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  1. I have sent a pm, I would like to purchase this.
  2. What did you set as pagefile ? Try increase it a little bit, see the sticky in this section.
  3. Hi, I would advice you a SSD with 1TB for openbeta standalone. (if samsung you can use the rapid mode with the software) I have a evo 750 samsung only 500 GB and for me with rapid mode on, it's seemingly faster then anything I have seen. (See picture attached) I have moved the downloadfolder to another drive but left a 'Symbolic link' where it was. So it doesn't change the structure at all and to circumvent the lack of storage. (And I can do that for more folders if needed' to make sure DCS will install properly it's updates)
  4. Hi, I'm sure you lowered already many of the graphic options. But since I looked in your log you might want to try some settings: I use 1080x1920 resolution just like you, but I have "aspect" = 1.3333333333333 And since I have lowered the anisotropy to 4x (maybe even lower for you if it helps) I dont have a CTD anymore. I dont have heatBlr on and civ traffic off/low turn of all shadows (or when you use it put it on flat) And instead of using SSLR I use MSAA = 2x SSAA = 1.5 in the settings menu. Goodluck
  5. Have you tried with the Civ. traffic setting completely off ?
  6. preset High and 4x MSAA River Run: 71FPS@99% SU-25T: 85FPS@99% (441.41) nvidia 1080TI on the pre-historic:) i7 930 @3.66
  7. I guess they heard about the KA-50 upgrade :music_whistling:
  8. Motors shouldn't make sounds audible while playing. But you can feel a stepping of the motor in all of them. When in action it is something not too disturbing after you learned to be precise with it. The stepping shouldn't be pronounced as I have a few FFB sidewinders to compare (they are all a tiny bit different with a stepping motor feeling) For the sound issue: One should realise that after 10 years some issues may occur after some usage, storage temps/humidity etc .. in the end the grease suffered or other stuff happened. Maybe open the casing without (power)cables connected and see if a grease could eliminate the sounds at the motors and moving parts. Having a look at modding your ffb stick, extension and grip. Find the topics on the forum and off you go :thumbup:
  9. Have you checked if it's in the main option's menu like -game flight mode and -game avionics mode? Tick those options and load a ka-50 mission. I hope that's what you meant.
  10. Aviodev, are you alive? (must be a deadline from ED haha) CAVA is opened, congratulations!
  11. It would certainly be a good timing for Aviodev if it is ready. Crossing fingers for you :)
  12. They sold the planes and bought some computers :lol: Smart, see you online guys ! :pilotfly: Good job Razbam!
  13. VEAO team and Chris thanks for all the (personal) efforts. Best of luck for the future in whatever form and hopefully succesful stuff.
  14. For the time being until the update and lighting fix comes. I have to thank PeaceSells for providing a solution to some issues with these files: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3617544&postcount=6 For anyone that uses another mod like Ricardo's HD cockpit textures, the files from PeaceSells can be integrated. To do so you need to copy and rename the files from PeaceSells in Ric's mod corresponding to the filenames used by Ricardo. The only file you don't overwrite is the ".lua" textfile.
  15. @Timberwolf The answer to the question should come from the developer ;) If not I marry with Saitek and everything is fine :smilewink:
  16. EDIT @Swither CHECK PM please. It would be fantastic if you could, by raising the bar it could start a ffb revival in joystick hardware.:thumbup: Give a try on ebay (.com/.de/.co.uk) as you can find plenty of them and some of them are sent internationally as well. Maybe the community can help you with one, either by purchase in their country and send it to you. I'll keep my eyes open for a bargain.
  17. @BlackLion213 @Cobra Thanks and great to hear this, can't wait ! Q. Can we expect extra attention to force feedback for our full enjoyment in 'feeling' the aircraft at the controls? (It's such a great feature if properly modeled, also considering there are many users of FFB:smartass:)
  18. You're welcome, I must admit I flew inverted to see if the screws came loose in my cockpit ;) as I'm not the developer.
  19. When everything is ready for releasing the 101CC and AFM , I hope there will be a nice trailer showing it's capabilities. Is there a list made available of what it can carry under it's wings and what comes with release ? (Will it be feature complete or not yet?) Thank you.
  20. Please open ticket. Your "mistake" to repair cost 11+6 = 17 dollar (6 dollar what you have bought) while the same thing is 15 dollar in the webshop.. IF you want it ;)
  21. It's maybe not the best idea to have 2 hard requirements for a DCS product to work. SO for the 3D integrated NS430 to work in the L39 you need 2 products : -Module NS430 (2D overlay for many modules) -AND the module 3D integrated NS430 for L-39C ( without Gunsight mount)
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