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  1. Sorry if I return to the subject, but I do not understand why it's impossible to rearm the Apache both from a FARP (built as indicated) and from an airport (blue). Who knows what will I ever forget?!?!? I am attaching the trace of the very simple mission. Rearm fail.trk
  2. Hello! Congrats for the beautiful mod!! A small request: is it possible to remove the pilot's face from the mirrors? It only disturbs and has no practical use. On the other hand, if I disable the mirrors view from the general options, I lose utility in aircraft like the F-14. Thanks in advance for your kind attention.
  3. I'm sure Chuck will rise to the challenge!
  4. Hello everyone! With the editor, I tried to build a simple flying mission with the Apache to do some landing training. To make the mission more challenging, I established a FARP equipped with a single helipad (really a small space for those who, like me, are beginners). After a nice flight in the middle of the Caucasus valleys I managed (not without difficulty!) To land on the helipad. At this point, I tried to ask to be refueled (I had half a tank) and, to do some weapons practice, I asked to have a weapon configuration. At each request, I received the confirmation "copy". After 10 minutes (!!!!) I still had no fuel or weapons. By activating the fast time advance I realized that I would not be fulfilled. So how do you activate refueling and rearming in a FARP ?! Thanks in advance who will be kind enough to answer.
  5. Hello everyone! A trivial question: how to convince George pilot to reach an altitude above 1000 feet? For example, in the Syria map, as CPG I would like to fly over the Golan Heights, in FLT mode I would like to order pilot George to gradually reach an altitude of 2000/2500 feet. But he can barely get to about 1000 feet, which he doesn't even keep! If, on the other hand, I become the pilot, I can easily overcome any mountain (therefore, I reach well over 2000 feet). However, I would like to do the CPG to personally take care of the targeting operations (much more fun from CPG). I hope the solution is not to be a pilot up to a certain point and then do the CPG, because I find it really ridiculous compared to the fact that George cannot climb above 1000 feet!
  6. Hello everybody. I report that George pilot is unable to maintain stable hoovering below 70 feet. I don't understand why but George always moves the helicopter to the right very very slowly but at a speed enough not to keep the lock fixed on the target (even if I have activated LMC). Therefore, even when illuminated by the laser, the target leaves the pointer frame and so the missile does not hit him. I tried the HB mode by moving the helicopter sideways to the left to compensate for this strange movement, but it is even worse because, as soon as I stop giving the command to move left, the "dear" George in response increases the speed of movement to the right ( the pendulum effect is not compensated for by George). This is a problem that ruins the simulation because I as a CPG, despite being able to get the helicopter close to a SAM at a very low altitude, then I am unable to lock it due to the continuous lateral movement of the helicopter. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  7. Hello everybody. A question about Hellfire K: I tried to throw 6 at a Command Center (bunker). I threw them with a high trajectory to hit him right perpendicular. Result: zero. No damage. Maybe it's not the right Hellfire for this target. I have read that there is a Hellfire M (?) which is supposed to be anti-bunker. Hope this type is implemented in future releases.
  8. Bug reported but not yet resolved with the last update of 03-30-2022.
  9. The Apache is beautiful!! Congratulations to ED and the developers. But ... George as a pilot cannot crash into a forest or a hill if I (CPG) set a ground clearance of 100 feet!!!! Even by performing all the necessary maneuvers, he should constantly maintain the ground clearance of 100 feet!!!! Please keep this problem in mind in the next update because for me, but I don't think I'm the only one, the most fun position is that of CPG and, therefore, a pilot with a minimum of sense of self-preservation is required. Thanks for your kind attention.
  10. Hello everyone! With the latest Openbeta update, something has changed in the system with which it is possible to identify a target with the Tpod using the HSD. In fact, in AG mode and opening the video window of the Tpod, it was previously possible to move a pointing cursor on the HSD which, aligned with the chosen point (for example a waypoint), made it possible not to get lost in the landscape. Now, the Tpod is useless as I can no longer see the cursor on the HSD associated with the movement of the Tpod head. How do I get the pointer back to the HSD? Thanks for your kind attention.
  11. George is an excellent pilot: try hovering for 15 minutes as a pilot!! What I have noticed is that George executes gradual commands perfectly. Suddenly going from 500 ft to 10 ft (speed 40 knots) in a single command causes him to crash, while he performs the descent perfectly passing to 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 10 (always at 40 knots). I believe that, currently, the most interesting position is that of CPG as it's not possible to perform a decent hovering as a pilot. The Apache is famous for its ability to find hiding places to pop out of to shoot and then hide again. Now such a tactic from the pilot's position is really difficult (certainly not impossible, but very difficult).
  12. Hello everyone! The AH-64D forum got super crowded! I join the crowd with two simple questions: 1) Is there a hovering command in the "pilot" station? Ok is a neophyte question but it seems strange to me that such a complex helicopter does not have a similar command; 2) in the "CPG" station how do you command George to land? I managed to get the helicopter to stop at 10 feet but there is no way to bring it down!!! Thanks to anyone who wants to answer me.
  13. From what I read on the forum, almost everyone is having problems with the stability of the aircraft. The use of the trim is actually not well illustrated and many are making corrections on the settings (deadzone or curve) of the stick or the rudders. I don't think this is the right way to do it, because everything should be solved with the correct use of the trim. In my opinion, developers should publish specific documentation on how to assign trim controls to the stick and how to actually operate with trim before takeoff and during flight From the video tutorials it is not clear how to do it.
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