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  1. Sacarino111's post in Armament Push buttons ON / OFF Bindings not working correctly was marked as the answer   
    Just a bit if anidea.
    Make sure you are using the button as "modifiers", and not "interruptors", cause the way you explain the issue reminds me when I make/made that mistake.
  2. Sacarino111's post in Button Assignment conflict was marked as the answer   
    Be aware that htere are two possible ways of doing a modifier. One is , as long as the button is pressed it counts as a modifier press and the other is a "latched" logic, meaning that you press it once and the modifier "stays pressed" and once you press it again it "stops being pressed". Can't tell the exact name as I can't acces DCS now. The first one is in the left column when you open the modifier setup and the second one is in the right column.
    As I understand your problem, you need to set this modifier as the first one in order to work as you wish, not the one in the right column.
    EDIT: Could get to DCS; Left one is called "Modifier" and Right one is "Interrupt" (not sure as my PC is in spanish).
  3. Sacarino111's post in Please help!! I did everything was marked as the answer   
    My advice.
    1 Be sure no profile are on. Use the HOTAS as it is for the testing. You will be able to load a profile later on.
    2 Check the HOTAS is working as intended in Windows
    3 Start DCS
    4 In the UI screen select "options"
    5 Select "controls" and the plane you wish to config
    6 This I don't know but if   (4) C-Stick JOY_BTN 4’’    ‘’JOY_RX’’    ‘’JOY_RY   is:
          a) an analog stick, go to "axis config" and select "vertical/horizontal absolute view" and double click on it and move the desired axis until it is detected. Try in game and adjust as needed.
        b)  a digital input (pushbutton): do the same but under "view" tab.
    Besides that, I wouldn't sugest using an analog stick for the view as it usually is not precise enough to stay in position (it will be shaking awfully), and it will return to center as soon as you release it, wich can be a pain in the back side... better go for one of the hats (POV, HAT) and bind it inside DCS, not trough the Saitek/Logitech software.
    I hope I could help somehow. If in doubt, feel free to ask more.
  4. Sacarino111's post in Markpoint Creation via F10 Map? was marked as the answer   
    I'm affraid not. You will have to do it "the old school way":
    -Place the mouse in desired place
    -LAlt+Y till you get the correct coord data format
    -Write down the coordinates 
    -back to cockpit, press 4 in the ICP numpad and scroll to desired waypoint number
    -Type the coordinates and altitud manually an press ENT after each set of data (, N/S, E/W and elevation.
    P.S. You can allways jump from F10 to cockpit view and type the data "on the fly".
  5. Sacarino111's post in Waypoint programming in Nevada NTTR map was marked as the answer   
    Hi. Yes, in Nevada you have to enterWest for Longitud. The thing is as follows: once entered the North coordinate, dubber down for Longitud and press the "4" button in the ICP for "W" and then the normal XXX.XX.XXX numbers. Then ENTR, as normal and the the altitud. Tis should do the trick.
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