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  1. Honestly, it's whatever you want it to be. [emoji16] I'm sure you will see all kinds of scenarios people create... and if it's lacking, just make your own. The ME is quite good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. From what I know there were hardly enough resources in the area to put planes over Normandy at that point (depending on what date we decide this is... it's at least D-Day +29) I'd guess flying to England was pretty much a suicide mission. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Second that. For an Alpha the performance seems pretty great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I never noticed that distinct line where the oil splatter texture on the canopy stops. Has that always been the case or is that effect new for the mustang? Just curious. I'm sure it will be refined at some point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Can confirm they are collidable in Normandy and provide a very dramatic result. Strafing just became a bit more challenging as you not only have to avoid terra firma! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sith, There seems to be a limitation on the ALGs with 100+ parking spots. The drop-down only goes up to 99, at least from my experience so far. Where would you like us to post stuff like this, if this is not the proper thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Can confirm there is a static German steam locomotive that blows up nicely. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Had to do it... for scientific purposes of course.
  9. Very impressed. The hard work and dedication to the cause is obvious everywhere you look. Thank you for what looks to be a fantastic playground for many years to come!
  10. Sweet Jeebus.... looks great. Of course I'm working a 12 hour day today. 2.5 hours and counting every second. :devil_2:
  11. I read that P&W stress tested the R-2800 up to 150 in./ 3800 horsepower on a "B" (of course using ADI but I'm pretty sure they weren't using 150 octane) and ran that same engine for 100 hours @ 3000 hp. Those engines, when handled properly were quite beastly.
  12. CT, Always a pleasure to fly with you. SnowTiger is right on the money with his response. We appreciate everyone who joined us on the DoW server and the years of participation by our awesome WWII community within DCS. I personally reached a point where I had to make a decision about continued hosting of the server. Ultimately it made more sense to bring it down for the moment, re-evaluate some things and see what happens with the sim as we near the release of Normandy. I have no doubt DoW will have a server back up for you to enjoy again no matter who ends up hosting it and you will always be welcome. We do have members still flying on the other WWII servers that remain and we hope to rally everyone together for all of the exciting things on the horizon. Cheers!
  13. I purchased mine as a pdf download. The full size is 238M (490 pages) I can try to post some screenshots of that section.
  14. No problem about the link. I'm familiar with most of the pages you have referenced. There are some difference between the launchers used for HVARS. But each one has shear pins in place that will fail if an impact is strong enough. They are there to allow the rocket to release if the latch mechanism fails during launch. You should check out that Navy Ordinanceman's Guide if you haven't yet. It has much more information than the summaries you have posted. Yes, a number of HVAR head configurations were possible and I'd agree that is most likely the HE Rocket Head Mk 6 that we have in the sim. The best HVAR to use on the T-72 would be the ATAR...which was developed for the Korean war. A precursor of the HEAT round. I don't think we have that option though.
  15. That is incredible. Almost worthy of train simulator status?!? ...if only we had an aircraft with 8 fifty cals to perforate it....
  16. I will respectfully disagree. I'd read the "pamphlet" but it's a non-functioning hyperlink. From what I can see you are assuming all HVAR rockets used a base fuze, which would be absolutely incorrect. My description is specifically of a Nose Fuze Mk 149 Mod 0 as I indicated in my post. Both types can be present on a single HVAR 5" rocket. The arming and detonation process is quite complex and is fully described in detail within the document I referenced. Either way, I think we agree that the rocket's detonator is armed in-flight and not by any selector switch. Even if the arming wire is removed and the nose cap falls away the impeller will not spin until the forces of the rockets typical flight engage multiple components within the fuze. Now you made ME work :D
  17. Roger. Thanks guys... just have always wondered about it and never found much. I know the HVAR was introduced around the same time as the Normandy invasion but I'm only familiar with it's use on the P-47.
  18. Wow that story is heartbreaking. Seems quite likely that if they were attempting to quickly liquidate the Republic footprint and avoid any complications, much of the technical data is gone. I think it's going to take more than a road trip. Time machine? This would suffice...
  19. If that was the case then why would you also have to arm the bombs with a second set of switches as they are on that same 4-way selector that you are referring to? I tried to do some searching on the topic and couldn't find anything referring to the act of arming an HVAR. I could be wrong...but I'd like to see something definitive. While we are on the subject... anyone have any documents showing HVARs on a P-51 outside of Korea? Just another curiosity. EDIT: Found some good info. There is some great info included in the Navy Ordinanceman's Manual 1959 (NAVAER 00-80T-65) Section 5-68 I believe the most likely fuze on the HVAR we would see would be the Nose Fuze Mk 149 Mod 0. The rocket arms and is detonated by the forces imparted on the fuze mechanism. As it travels over 900mph those forces are substantial and an accidental det would be unlikely with a properly functioning fuze from what I've read. That being said, I wouldn't be the guy volunteering to test that theory.
  20. Have all the community resources been tapped? We can be very resourceful, despite our needy outward appearance. I think I'm more excited about a faithfully simulated R-2800 than anything else. Of course we can move on to the hellcat if the engine work is complete :music_whistling:
  21. Hey guys, Thanks for the input. Like d0o0m said, the external views were there only for the benefit of mission design and squad pics/videos. Through the history of DoW they've been enabled and disabled many times and been the center of many discussions. Personally I dislike anything, within reason, that is beyond what the typical WWII pilot was capable of (of course with a few exceptions) and I'd be all for removing external views of any kind. (it would be nice if just the spectator slot could have access to external views, but I'm sure that too could get abused) We've been awaiting a stable 2.0 and hopefully Normandy before pouring too much effort into further tweaking. Most of those missions you see on our server have a LOT of hours on them and unfortunately with the many updates to DCS, a bunch are not able to run for any length of time. Please bear with us, once we have a somewhat stable platform to work with and some proper tools you are sure to see more quality missions from DoW. My free time has been very limited as of late & I have struggled with the question of just letting the server run and checking on it whenever I can or shutting it down temporarily until we have more resources to devote to it. Since I do see people participating while it is up and running I will try to stay the course and have faith that this winter will prove to be a very exciting season for DoW & DCS WWII. Sounds like a good idea, HH. Be sure to remind us as it gets closer AND we are always open to missions you guys design and would like to see hosted.
  22. Are you positive about that? I believe the rockets functioned differently than the bombs. As far as I know, with the HVAR, you only switch on the igniter preferences (single or salvo) and if a rocket departs the aircraft I think it has a good chance of exploding.
  23. ouch. I guess that's the trouble with high fidelity. Hopefully the info exists somewhere. The absence of this bird would crush many dreams.
  24. Good to know you have memorized my flying preferences, Solty :smilewink: I'm a stubborn guy and set in my ways, using WEP every mission + the use of rear radar break the immersion for me. I know, probably sounds stupid to most but that's beauty of being able to fly "your way" right? And yes... hopefully you wont have to watch to make sure the ground crew fills your tanks with the correct fuel.
  25. I'd hope the option of using the "original" DCS P-51D would still be there after the introduction of the new Mustang. I hadn't even considered the alternative reality before now. I think you'd be surprised by how big that "handful" of online Mustang pilots is and the number of people posting on the forum is far from representative of the actual population. As far as people wanting to casually fly the P-51, I doubt they'd even notice the MP increase.
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