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  1. Yeah, its my fav module... but several years old now; can we expect on going support as ED struggle with newer modules! It's a two edged sword for ED... they need to constantly issue new new content to realise revenue and spread them selves ever thinner!
  2. Yup, same here... its been like that for years; you have to lick-start the throttle binding by nudging the Page up/Page Dn buttons! ED have so many modules it seems that bugs on the older modules are not being sorted in many instances! The Huey IMO is still the best module though...
  3. Yeah, this is a sim... after several failures and running out of time, I managed to crack it. You gotta do it right though. The main thing is navigation; you don't have much time to faff around before the clock beats you! Great mission ^ Hopefully, one day they will redo the graphics and sort the bugs...
  4. Yup, thanks for that... just about to get the Channel map. I also just purchased another SSD I now have two 500Gb ssd (C & E) so I have the beta on C/ and the stable on E/ as I ran out of room on C/ Must say it was easy to manually move the stable over to the new E/ drive, and then make a desktop icon pointing to the new location on E/ Windows10 quite clever like that I now have 250 Gb spare space on each drive... so Channel map is now a go I must be mad... having a high stepping PC just to run DCS and fly the Huey; the sim is worth it though! IJammer (/229)
  5. Yeah, I find this awkward too... I set the throttle to max, collective about fifty percent; hit 'fly' I also find the throttle is not synced initially on my TM. HOTAS (left throttle) and have to waggle the 'page up/page down' keys to get the HOTAS to sync... if I'm quick enough, I can save the ship, I then set auto-pilot so I can set the armaments, set the armaments to live and select the rockets rate... and then go create mayhem lel. Probably an easier way... but my names not Bob Mason! IJammer (/229)
  6. Trim the ship and then apply the auto pilot, if you have no beacons for the ADF go to the map, locate where your are and where you are going and set a compass heading then follow it. No SAT NAV here lel (and better for it; analogue rules!) IJammer
  7. I had something similar with another PC games some years ago... check if it associated with the browser cache (clear it) and or try a different browser.! MS is doing all sorts of stuff to intergrate 'synced' devices and being very pushy in promoting its own Edge browser and other stuff! I use Win10 and Firefox 64 myself and resisted the M$ sync crap! DCS bugs seem to be compounding by the day... I can but help think that there is possibly too much content and that ED needs to take stock, stop developing new stuff until some of the bugs on the old stuff is ironed out! Perhaps that clears the cache on exit? ^
  8. I have used TS3 and SR in DCS when I was active with a squadron group with the Huey... neither of them seemed to work very well as it was difficult to keep everyone on the same page as regards updates; we spent more time sorting the radio comms out than we did flying! So I was pleased to hear that DCS was integrating there own long over due in-house chat system to work with the aircraft radios; but even just a simple open chat facility would be nice for starters. I understand from reading various threads that there are ongoing problems implementing Voice Chat! It is a shame that this was never incorporated from the outset with DCS. As a long term user of the car racing sim iRacing... I can confirm that they had this incorporated from square one and it works quite successfully. On several occasions I wanted to try VC on the DCS multiplayer, however it is difficult from the server list to determine which servers are using VC ? I am sure some of the servers could attract more flyers if it was possible to show a VC marker on the servers that have it implemented! Perhaps a small roundel with 'VC' on each server would encourage usage and help purge any ongoing problems? Perhaps there is a marker... and I can't see it? IJammer
  9. Oh, thanks... having the same problem in the Huey with ATC not responding! Unfortunatly the radio stuff seems way down the pecking order for fixes.
  10. I am not sure if this is typical to all... I find that my binding for the Warthog left throttle arm for the Huey throttle does not bind correctly... so make sure that you can see the throttle rotate on the collective (on screen) before startup else the turbine will not increase RPM past idle! Use the KB keys 'page up / page down' to kick start the Warthog left throttle. Once done it then works ok after! Itried removing the KB binds incase this was interfering with the Warthog binding... but it didn't fix it!
  11. Hi, that may be a typo reversa on the switch label, never noticed it myself! With the squelch 'on', it should disable the radio noise... then, only a signal 'above' the squelch floor level will be heard. It is useful to check that the UHF radio is working on startup by tempoararily turning the squelch off so you can hear the radio background noise. You would not normally want to run with the squelch off unless you were trying to hear a very weak signal below the squelch floor level! I normally prefer radio's with a variable squelch... if the real Hueys are done like this it is probably a pre-set pot inside the radio adjusted so it kills the radio white noise below any signal level. Unsquelched radio static/noise is a pain to listen to all the time! If you must listen to something... CCR's 'Fortunate Son' is good
  12. Hi all... I'm having an issue with the ATC not responding on VHF (AM( (pos. 3) and UHF (pos.2) radios. Radio's turned on, correct freq. selected, squelch breaks in when test, rotary control set to correct position, master volume turned to max. all switches on radio selector switched to 'up'. This is while sat on the apron. I hear other messages transmitted by ATC, like 'incoming aircraft' etc. ADF, ILS and VOR all work fine. Aka, after selecting radio and freq. I select ATC (for the correct airport), select 'radio start up' or 'proceed to runway' etc. I hear my radio transmission to the ATC tower but never get a response? Are there any known bugs currently with the ATC in the Huey? Anyone else having the same problem or have any other things I can try? IJammer
  13. Central control panel: Make sure that you have the rotary radio TX selector positioned to '3' for VHF AM radio. There is also a master radio volume control alongside it ^ Just above that is the audio cut-out switches... make sure they are in the up position for the radio you want to recieve (RX) (all up is good for starters).
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