the center, it means it is "trying hard" to keep the altitude. You should add a lilltle bit of collective and re enable it again. If below, then you had too much collective at the moment when you enabled it, so it is trying to "take some work out" from the engine /collective. Reduce collective and re enble autopilot. IF you wnat to hover, first reduce horizontal speed to almost zero, then enable the auto hover and then the altitude hold (the one for hover not for flying, with the small square in the picture you uploaded.)It will do an outstandong job keeping the thing stable in place. About the SPUU (¿?), I can't tell; I activate it at start up and forget about all flight... Saca111
  7. HI. Once the target is found, make an SPI in his location by TMS UP Long. Now that point/target is the Aircraft target, and all sensors should try to lock on it. The MAV should need an extra step, by slaving the sensor on that SPI (can't recall at this moment the name for it and I am away of DCS). ONce the MAV is pointing that target, you need to make the MAV screen SOI and once in range, TMS up Short to lock the MAv on the target. If done correctly, the MAV symbols will collapde on the target picture and then you are ready to shoot. More or less... Saca111
  8. HI. Congratulations! Nice pannel! Looks amazing. Keep the pictures comming... Saca111
  9. Hi. In a future update. Wait for an update and check the ChangeLog or try it ingame. Saludos. Saca111
  10. Sure. Get an arduino MEGA 256 Rev3, original or not but be sure that it has those pins. Connect the Mega to the PC, get it working ok (try the "blink" sketch), then upload the Sketch from the link I posted. Bridge the two pins closest to the USB (the leftmost two in the picture) and them flash the new firmware. Unplug, plug back and enjoy heaven! If need be, try to PM and we should meet in discord and I guide you. Saludos. Saca111null
  11. Yes, you need a MEGA with the pins so you can enter DFU mode. Besides that, there is no programming needed at all! it is as simple as conneting to the IDE, loading the already written code, flash the new firmware, unplug, plug it back and done. If I could make it (no knowledge on the matter at all before this) anybody can! Once flashed, the PC will recognise the MEGA as two Joysticks, each of them with 128 buttons. Depending on the code loaded, you can have 8 axis for the first joystick. The first 64 first buttons of the first JOY are dedicated to rotary encoders, so you could conncet up to 32 encoders or ON-OFF/ON-OFF-ON levers(not bad). After that, there comes the wiring and there are some tricks to know, but not difficult if some one helps you! Saludos. Saca111
  12. Hi. Maybe I'm late, but did you knew about this? https://forum.dcs.world/topic/97434-an-arduino-usb-hid-controller-composite-usb-controller I did a few of them and can help, if need be... Saludos. Saca111
  13. HI. Acording to your description, you haven't permission to join, as @feefifofumsaid. Set correct radio freq. Use this radio/freq, not othe other ones. Fly to a left formation and do a first call, telling your intentions to join. Wait for the tanker to allow you to "pre-contact position". You should see the tanker lights up the nav lights. Once cleared, place your AC behind the tanker (about 100 meters), declare "ready precontact". If in the correct position, the tanker should "clear to join", and the boom should descend. Fly to the correct position and stay there until the boom operator made his mouvement. Don¡t forget to press the NWS button in your JOY to get the ready light an be able to receive fuel. Stay there... Hope this helps. Saludos. Saca111
  14. Hi. First, save all your bindings. Then; IF it is a slight right bank; Then, clear them all and check ingame . If the AC still banks, check that you don't have the TGP on right hand cheek, wich is known to cause a slight bank to the right, difficult to cancel by trimming. If so, unload it and try again. The plane should fly straight and level Once you are sure it is not the TGP, start plugging one by one the controllers (Joy, Pads etc) and check after each introduction. If you find the culprit, try to fix/clear the binding and once fixed/cleared, load the saved profiles and clear the known culprit. IF it is a violent mouvement, Check for double assignements and/or check HOTAS synchronization before starting the mission, to be sure the joy is recognized before starting. Also , mouve the joy all ways around before pressing the "fly" buton. Saludos. Saca111
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